Just a small drabble I thought of after watching 9x15, "Secrets".
May contain spoilers - Just saying, just in case.

I loved the Tiva undertone at the end of the episode! It was cute(: I, however, thought it needed further elaboration, or a continuation sort of thing. I know Valentine's Day is over, but whatever. Enjoy.(:

He waited until she was gone.

When he was sure she left in her car and was out of plain sight, he silently sighed in relief to himself. He turned and approached a bouquet of flowers, which held a batch of red roses. He took in their wonderful, fresh scent and without hesitation, took the bouquet and headed out of the flower shop. His mind was running on an overload, and he couldn't stop thinking about what Wendy had told him. How did this woman, who broke off their engagement, and whom he hadn't seen in nine years, know exactly what was on his mind? He wouldn't admit it to her, but still. She was right. Then again, she may have been right almost all the time about everything when they were dating.

Women knew best, after all.

He kept the roses submerged in water. He'd gone home and tried to relax as much as he could. There was that nagging feeling in the back of his mind again.

You should tell her how you feel - whoever she is.

And Wendy, once again, had been right. How surprisingly unsurprising.

Twenty minutes later felt like an eternity to him; his heart was pounding mercilessly against his chest, his palms were sweaty, and he was having second thoughts. He stood before her apartment door, hands quite unsteadily gripping the bouquet of flowers he had taken not too long ago. He wanted to leave and pretend that this was not happening. But he couldn't leave. He had waited far too long and the time was perfect.

Before he knew it, he knocked on her door. She answered, seemingly surprised to see him standing there.

He didn't wait for her to say anything. He held out the bouquet of flowers. She raised her eyebrows.

"For me?"

He smiled weakly. "Happy Valentine's Day."

She took the bouquet. "Thank you, Tony. How sweet of you to do so. I love them."

He shifted his feet uncomfortably, only to find her doing the same. He knew it was best to say something before she decided to disappear behind her door again.

"You know," he began, "a wise woman once told me that I should tell this girl how I feel about her. I've just now realized that she's right."

"A wise woman, huh? And who's this girl?" In the back of her mind, she was hoping. In her heart, she knew.

"I love you, Ziva."

For a split second, she was caught off guard. He said it with so much seriousness and sincerity, that she couldn't help but think that he was telling her the truth. Deep down, she had never doubted it. A grin slowly settled onto her face and she felt herself relax. She could swear he did the same.

"I love you, too, Tony."