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The Confrontation

After Percy had pushed Artemis out of the fog, he turned around wielding his twin hooks. Knowing that Artemis would attempt to get back in, he slammed the hilts of the twin hooks on the ground teleporting him, the fog, and his foes to another location.

"I will enjoy hurting her once I kill you, Perseus." A voice came from somewhere in the fog.

"You will do no such thing, Kronos." Percy replied harshly.

"You care deeply for her, which is exactly why I plan to make you watch her get tortured, and then raped by yours truly." Kronos said casually.

When Percy heard him say this, anger coursed through his body. Suddenly, his wings came out, covered with a layer of black and white fire. His eye color darkened to a deadly shade of green, but the white part of his eyes looked like fire was burning in his eyes. The white twin hook was now a mixture of white and gold with a black aura, and the black one was now black and silver with a white aura.

"Don't you lay one hand on her you son of a bitch!" Percy yelled, slashing through the fog.

"Show yourself and fight me, you coward!" Percy said, banging the twin hooks together, making the fog disappear.

What he saw in front of him did not surprise him nor did it intimidate him. There was Kronos and a bunch of other titans waiting there for him, with their symbol of powers humming with energy, pointed directly at his chest and head.

"What an unfortunate position you are in now, Percy. Now why don't you be a good boy and put those down and surrender to us."

"How about you and your wannabe siblings scram before I kick your ass again." Percy said glaring at Kronos.

Percy had never angrier in his entire life. Kronos had just threatened to not only torture the girl he loves, but he also said he was going to rape her. He wasn't going to let Kronos, or any of the other titans lay a finger on Artemis.

"Hey Kronos, do you know what happens when phosphorus meets oxygen?" Percy asked.

"No, enlighten me Perseus." Kronos said.

"Well, to put it short, an explosion happens." Percy said, bringing out a bag of what looked to be like red dust.

"What I have in my hand here is 3 lbs. of pure phosphorus. You better stay away from my girl Kronos, or Order so help me, I will hunt you and your siblings down and kill all of you." Percy said flying up and throwing the bag down in the middle of them.

Before any of them could catch it, the bag hit the ground and burst open. A millisecond later, it exploded, nearly ripping the closest titans in half and pushing all the others back. Perseus flew away, leaving the titans groaning in pain, except for Kronos, who had wisely shielded himself from the explosion.

"You failed again, I presume from the way I see it, with your brothers and sisters moaning in pain." A feminine voice said from the shadows.

"Yes, I did, but I found his one weakness." Kronos said.

"Oh, you did, did you? And what would this one weakness be?"

"Not what, who."

"Okay, who would this person be?"

"Isn't it obvious? It's Artemis." Kronos said looking at the stars in distaste. He had never liked the sky before, mainly because it was once his father's domain.

"What do you plan to do about it then? You won't have much time to finish the ritual if you keep wasting your sweet ass time." The woman said seriously.

"Do not worry mother, everything is going according to plan." Kronos said calmly.

What they did not know was that a certain child of Atlas was eavesdropping on them. She quietly backed away and started running back to warn Artemis and the others about what she had just learned.

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