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Frankie gazed after Marleene.

Edward got on his knees and faced his brother. "Hey. You feel okay?"

Frankie shook his head, "Huh? Oh yeah. I'm okay. Ed, what happened to me? I mean, I was dying…"

Audrey coughed and said, "Edward I'm going to help Elvis with the others." She got up and left the two men alone.

Edward smiled after she left and replied, "Frankie, there's something different about Marleene. You know how her eyes glow in the dark?" He saw his brother nod and continued, "Well, when we first met I thought she was a vampire because of her eyes. But I was wrong. She's not fully human and she's not a vampire."

Frankie looked at his brother quizzically, "What do you mean she's not fully human and not a vampire?"

Edward helped his brother sit up and retorted, "She's a shape-shifter, Frankie. Back before vampires were known to the world, there were shape-shifters and humans. Some humans thought that her ancestors were werewolves. Others believed that they changed into deranged beasts. They could change into anything they wanted. They lived in harmony with one another for a time, until vampires came along. Her ancestors wanted to control these lands, not the vampires. They had wars with each other. Marleene told me that when vampire's blood is mixed with her kind of blood, they go crazy. Ours can turn into subsiders if bitten from one of her kind, while they can turn into psychotic animals if bitten by a vampire."

Frankie let everything his brother was saying sink in. He hesitated, "So… so she turned me into a ravenous creature?"

Edward shook his head chuckling, "No, Frankie. She saved you. You know how vampires can bite a human and they turn into a vampire as well?"


"Yeah, well, when she bit you, you became a shape-shifter too. Her family, before they were slaughtered, were the only ones who didn't become a beast. They had morals just like regular people, Frankie. Before vampires got blood hungry, they were on good terms with Marleene's family. Things changed. She is the only kind left, with you included."

Frankie slowly stood up, with Edward's help of course. He groaned, "I hurt like hell… Will I have to eat on raw meat… like werewolves…?"

Ed laughed, "No Frankie. She eats like any other human does. She will tell you all about herself later. Come on, we need to help Elvis and Audrey."

Frankie scrutinized the vampires, mumbling, "Okay."

Max and Pete were patiently waiting in the truck for me. They barked when they saw me walking to them. I smiled. I missed them. They're the only family I have left. I have everyone else, I know, but I wouldn't be able to go on without my dogs… or Frankie for that matter… They jumped out of the truck and ran towards me. When they reached me they jumped on my chest, knocking me to the ground.

I let out a laugh, "I know, I know. I missed you guys too." I let them kiss me for a few seconds and then told them to get off. They obeyed. I stood up, dusted the dirt from my clothes, and turned back around. "Okay boys, let's head inside. There are a few vampires in there too, but don't go and try to kill them. They're good guys… maybe. Come one." I headed to the door, Max and Pete following close behind.

I opened the door and saw Frankie leaning against his brother. Edward was talking to Audrey and Elvis. Probably about the vampires… Frankie's eyebrows furrowed. I mentally laughed. He's gonna have to get used to his new abilities. I saw Frankie move his head in my direction and I grinned. He got off his brother and strode towards me.

Max and Pete growled a warning. "Boys, stop it. He's a good guy. Go say hi to Elvis, Ed, and Audrey." They tucked their tails between their hind legs and trotted to the others. Elvis bent down and rubbed their ears, their tails wagging.

"You think they will ever like me," questioned Frankie when he reached me.

I retorted, "You think you will ever get used to being like me?" I raised an eyebrow and grinned.

He laughed and replied, "I take that as a yes."

I moved closer to his body and noticed that his wounds had completely healed. I gently laid my hand on his neck where I had bitten him. He flinched at my touch at first, possibly thinking that the wound would hurt, and then gasped in wonder when he couldn't feel anything. What a baby. I whispered, "It won't hurt like it would if you were a normal human. My blood infused into your veins, making you have talents like me. Your body will rejuvenate quicker than a human's, your reflexes will be faster, your eyesight will enhance massively, and strength won't be a problem for you either. The list goes on and on." I averted my eyes away from his, suddenly shy. I was rambling again… shit!

Frankie chuckled, "That sounds really interesting. You gonna teach me everything you know?" He placed his hand over mine and entwined them. He moved my hand away from his neck a few minutes later. (Though really, I think it was only a few seconds; I wasn't really paying attention). He caressed my cheek with his other hand and drew me closer.

I took in a quick breath, my heart racing. I gazed into his eyes and before I knew it his lips were against mine. It felt like I was melting into him, literally. So cliche… I placed my hands against his cheeks and fell into his kiss. I felt him smirk against my lips and I mentally chuckled.

Before we could get more riled up than we already were, a cough was heard behind us. I broke the kiss and turned around to face a tomato-faced Audrey. I raised one eyebrow waiting for her to speak.

