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The Hollywood Arts auditorium is crowded on this warm Saturday night. The famed performing arts school is putting on its annual talent show. The students perform acts such as singing, dancing, acting, and other talents. Victoria Vega (Or Tori, as everyone calls her) is performing with her friends Andre (musician), Cat (Singer, actress, juggler, ditzy red head), Jade (Singer, actress, mean girl), and Ryleigh (Singer, actress, dancer, just transferred to Hollywood Arts last month).

Tori peeks at the stage, glancing at the audience. She gulps anxiously, straightening the collar of her black leather jacket. They've got the edgy rocker theme going on tonight. All the girls are dressed in some kind of leather.

Somehow, Cat managed to mix girly and edgy into one. She's got a black miniskirt on, black leather boots, a black tank top, and a leather vest. She's listening to her MP3 player, singing quietly and occasionally giggling to herself. Tori shakes her head and sighs. Cat recently developed an obsession with Big Time Rush, so she's been listening to their album nonstop.

Jade is wearing leather pants, a black shirt with black lace sleeves, and a black leather vest. She's just standing silently, a bored look on her face. She and Tori aren't exactly friends, but they're not really enemies either. They're...frenemies?

Ryleigh is dressed in leather jeans, a black tank top, and silver high heels. She's looking at Cat with a bewildered expression as the red haired girl giggles and dances along, almost bumping into Jade. When Jade gives her a dirty look, she quiets down and tries to stay still.

"Next, we have some students from my improv class performing a fantastic rock mashup!" Their acting teacher, Sikowitz, shouts into the microphone. While he talks to the audience, he's drinking from a coconut. Whenever someone asks him why he likes coconuts so much, he says that the milk gives him visions. Tori doesn't know how that's even possible.

"Don't screw this up, Tori." Jade growls as the Andre and the band start playing the music.

"Okay, that's not cool!" Tori argues before following her friends onto the stage. But before they appear in front of the audience, Jade snatches Cat's MP3 player and hands it to Robbie. Then their performance begins.

("Start Me Up/Living On A Prayer" by Glee)

Meanwhile, Gustavo Rocque and Big Time Rush are sitting in the audience. The famous music producer brought the band to Hollywood Arts because they are gonna be traveling to Peligro Island for a concert and they need an opening act. Gustavo wants something talented and fresh that no one has ever seen before and when Sikowitz mentioned the students from his improv class, Gustavo figured that he'd check it out.

He glances at the four "dogs" sitting next to him. They are all looking at the Hollywood Arts girls with wide eyes. Ugh, they are so stupid sometimes. Gustavo already warned them that they are not allowed to flirt with Tori Vega, Cat Valentine, Ryleigh Chambers, or Jade West. They probably won't listen to him, though. They never do.

"I call the Latina babe." Logan Mitchell murmurs.

"The chick with the black hair is all mine." Carlos Garcia whispers. "She looks exactly like Heather Fox."

"Well, the red head is mine." James Diamond smiles dreamily.

"I think the blonde is pretty hot." Kendall Knight admits.

"You dogs are not allowed to flirt with them!" Gustavo snaps. "We are here because they may be the opening act for your concert on Peligro Island."

He tried asking Sikowitz what "peligro" means. Griffin was the one that wanted them to perform there, but he wouldn't tell Gustavo anything about the place. Anyway, as he just stated, he asked Sikowitz, but the guy just laughed like a maniac and sipped from a coconut. Apparently, the milk gives him "visions". The same thing happens with Gustavo and the glass of wine he always drinks after a long day of working with these dogs. What? They're usually the reason for his frustration, so he needs something to calm him down.

"Did you get a program?" Some weird kid with an afro and glasses asks him.

"Um, yeah." Gustavo says slowly.

"You're Gustavo Rocque." The kid says with a weird smile. "I'm Sinjin Van Cleef."

"Thanks." Gustavo says awkwardly. "Please go away."

Sinjin quickly rushes away and he looks at his assistant, Kelly Wainwright, who just shrugs and continues reading her program. They can already tell that this isn't a normal school. They came a few minutes early and got the, um, "pleasure" of meeting a kid named Robbie Shapiro, who carries a puppet around. By the way, that puppet is a jerk.

"Guys, lets go backstage and meet them." Kelly says, motioning to the guys. Before she can say anything else, the guys rush past her and Gustavo, heading for the backstage door. Gustavo rolls his eyes and rubs his temples, keeping a stern look on his face as he and Kelly follow the four monkey dogs.

