Musings of an Easily Distracted Mind.

Rating PG/PG13

A/N A series of drabbles about Chandler's state of mind in Season 3. Not really canon, not really A/U or 'what if': just unexplored. I just can't believe that Chandler didn't have SOME kind of low-grade thing for Monica over the course of the whole series, even if it came and went – and even if Marta Kaufmann says that in the early seasons you could have no idea how well Monica and Chandler would work as a couple.

Not sure how many of these there will be. If Monica makes an appearance, she will likely get her own little series.

Feedback (this is my first Friends fanfic) is highly desired and treasured.

Disclaimer: Not mine. Never mine. If they were mine, it would be less of a problem that I'm not working. Anything in italics is dialog from an actual Season 3 episode.