She shook her head, stammering, "W-we might need your help over here… Edward said we can use needles to inject the vampires with his and Elvis' blood, turning those who want to change back into a human."

"What about me? Shouldn't I be able to help them as well?"

I faced Frankie and replied, "Frankie… my blood cannot be fused with a vampire's. If that happens then they can become a subsider…"

A light went off in his head, making him hit his face with the palm of his hand. He groaned, "Oh yeah. I forgot. Ed told me about that a while back ago. I can't let that slip my mind again." He shrugged, "Well then, let's go help out with the others. Shall we?" Frankie held out his arm and I rolled my eyes. I smiled and placed my right hand on his forearm.

Audrey laughed and told us to follow her.

I replied, "What about the ones who don't want to change back?"

Audrey answered, "Ed said that we could get blood from blood banks; people who are okay with giving their blood to vamps. He can tell you more about it when you talk to him."

Edward turned away from the other vampires and faced me, "Marleene, we need to fix this place up. We need to help the ones who want to change and get an operation going where vampires who want to stay as they are can get free blood without killing innocent people."

I nodded, "Yup. Audrey told us while coming over here. Where did Elvis and my dogs go?" I looked around and couldn't find them anywhere.

"He took the dogs with him to make sure that there were no other vampires in the building and to find some needles. He should be back in a little while though. Don't worry."

I smiled and replied, "Okie dokie!" I faced the vampires and questioned, "Okay, so who wants to be a vampire and who wants to be a human?" They all raised their hands. Uh… "Let me rephrase that. Whoever wants to be a vampire stay where you are. If you want to turn back into a human follow Audrey to a different area in here."

Audrey walked to the left of the group and stopped when she found her designated 'operation: transform vampires' spot. A few vampires were behind her.

Some vampires stood where they originally were. These were the ones who wanted to stay as vamps. Edward replied, "Okay. Elvis should be back in a few minutes with needles. Frankie, set up a spot for the ones who want to change. Marleene…"

I smiled, waiting for him to give me orders.

"…Uh, you can…"

"I can… help… Frankie?" I did my best expression of puppy dog eyes and fluttered my eye lashes.

Edward sighed, "Yes. You can help with Frankie."

I inwardly sniggered. BWAH! The vampires that were standing before us snickered as well. Edward placed his right hand on his temples and gently rubbed. He sighed and then replied, "Okay… the rest of you here need to release the humans from the-"

"You don't need to worry about the humans Ed. I already released them. But I wouldn't mind ya guys lending them a hand." Elvis came from the side door with my dogs trailing behind him. "They're in pretty bad shape back there. Ed, I'm thinking I could the vampires with helping the humans and you could help the other vampires with injecting them with your blood. Oh-" He threw a bag towards Edward, "These are all the needles I could find. I'm pretty sure that there are more, but this will suffice."

Ed caught the bag swiftly, nodding. "Okay. That's fine. Frankie, Marleene, get busy."

We both nodded in affirmation and headed to the middle of the garage. Frankie went over to an upturned table, boosted it up on his shoulders and set it down before me. Frankie walked back towards Edward, who was wrapping up his orders.

Ed finished, "All right, you guys understand?" The vampire soldiers nodded, determination set in their eyes. They actually wanted to help. Wow.

I watched them set off after Elvis. Frankie grabbed the bag from Edward and strode towards me. He set the bag on the table and unzipped it, grabbing a few hypodermic needles and laying them on the tabletop. I saw Ed motion for Audrey to escort the vampires over to us. They looked uncertain while walking our way, but you could tell that they wanted to do this. They were ready.

Edward picked up an overthrown chair from somewhere and set it down by the table. Audrey was at his side in an instant. She took his arm, placed it on the table and picked up a needle. She motioned for one of the vampires to come her way and they obliged. Audrey pricked Edward's skin with the tip of the hypodermic needle and gently pulled the syringe her direction. A gush of blood rushed in the tube.

"Ed, place your finger over the spot once I pull the needle out." Audrey replied. She turned towards the vampire next to her and replied, "Okay, now you need to relax. It won't hurt one bit, okay?"

The vampire nodded and sighed deeply. They looked Audrey in the eye and replied, "I'm ready."

Audrey pricked the vampire's forearm with the needle and slowly pushed the syringe. Human blood was flowing through their veins.

I smiled, grabbed Frankie's hand and gently squeezed.

The vampire gasped, fell to the floor, and took in a deep breathe.

Sooooo... I'm hoping you guys liked this. I had a fun time writing this. And I'm having fun writing the epilogue. I'm hoping on writing some more things, but I might have to do that during the summer, when I actually have more time to sit down and write stuff. :)