A few weeks later, they saw each other again on the popular TV panel show; QI. The lingering gazes throughout the show let each other know that they wanted each other, needed each other again. The conversation of foreskins and tossing Ewoks on Titan only increased the raving sexual tension, and once again Brian could smell the glorious mince pie aroma wafting over the desks. Instantly they knew what needed to be done.

After the show, Brian slipped out and went back to his apartment, with nothing but Stephen on his mind. He waited by the clock, tapping, pacing, growing ever impatient. No-one but Stephen could make him this restless.

A slow, but confident knock on the door immediately caught Brian's attention. He rushed to the door, and ripped it open, his lust taking over. There, he saw Stephen outside his door, and Stephen's face lit up like the Van Buren Supernova.

Stephen went to speak, but Brian simply smashed their faces together in the passionate kiss they had been long awaiting.

They tore through the apartment, their bodies intertwined in an unbreakable mass. Stephen started towards the bedroom, but Brian stopped him. He indicated towards the bathroom, and with a sly lick of his lips, he said softly,

"I've always wanted to try this."

Without waiting for agreement, Brian dragged Stephen into the bathroom. He ran his strong hands over Stephen's body, fingers grasping at the expensive fabric, tearing the clothes off his form.

They clutched at each other whilst tonguing passionately, lost in their own alternate universe, just like the billions that are formed every day with accordance to quantum theory. His tongue was exploring every possible route, like electron pathways.

"This floor," gasped Stephen, "It's too slippery, the water is reducing the friction on the floor like hydrogenated polyolefins in base lubricants."

Brian gazes up at him with lidded eyes, "I love it when you talk dirty to me."

Brian lovingly grasped Stephen by the hand turning on the tap with the other and ordering "get in!" "Only if you make me," Stephen said winking as he did so.

"This is going to be the second big bang," Brian whispered wantonly into Stephens ear.