"Yukina, do we really have to watch this again?" Kisa muttered as he snuggled closer into his lover's arms. The two were in the living room in front of the big screen TV that Yukina used to be, watching yet another Disney movie.

"But Kisa-san, the next parody is based off The Little Mermaid. We have to watch it so we can get all the jokes!" Yukina chattered, resting his handsome chin on top of Kisa's black head and grinning dorkily.

"It's a crappy movie though." Kisa murmured. "The whole premise of it is whining about your life till you get your way without learning any moral lessons…though I suppose I can relate—ACK!"

The smaller man suddenly jumped, his head knocking straight into Yukina's jaw and sending them both sprawling off the couch and into a pile of pain. Kisa quickly untangled himself and glared down underneath the coffee table, where he saw the familiar suspect.

"Chiaki you moron! What have I told you about grabbing my feet like that?!"

The dark haired Chiaki peeped out from under the coffee table with a forlorn yet obsessive expression.

"Pleeeeease let me touch your feet Kisa-san! I'll rub them for you!"

"No way! It's creepy!" Kisa recoiled, moving his feet a safe distance away from the former footstool. Everyone had been human for nearly a month now but Chiaki still couldn't shake his foot fetish, and one particular person was keen on doing something about it.


"EEP!" Chiaki yelped as he heard Hatori's voice. The former clock sighed and kneeled down on the floor, trying to coax his little partner out.

"Chiaki, it's time to go see the doctor."

"I wasn't touching his feet! I swear Tori!" Chiaki whined.

"Liar," Kisa growled, shifting his violated feet. Hatori reached his long arms underneath the coffee table and carefully pulled Chiaki out, throwing him over his shoulder.

"Torrrri! Where are we going?!"

"Counseling and possible shock therapy." Hatori muttered, sighing under his breath. Although plenty of things had changed around the castle since the curse was broken, he knew that some things…just never changed.

"Hisashi? Hisashi?" Yuu called down the hallway, checking yet another closet door for his curly-haired lover. But Hisashi was nowhere to be ever since one of the kitchen maids had tried to hug him yesterday. The former blanket wasn't quite over his cuddle trauma yet.

But as he walked by the library (and heard Takano and Ritsu yapping at each other yet again), he heard a faint stirring in the drawing room and headed towards it.

"Hisashi?" He whispered into the keyhole. "Are you in there? It's okay to come out you know."

"I don't wanna," Hisashi muttered back. "All people want to do is hug me."

"Now that's not true…except maybe for me." Yuu said silkily. "Don't you want to find a nice quiet room in the castle and snuggle with me?"

Yuu smiled as he heard indecisive shifting followed by Hisashi's voice, quiet with need.


"Mi-Sa-Ki!" A call came from the other side of the hallway. Yuu immediately heard another voice inside the drawing room yelp.

"Um, Hisashi…is there someone in there with you?"

"No," The second voice answered. "There's nobody."

"Misaki! Come out, come out my little sugar bowl! It's time to go."

Yuu looked down the hall and (to his horror) saw human Akihiko sauntering down the hall with nothing on but swim trunks, a snorkel, and a rubber ducky floaty ring around his waist.

"Misaki!" He called irritably. "Stop this nonsense. We're the stars of the next parody and we have to get over to the ocean set! Though we're still waiting on Hiroki and Nowaki. Apparently Hiroki doesn't want to leave until he finds proper bookend replacements with good employment records. Now come out."

Yuu sighed in exasperation as he heard the door lock shut and he immediately knew that there would be no snuggles that afternoon as long as Misaki was hell bent on hiding from this guy. Oh well, maybe their Master was having better luck in the library with the princess.

"Will you wait a goddamn minute? I'm not done with this page." Takano growled.

"Well hurry up, slow poke." Ritsu retorted, squirming in his bean bag as Takano squeezed his shoulder. The two were reading together in the library, which thanks to Takano, was proving difficult. Truthfully, Ritsu wasn't done with the page. In fact, he hadn't read the last fifteen because all he could concentrate on was Takano's hand roving around his torso. What's more, Ritsu knew he was doing it on purpose. Yesterday the brunet had made an offhand in-the-heat-of-the-moment comment that they never did enough reading together and now he was paying the price, as Takano seemed very keen on making this "intimate" reading time. And it was all Ritsu could do not to squeak as Takano's hand slipped down to his waist.

"W—Would you stop that?!" Ritsu snapped trying to struggling away. "I can't concentrate."

"Stop what?" Takano smirked. "Touching you? Now why would that bother you so? I thought you loved reading."

"I d—do! But you're—you're such an ass!" Ritsu yelped. He tried to stand but Takano's hold on his waist would let him, and he found himself quickly pined on the floor underneath the bigger man. Takano smiled down at his prince and captured his lips in a tender kiss, his hands traveling to places that made Ritsu moan. No matter how many books he had in this castle, Ritsu's expressions would always be his favorite thing to read, and the former beast was eternally grateful to Ritsu for sharing his love…even if half the time it was in yelling form.

"G—Get off Takano," Ritsu gasped as the dark haired man bit his neck.

"As you wish," Takano grinned, quickly reaching down to undo Ritsu's belt buckle.

"GAH! That is not what I meant!" Ritsu yelled, banging his fists against Takano's chest. One thing he knew for certain, even if Takano was free of his anger and his curse…there was still plenty of a hungry beast inside him.

And despite everything, Ritsu loved Takano….when he was in the right mood.

The End.

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