"Great job, guys!" Tori says, high fiving her friends. Well, all of them except for Jade. She takes her black leather jacket off and walks to the dressing room, sitting in front of the mirror. She grabs a makeup removal wipe and starts getting all the makeup off her face. Honestly, she doesn't usually like to wear this much. She only wears a lot of makeup for stage performances. Any other time, she goes light on the facial decoration. Just some light blush, mascara, eyeliner, and lipgloss is enough for her.

"Love me love me, say you wanna love me!" Cat sings as she skips into the room. "Tori, have you listened to Big Time Rush's new album? They're having a pre listening party on their website and I got to hear the full album! Eep! I'm so excited!"

"No, I haven't heard it." Tori says. "How is it?"

"So good!" Cat says cheerfully. "Anyway, my brother tried to eat a bug yesterday. I'm not sure what kind it was, though."

Tori gives Cat a weird look. She has this weird brother that does all these really unusual things. One time, he tried to paint part of his body purple. He has also been in jail, he takes special medicine, and there's a million other things that Tori could mention. She doesn't even wanna talk about what happened when she visited Cat's house. It was pretty traumatic.

"Kids, get out here!" Sikowitz calls out. "Cat, I'm sure you'll enjoy this!"

"Oooh, I love surprises! Come on, Tori!" Cat squeals, grabbing Tori's arm. Tori finds herself being dragged out of the dressing room with only some of her makeup off. Her mascara is now smeared. Ugh, how embarrassing.

When they finally get out of the dressing room, they immediately notice what Sikowitz is talking about.

"AAAAAHHHHH!" Cat screams, rushing toward the four incredibly hot guys. She jumps into the tall brunette's arms, nearly knocking him over. Luckily, the poor guy manages to catch his balance. Tori, on the other hand, finds herself looking at the shorter brunette with the charming smile. Whoa, she needs to do something about her makeup problem. A girl can't possibly talk to a guy like that with her makeup all messed up.

"This is my friend Gustavo Rocque, his assistant Kelly Wainwright, and Big Time Rush." Sikowitz says, followed by murmurs of awe and excitement.

Cat is still clinging to the tall guy, giggling. Tori laughs nervously and gives what's his name a smile before running back to the dressing room. Makeup removal cloth! She needs that cloth! When she finally finds it, she starts scrubbing the makeup off.
"Are you okay?"

She screams in shock as she turns around, nearly stumbling.

"I'm Logan." He says, holding out his hand.

"Tori." She says, shaking his hand. "I'm sorry I look...not so great."
"Actually, I think you look fine."

Wow, he thinks she looks fine? A guy from a famous boy band thinks that she looks fine. No, Tori, don't start sweating. She's not a nervous person, but she just feels awkward talking to Logan when she isn't all dressed up and cute. For one thing, she hasn't gotten all the makeup off, so her face looks like a mess.

"Really?" She says in surprise. "Because you can tell me if I look terrible."

"No, you look great." Logan insists. "I'm really digging the leather."

Suddenly, Tori lets out a high pitched giggle, slapping her hands over her mouth. Gosh, Tori, what is wrong with you?

"We should probably get back out there." Logan tells her. "Gustavo and your teacher have something important to tell us."

Tori quickly rubs the rest of her makeup off, looking down when Logan grabs her hand. She puts on a smile and follows him out the door. She has only known him for, like, five minutes and she's strangely attracted to him. Is that normal? She has seen guys that she thinks are hot, but it took more than a few short minutes for her develop an attraction to them.

Meanwhile, Cat is telling James random stories about her brother and herself. She is currently telling him about the time that her brother snuck into the tiger exhibit at the zoo when he was ten. That did not turn out very well. Then there was the time that he got arrested for sneaking into their neighbor's house and stealing all the woman's food. She hit him with her cane and called the cops.

"One time, my brother went to a home for troubled girls." She tells him. James actually seems interested in what she has to say. Most people are weirded out by her randomness and while it kind of hurts her feelings sometimes, she has learned to deal with it. She's a random person and she loves it!

"My cousin did that one time." James tells her. "He wanted to..."

"Meet troubled girls." They say in unison, laughing. Cat giggles, squeaking as James's music producer yells for them to shut up. She stands next to James, wrapping her arms around his waist.

