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Ben Skywalker watched silently as Gavar approached his daughter. Behind Gavar nine sith stood waiting for the command to attack the Skywalkers. Jaina and Luke stood a little ways from Ben and were edging together. Ben ignited his saber and waited for them to attack. He wasn't disappointed. Gavar attacked his daughter the nine sith lunged at the three Jedi. Before any party could actually engage though there was a surge of power somewhere behind the group causing everyone to stop and turn towards the source. The only difference seemed to be that the perpetual lightning that graced the landscape seemed to be flashing in the same spot over and over again. Ben reached out with his thoughts and felt something that didn't belong. Before he could investigate further the sith resumed their attack.

The first sith brought his light saber down on Ben catching him by surprise. He barely got his light saber up in time to deflect it. The sith jumped over ben who spun to face him. The second sith lunged at him hoping to stab him in the back. Ben let momentum carry him out of harm's way. The second sith continued on and stabbed his fellow.

The third sith anger written on her face turn towards Ben, "You'll pay for that Jedi."

"Come and make me," Ben said arrogantly, He turned to the sith and raised his saber before he flew through the air by a force push. He flew back thirty feet and hit the ground hard. His head snapped back and hit a rock making him dizzy. He tried to get up quickly but his head hurt too much. He managed to see the two sith running towards him sabers raised. Ben closed his eyes and felt the burning heat of the sabers close to his face but they never touched him. He opened his eyes and stared at three blades in front of his face. A purple blade had intercepted the reds before they hit Ben.

"You will not harm this Jedi today," a voice said. It was distorted but clear and clipped with a coruscant accent. The man pushed the saber back causing both sith to stumble backwards.

"We will destroy you," one of the sith said. They both attacked the man at once. He easily fended off the attacks weaving his blade through intricate patterns. The sith's blade stuttered and stopped each time they hit the man's blade while it smoothly transfer from block to block. The man took a step back and one of the sith over extended leaving his chest open to attack. The stabbed his blade through the sith's chest and out his back. He fell to the ground dead. The last sith look shocked out his fallen comrade then turned toward the man anger etched on her face.

"Die!" the sith yelled. She drew on the force and threw lightning at the man. Instead of raising his saber to block the lightning he simply raised his hand and drew the lightning into his palm. He redirected the lightning back at the sith who spasmd and dropped to the ground.

The man turned and walked to Ben kneeling beside him. "You alright?" he asked. Ben nodded, tried to stand and flopped on the ground clutching his head in pain the man caught him before he hit his head again. He placed a palm on Ben's forehead and Ben felt relief. He sat up slowly only twinging slightly from the pain.

"Thanks," Ben said. He looked into to the face of the man to find a red and black mask with a single visor. It reminded him of the holoimage of Vader with his mask. While this mask was of different design the effect was the same. "What's your name?"

"Revan and May I ask who you are?" Revan said.

"Ben Skywalker, you might want to talk to my father Luke. He would probably like to thank you for saving my life." Ben said.

Revan turn and looked at where Luke and Jaina were talking to another woman. "Looks like my wife is already talking to him," he looked over to where Vestara was kneeling in front of the body of her father and looked back to Ben. He chuckled softly as if to an inside joke then said "You might want to go to her. She could use someone right now." Ben nodded and walked over to Vestara.

Revan smiled under his mask as ben knelt down beside the girl. Like me and Bastila. He felt three presences behind and turned around slowly to see Bastila talking with a man and woman. Revan walked over to them. "Hello you must be Luke Skywalker," he said trying to ignore the look on his wife's face.

"Yes," Luke said. He looked at Bastila and Revan then turned to the woman. "This is my niece Jaina," he turned back to Revan "May I ask who you are."

"I'm Revan and this is my wife Bastila," Revan said hugging Bastila. She stiffened at his touch but soon relaxed into his embrace. He took his mask off and smiled down at Bastila. "I hope you're not still mad."

Bastila glared at him, "I am, not one communication not even a letter. Then when I find you your half dead!"

"As I recall you were all dead and I was only partially dead," Revan said still smiling. Bastila tried to not smile but failed.

"You are still as infuriating as ever."

"I love you too." They both turned towards the Jedi who were staring at them. Ben and Vestara walked up. Vestara was still crying but when she laid eyes on the mask Revan was holding she openly stared at it. Revan noticed this and said, "Relic of the mandlorian war" He tucked the mask away and let go of Bastila. "Do you mind if I tag along with you and your family?"

"You don't have your own ship," Luke asked

"I did but it's probably long gone by now."

"Did someone steal it?"

"It's a long story. I'll be willing to share it once were away from Dromund Kaas. I've had my fill of this planet." They walked to the ship with Luke and Jaina in the lead followed by Ben and Vestara. Vestara kept looking back at Revan who would smile and wave. Bastila then would punch him in the shoulder and they would walk for a while till Vestara looked back at Revan starting the process over again. Jaina slowed down and walked next to Vestara comforting her also. When they got to the ship, Vestara slipped away muttering about how she was tired. Luke, Ben and Jaina went to the cockpit. Revan and Bastila sat in some chairs around a holo table. Revan leaned into Bastila, "I would have contacted you if I could but I didn't have the opportunity."

"I assumed as much but It was still hard with no word as to whether you were alive are not," she said. She looked into his brown eyes with her gray.

"I'm sorry," he said hugging her slightly. "I love you."

"I love you too." She leaning in and they kissed. Luke Jaina and Ben walked in when it ended.

"I'm going to go check on Vestara," Ben said. He turned and walked in the same direction Vestara had. Luke and Jaina sat down across from Bastila and Revan.

Luke sat back and relaxed in his chair getting comfortably and said, "Now we have time. Tell us everything."