"So you really wanna sign VicTORious to Rocque Records?" Kelly asks Gustavo as they enter the Asphalt Cafe, where the students of Hollywood Arts eat lunch. BTR and VicTORious are gonna put on a performance for their classmates since no one has ever seen them perform together. Kelly is glad that Gustavo is considering signing them to Rocque Records. She personally thinks that they would be very successful among the teenage demographic. Who wouldn't love to see a band with an attractive guy (Andre) and cute girls (Tori, Jade, Cat, and Ryleigh)? She thinks that Gustavo would be crazy not to sign them. As far as promoting goes, they could sign VicTORious, then have the guys talk about them in public and maybe even get the two bands together for a duet performance at a BTR concert. Kelly is just speaking from personal opinion. She's just an assistant, so she really has no say in who is signed to the company.

"Um, yes." Gustavo says as they sit at a table. Kelly smiles excitedly as she looks around. All the students seem pretty excited to see their new classmates and VicTORious performing together. Andre told her that he wrote a really great song for the group to perform together. Kelly and Gustavo can't wait to hear it. So far, they've been impressed with Andre's music and he'll surely impress them again. Gustavo has even expressed interest in him writing a song for the next Big Time Rush album. Gustavo normally likes to write the songs himself, but he's sort of willing to give Andre a chance.

"Good choice." Kelly whispers, waiting for them to come out. The crowd suddenly screams in excitement as the performers appear, sitting on different tables. They've been rehearsing this performance for two weeks now and they've all said that they've totally perfected it. Kelly really hopes that they'll impress Gustavo because she thinks that they work so well together. Kelly may not be as high up in the music industry as Gustavo and Griffin, but she knows talent when she sees it. VicTORious? They're definitely Rocque Records material.

"Hello, Hollywood Arts!" Tori says into her microphone.

"We are VicTORious and tonight we are gonna perform a song with our good friends, Big Time Rush!" Ryleigh announces as Andre starts strumming his guitar. Then the band, set up on the second level of the Asphalt Cafe, starts playing along.

"Don't mess this up, dogs!" Gustavo calls out.

"Thank you for your commentary, Gustavo." Kendall says before singing.

(Big Time Rush and VicTORious sing "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction)

Excited screams are hard, including Kelly's. She gives Gustavo and hopeful stare, smiling nervously as Big Time Rush and VicTORious walk over to him. By the way, Gustavo is good friends with Sikowitz, who seemed to be excited when he heard that Rocque Records was interested in signing five of his students to the company. Kelly doesn't want Gustavo to ruin a longtime friendship by being stubborn and not thinking that VicTORious is good enough. This was certainly an impressive performance.

"So...What did you think?" Tori asks anxiously.

"And are you gonna sign me?" Trina asks hopefully.

"The answer to Trina's question is no." Gustavo says, ignoring Trina's shocked look. "As for the rest of you, I was very impressed. The song was great, your performance skills are good, you know how to interact with an audience, so I think you will do well at Rocque Records."

Andre, Tori, Cat, Jade, and Ryleigh start whispering excitedly.

"But," Gustavo interrupts. "There will be no funny business, got that? When you're working, you get down to business. Don't be like the dogs and act stupid, okay? I've already got four idiots to deal with and I really don't want five more."

"We'll be on our best behavior!" Ryleigh promises.

"Don't make any promises!" Jade says, glaring when Ryleigh and Jade elbow her. "Okay, we'll be good."

"Okay." Gustavo nods. "I'll have the contract ready tomorrow. Have you all talked to your parents about this? I'm not gonna sign you to the company without parental approval."

"They're all okay with it." Tori smiles while reaching for Logan's hand.

"Alright! Just come to Rocque Records tomorrow at noon." Gustavo says, shaking each of their hands. Cat squeals and hugs James's waist, giving him a big squeeze. He smiles and wraps his arms around her, kissing the top of her head. It has been a little more than two months since the disaster at Peligro Island and he finally got his cast off and he no longer has to use crutches. He was relieved when the doctor said that he could participate in today's performance. He's happy that Gustavo is signing VicTORious and there's no reason to worry since he, Griffin, Kelly, Sikowitz, and their families all know about their powers now.

"And no destroying the studio with your powers!" Kelly calls out as they start walking away.

"We won't." Kendall insists before following his friends toward the parking lot. Everything is almost back to normal.

Or is it?


What Makes You Beautiful-One Direction (I bought this song on items and I can't stop listening to it!)

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