"Kids, I'm not sure if Sikowitz has discussed this with you, so I'm gonna go ahead and tell you myself." Gustavo tells the Hollywood Arts students. "I want Tori Vega, Cat Valentine, Jade West, Ryleigh Chambers, and Andre Harris to be the opening act for Big Time Rush's next concert on Peligro Island."

"What is that? Spanish?" Ryleigh snorts.

"Ugh, here we go." Rex says, yelping when Ryleigh suddenly grabs him and throws him into the nearest trashcan. Ah, Ryleigh. She just moved to Hollywood Arts this year and she's the tomboy of the group. She refuses to wear skirts unless it's for a performance, she loves playing basketball with the boys, and she's tough. But she's a lot nicer than Jade. In fact, she and Jade don't even get along. They actually got into a cat fight (Haha, Cat fight) last week for some reason that Cat can't seem to remember. It involved scissors, though. But no one got hurt!

"Um, I think so." Sikowitz says nervously. "But I don't know what it means."

"None of us know." Kendall announces. "We asked Carlos, but he doesn't know either."

"Trust me." Carlos interrupts. "I really don't."

"What about us?" Robbie asks, motioning to himself and Beck.

"You two can come." Kelly says politely. "We'll find something for you to do."

"Can I bring my scissors?" Jade asks.

"Um, sure." Kelly says with an anxious laugh. Jade would scare anybody. Quite frankly, Cat is terrified of her, just like everyone else in school. If you make her mad, she won't get physically violent, but she'll retaliate in a way that will make you sad for a long time. Those are Jade's words, not Cat's.

"Can you kids come to Rocque Records tomorrow? Just bring yourself and a really good song. I would also prefer some kind of dance routine to go along with it."

"I think your girl has a boyfriend." James whispers to Carlos while glancing at Beck, who has his arm around Jade's waist. Cat takes a moment to look at Carlos, who is still smiling dreamily at Jade. Did James's words affect him at all? He doesn't seem to be bothered by the fact that Jade has a boyfriend. He better get over his crush fast because Jade and Beck have been together for more than two years and Cat doesn't think that they're ever gonna break up.

"Please go out with me." Carlos says dreamily.

"Don't talk to me." Jade responds. "Tori might be interested, though. She's single and desperate."

"Hey!" Tori exclaims in disbelief.

"Did I hear something about being an opening act for a Big Time Rush concert?" Tori's older sister, Trina, says as she pushes past Tori and Ryleigh. "You should let me join in! When I make it shiiiiiiiiinnnnnneee!"

"SHUT UP!" Jade yells.

"Wow, you kids are loud." Gustavo says in a strained voice, covering his ears.

James sighs as he looks out the window of their limousine, staring at Hollywood Arts. Now that the show is over, people are starting to leave. James is still thinking about Cat. She's hyper, but she's really cute. That laugh, that smile, those big brown eyes, those random stories about her weird family members, the way she hugged him after they finished talking...Yeah, James is very impressed with this girl. He is honestly thinking about asking her to hang out.

"Are you still thinking about the girl?" Kendall smirks.

"So what?" James says as the limo pulls away from the curb. He hopes that the guys aren't gonna start teasing him. He flirts with cute girls all the time. He just happens to be particularly attracted to this one. Cat is just too adorable to resist. He has met plenty of "hot" girls, but not many of his girlfriends have been what he would consider adorable. Somehow, Cat manages to be hot and adorable at the same time. James likes that.

"And I think Logie has a crush on Tori." Carlos laughs, playfully punching Logan's arms.

Logan rolls his eyes. What gave anyone the impression that he has a crush on Tori? Yes, she's pretty, seems smart, and has a great personality. But that doesn't mean that Logan has a crush on her. He just happens to notice some attractive qualities about her.

"I have a crush on no one." He responds calmly.

"James isn't denying anything." Carlos mumbles.

Kendall starts to contribute to the conversation, then he notices how fast the limo is going. He looks at Carlos, who suddenly has the same worried expression. The driver should not be going this fast. The speed limit isn't that high on this road and Kendall knows that they're going way over the speed limit. No, this isn't right. He's going too fast and he doesn't seem to plan on stopping.

"Dude, you need to slow down!" Carlos snaps at the driver, getting James and Logan's attention. Then he looks ahead, noticing a chemical truck pulling out of a side road. It pulls out in front of them and the driver suddenly steps on the brake. Then another car rams into the back of the limo, causing them to fly straight into the chemical truck. The screeching of tires and screams of terror are heard, then everything fades to black.


Start Me Up-Glee cast

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