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3rd Person POV

Percy was standing in front of the gods who were deciding the fate of the young demigod. His life was over ever since everybody he knew has died. Annabeth, Nico, and Grover and the rest of the campers, Greek and Roman, had died. Yesterday he had learned that his parents had died from a gang shootout. He thought of committing suicide, but that was beneath him. He had walked to the Council room where he knew the gods would be.

Percy had opened the doors and Zeus was about to yell at him but then he saw the look on Percy's face and decided not to. The gods asked why he was here and Percy told them the entire story of how his friends and family died while trying to stay calm but at the end of his story, he looked like he was about to burst into tears. A few seconds later, Percy did, fell to the ground and let out all the emotions that had built up loose. All the gods had looks of sympathy on their faces. Hestia walked up to him and hugged him in a friendly way. After a couple of minutes he calmed down and said, "Thank you" and walked back towards the gods. He then told them the reason he was there.

They were now talking about where he should go.

"I say he should be with me, I am his father." Poseidon says.

"Puh-lease, he needs to be somewhere he's not used to." Athena said.

" I agree" said Artemis. "He needs to be somewhere he's not accustomed to."

" I also agree, and I have the perfect place for him to go to." Aphrodite says.

"And pray tell, where that might be?" Artemis questions.

"Well, I'll tell Zeus and he can tell you." Aphrodite says.

She gets out of her throne, walks over to Zeus and whispers in his ear. Zeus visibly pales. But he regains his composure. Aphrodite walks back to her throne.

"And why can't you tell her?" Zeus asks.

"Because I know she'll hurt me, but she won't hurt you." Aphrodite says as if it's the most obvious thing in the world.

Zeus sighs and gets the gods' attention so he can tell them what Aphrodite told him

"Okay, Aphrodite told me that the best place to go was not the sea" Zeus says. Poseidon and Percy look saddened.

"Anyway, she told me to send Percy to the Artemis…and…Hunt." He says quickly.

"Father, what did you say? You were talking too fast." Artemis questions.

Zeus moves nervously in his throne like he's about to say something that Artemis won't like which is exactly going to happen.

"Aphrodite told me to send Percy to Artemis and the Hunt" he says nervously.

All the gods' mouths drop except for Aphrodite who came up with the idea. But no one's mouth dropped lower than Percy or Artemis.

Percy POV

'Zeus expects me to join Artemis and the Hunters! No way am I doing that!'

Artemis POV

'Father expects me to allow a man into the Hunt! No way am I doing that!'

3rd Person POV

Everyone but Artemis and Percy close their mouths and look at both Aphrodite and Zeus as if they're crazy. Then Artemis and Percy shake their heads and start to yell at Zeus.

"YOU expect me to join the Hunters of Artemis?" Percy yells/questions.

"FATHER you expect me to allow a man to join the Hunters?" she yells/questions.

They keep yelling at him until Zeus raises his hand and silences them.

"My word is final" Zeus says with authority and finality.

"Percy, you will now recite the Guardian Oath." Zeus says.

"What's the Guardian Oath?" Percy asks.

"It is the oath that all guardians must say before they become guardians."

"Now repeat after me: I Perseus Jackson do solemnly swear by the River Styx that I will go everywhere and anywhere to keep Artemis safe and I will do anything and everything in my power to keep Artemis safe from any harm."

"I Perseus Jackson do solemnly swear by the River Styx that I will go everywhere and anywhere to keep Artemis safe and I will do anything and everything in my power to keep Artemis safe from any harm." Percy repeats.

A shower of light then surrounds Percy and when it fades, he looks like a guardian of light. He is wearing a white cloak with the hood down, he has a belt of various weapons, and two twin hooks fastened in a crisscross pattern on his back.

"Starting now, you Percy Jackson are the Guardian of the Hunt." Zeus declares.

All the gods flash out except for Hestia. Percy walks up to the goddess and she grows to look like an 18-year old girl. Percy suddenly hugs her. Hestia is surprised at first but then hugs back. Percy backs away from the hug.

"What was that for?" Hestia questions.

"For helping me when I was at my weakest" Percy explains.

"It is no problem, I am always here if you need comforting." Hestia reassures.

"I know you are." Percy says.

Percy then kisses Hestia, she's surprised at first but then she kisses back and they continue this until they're out of breath.

"Hestia" Percy says inches away from her.

"Yes, Percy?" she answers.

"I think I love you." He says and kisses her again.

She breaks the kiss and says,

"I think I love you too." And she kisses him.

Percy breaks the kiss and says,

"I have to go, you know, being a guardian and all."

"Good luck my love" Hestia says.

"Thank you" he says before vapor traveling away to the Hunter's campsite leaving Hestia to tend the fire once more. Little did she know that was going to be one of the last times she was ever going to see him.

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