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I let it fall, my heart

And as it fell you rose to claim it.


She's tried to contain it.

Tried, tried, tried. And failed.

Through anger and hate directed in as many forms of torturing and degrading Rachel Berry that she could possibly muster. Through cool indifference, trying so very hard to ignore that girl by being someone she's not. Hiding away from the world and that girl's existence, she thought maybe if she stayed far enough away she could forget. Through careful friendship offering sage advice as she stamps down those damn feelings soaring through her chest.

But nothing has worked.

There is no cure for the affliction that is currently and continually ailing her. Just her luck too, isn't it?

And this time?

This time... Rachel Berry has gone too friggin' far and no amount of space or distance or depressing songs playing on repeat on her ipod can reign her in. How can someone so talented and so smart be so impossibly stupid?

Finn? Finn makes sense.

Finn has a history of doing dumb things, though this is by far the worst. Honestly, marriage? In high school? What is wrong with him? And what is wrong with Rachel? She can't even bother with the Finn side of this equation, thinking about Finn makes her want to punch Finn in said Finn's face - and that really isn't going to solve anything now is it?

She doesn't play music in the car on her way over. She doesn't listen to the radio. There's nothing but the roar of tires on pavement and the creak of her car's brakes as she stops short at every stop sign and stop light from her house to her destination. She's hoping the dull hum of the road and the rubber rolling over it will calm her before she gets there, at least enough for her to have one more go at talking to Rachel Berry like a mature, civilized human being.

Surely she can manage that. Surely.

She is, after all, going to be a future student of Yale. Certainly Yale students are all well-mannered, composed human beings capable of expressing their thoughts and opinions in a collected organized fashion.

Quinn takes one more deep breath before pushing the door to the shop open and making a b-line for the back of the shop where she sees Rachel Berry ensconced in plain boring white.

It's like everything is backwards. She was supposed to be the one in the boring white wedding dress and the plain convenient marriage married to someone she would never truly love. Rachel was always the one who was going to be flying off to New York in a whirlwind of talent and ambition, taking it by storm and ending up living the dream with her face all over everything and her name shining in lights.

Her dress isn't even bedazzled... and this is Rachel Freakin' Berry.


She's smoothing out the non-existent wrinkles in the front of her dress when a splash of pink and an all too familiar strut catches her eye.

"Quinn! What are you doing here?" Rachel asks turning around carefully, her flight instinct is still on overdrive around Quinn.

She steps down off the fitting platform, maybe if she's at the angle she's used to she can deal with whatever nonsense Quinn throws her way. Sure they're sort of sometimes friends, maybe friends who require supervision to be friends, but that strut and that look... forgiving is a lot easier than forgetting. Maybe Quinn should reconsider Yale and figure out how to be some sort of drill instructor, the amount of authority she can throw around at a moments notice is equally awe-inspiring and terrifying.

"Have you reconsidered your position on Finn and I's marriage?" Rachel asks, taking a few tentative steps towards the blonde.

Quinn misses the way Rachel's eyes hesitantly drop to her toes and her hands knit together as she waits for Quinn's answer because there's that word again swimming out of Rachel's mouth which such careless ease that it makes Quinn see red and black and news headlines of an unexpected murder at a tiny bridal shop in Ohio. Marriage. 'Finn and I's' marriage no less.

She has to stop herself from literally growling out her frustration at Rachel and this stupid, impossible situation. She just needed a little longer. A little more space or distance or indifference to get her through the rest of high school where after which she would be able to roam free at Yale and fall in love with someone distinctly not-Rachel. Even though... New Haven was only what? 80 miles from New York? Where actual-Rachel would be whirlwinding around and maybe she could see herself getting caught up in that...

No. No, no, no. This was Rachel's doing. Rachel and her idiotic friggin' marriage to that ogre of a boy Finn Hudson. Couldn't she see that the physics of their relationship was all wrong? Nevermind the logistics of their to-be combined lives, they just literally didn't fit together.

Rachel deserved someone better, someone else. Someone who knew without asking what her favorite flower was. Someone who would rise up and meet her, challenge her without anchoring her down to a life she wasn't meant for. Someone who wouldn't force her to wear her ugly adorable animal covered toddler clothes when she tried to dress more like an actual, normal, sexy girl. Someone who could keep her without having to douse the fire inside of her. Someone who wouldn't guilt her into a stupid idiotic marriage because they were worried that they'll never have anything else and maybe they could convince themselves that this was good enough. It didn't have to be Quinn, though if she were honest she would really... as long as it wasn't him.

