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Bonnie looked away. Slowly, he smoothed a thumb over her slightly parted lips. She looked back in his eyes and he pressed his lips on hers. The feeling of his tongue swirled and rolled in her mouth was amazing. She enjoyed every second.

Bonnie woke up the next morning next to Damon. They didn't have sex. She made it clear she didn't want that yet. And he agreed. When she was ready. But still. He had kissed her yesterday. She knew she had some feelings for him, but she had no idea she would kiss him. What the hell would Caroline and Elena say if they found out she kissed with Damon? And stayed with him in his bed? They would think she had gone crazy. But that's what she thinks about herself, too. The only girl in Mystic Falls who hated Damon, had kissed him and spent the night with him. She sat up straight and blinked her eyes. Her phone started ringing. She groaned and picked up the phone.

''Bonnie Bennett.'' She answered.

''Bonnie, where are you? Why didn't you came home last night?'' Caroline was really scared. ''Why didn't you call me?''

Bonnie stood up and walked to the bathroom. ''I'm so sorry Care. I was at Stefan's and I fell asleep on the couch.''

''The Salvatore Boarding House? Are you with Damon?'' A beat. ''After what he did to your mom?''

''Care, I know what he did. I just need some distraction.'' She looked in the mirror. Ugh, she looked terrible.

''Distraction? With Damon?''

''Yes, with Damon.'' She said. ''Care, I'll come home before lunch and we talk.''

''Yeah, we definitely need to talk.''

''Bye Care.''



''Please, watch out.''

''I will.'' She smiled soft. ''Bye.''

''Bye.'' Caroline hung up the phone. Bonnie sighed and tried to fix her hair. She heard Damon wake up.

''Bonnie?'' Damon asked.

''In the bathroom.''

''What are you doing there?''

''Fixing my hair. It's terrible.'' She looked at herself and walked back to the bedroom. Damon was still laying on the bed and looked at her. He watched her as she grabbed her bag from the ground and her red coat.

''Where are you going?'' he asked when she almost left the room.
''Caroline's house. She's freaking out.''

''Don't you want some breakfast?'' He asked.

She was actually a bit hungry. ''I'll get something at Caroline's.'' she said quickly. She needed to leave.

''Okay. I'll see you later.''

''Yeah, see you later.''

She walked downstairs and opened the door. She stood eye-in-eye with Elena Gilbert. Elena, her best friend.

''Bonnie? What the hell are you doing here?'' Elena asked.

''Oh, Damon borrowed something that was mine.'' She lied. ''I was here to pick it up.''

Elena nodded. ''Where is he?''

''Upstairs, in his room. He's probably not dressed yet.''

''Okay.'' Bonnie tried to pass Elena.

''I hope we can talk later, Bonnie.''

''I just… just need some time Elena. Caroline will call you if I wanna see you.''

Elena nodded, a bit sad. Bonnie walked away.

Caroline opened the door of her house the minute Bonnie walked towards her house.

''O my god Bonnie. Are you okay?''

''Yes Care.'' Caroline hugged her. ''Can I maybe have some breakfast first? I'm starving.''

''Of course.'' They walked inside.

Bonnie walked inside the kitchen and made herself two sandwiches. She sat down next to Caroline and Caroline stared at her.

''Why are you staring at me?''

''Are you gone crazy? You spent the night in Damon's house.''

''I know where I spent my night.''

''But you told me you were out for a walk.''

''I was. I really was.'' She took a bite from her sandwich. ''He found me and brought me to his home. We talked and he gave me hot chocolate. I fell asleep on his bed.'' Bonnie knew she shouldn't tell anyone that they had kissed.

''You didn't sleep with him, did you?''

''No, of course not.'' Well, he slept by my side.

Caroline sighed. ''Don't scare me next time, promise?''

''I promise.''

Caroline hugged Bonnie.

''Has Abby already wake up?''

''No, not yet.'' Caroline looked at Bonnie. ''I think her body needs some time because she's a witch and all that.''

''Yeah, I think so.'' Bonnie looked at Caroline. ''I'm going to take a shower, put some clean clothes on and maybe we can do something fun.'' Caroline nodded. Bonnie stood up and walked upstairs to her room. She sat down on her bed. I kissed with Damon Salvatore. She shook her head and stood up. She walked to the bathroom and closed the door.