Rachel Berry did not need to settle. Especially for Finn Frickin' Hudson.


Quinn's jaw ticks in irritation as she manages to bite out a sharp, "No."

Rachel's eyes snap up, flashing in hurt before she almost manages to push it away but there's an odd hitch to her intake of air as her eyebrows fold together momentarily. It shouldn't matter what Quinn Fabray's opinion is or what Quinn Fabray has to say about the matters of her personal life, she is in - frankly - no position to judge her choices, but it does matter. Quinn's opinion has always mattered, she's always wanted something she's never fathomed of obtaining from the girl and just when she feels like they might finally be constructing some sort of secure foundation upon which to build their friendship she goes and she-she...

Rachel sighs inwardly, hoping that perhaps she could persuade Quinn to cross the line from objection to approval and support. She would love to see Quinn all dolled up in a beautiful gown at her side and - that was an odd feeling. "I know we've called an unofficial cease fire and perhaps are forging a budding friendship but I would really love it if-"

"No," Quinn says, sharper than the first time.

Rachel huffs quietly, deflating at the thought of her possibly-a-friend denying her true, complete happiness by not being there by her side supporting her no matter what! Her eyes drop again as she sadly forces out what she had hoped she wouldn't have to say again, "Well then I regret to inform you that you are still no longer invited to the wedding, Finn and I-"

Something twists inside Quinn and what little control she had left snaps. "I'm not going to stand around and watch you ruin your life by marrying Finn Hudson," she grinds out, cutting Rachel off.

Rachel can't believe the audacity of one Quinn Fabray. Sure, they've had a complicated past but that's what it was now, wasn't it? The past - as in, no longer the present. Surely Quinn wasn't still hung up on the whole her and Finn triangle, couldn't she just let her have her moment in the sun? She would be in Yale soon. Quinn Fabray was getting out of Lima, she could forget about Finn Hudson and little ol' nobody Rachel Berry.

"I don't see why this is any of your business in the first place Quinn," Rachel throws back. "Is it too much to ask for you to be happy for me for just this once?"

Rachel turns on her heel, fully intending to storm back to the fitting platform in a flurry of white fabric hoping Quinn would simply get the hint and leave in a similarly huffy fashion. What she doesn't expect, even in her wildest, deepest, darkest fantasy or nightmares, is strong slender fingers snapping against the skin of her wrist and whipping her back around and into the person attached to said fingers.

In an instant her body is pressed against Quinn's and Quinn's eyes, darker than they should be, are right there closing in fast and she doesn't even have enough time to take a proper breath before Quinn's lips are on hers.

Of all the scenarios in all the world that Rachel has imagined herself in, for acting purposes of course, this has never been one of them. There's no immediate words or thoughts in her brain about marriage or wedding or fiance or... what was his name again? There's just Quinn and this delicious vanilla scent invading her senses along with her soft perfect lips on hers and wow! All she can think of is how the prettiest, most gorgeous girl she's ever met is kissing her, Rachel Berry.

She feels like all the air has been sucked out of the room by... what she's not sure. Perhaps it's some sort of phenomenon and maybe it's been documented before, she will definitely have to google that later but right now? Right now her lips are moving against Quinn's and her hand is fisting in that incredibly bright pink dress and why can't she hear anything? There's just this overwhelming void of sound, like... like all the sound has also been sucked out of the room as well. Except there's the extremely loud - did she breathe that loudly all of the time - sound of her drawing in a breath before nipping at Quinn's lower lip and then there's Quinn's gravely voice rasping out half of a moan at Rachel's teeth and lips and frankly Rachel's participation at all in this unforeseeable event and...

Wait. Quinn?

Rachel pulls back slightly and forces her eyes to peel open only to find those gorgeous hazel, now mostly dark, eyes half-lidded and gazing back at her.

"Oh no," she whispers. "Oh - no. No, no, no, no, no." This isn't happening. Not here. Not now. Not ever! She breaks away from Quinn abruptly and disappears into the fitting rooms in the back of the shop with no indication of intending to return.

Quinn runs a shaky hand through her hair and tries to breathe like a normal human being. "Well shit." This was not what she planned on happening. This was certainly all Rachel Berry's fault.


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