They'd known and respected each other for years. Watching each other's shows, making sure they stayed up.

So when they finally met, their meeting sparked fireworks.

Their eyes met across the empty lecture theatre; it was just the two of them, a longing, desperate gaze, that burned their very souls like Proxima Centauri. Brian saw Stephen from across the room, glaring heatedly at him. The blood rushed to Brian's erectile tissues, he licked his lips and his eyes fluttered for a moment, imagining them coming together like andromida and the milkyway except sooner then serveral billion years.

Stephen walked over to where Brian was standing on his own by the desk. The tension sparked between them like the electrostatic force. Stephen licked his lips.

"Did you know that Blue Whales have a sixteen foot penis," Stephen said lustfully.

"Well, mine is vastly massive and astromically pleasurable," responded Brain, gazing into Stephen's eyes with ill disguised lust.

Stephen takes a step closer, they can smell each other. Brian smells like stardust and black holes, Stephen smells like mince pies, the aroma floating around the room.

"Your room or mine," murmurs Stephen, his pupils blown wide with lust.

Brian pondered for a second and, in a very dirty tone, he replied, "Right here, right now in this lecture theatre, on this desk."

"Yes," growls Stephen, his voice gravelly with the depth of his arousal. He pulls Brian close, pressing their bodies together, Brian gazes up at him, "I need you, like the asteroid belt needs Jupiter to remain drifting through our solar system."

Something sparked between them an emotion so intense, like antimatter and matter colliding, it was unbearable, and utterly explosive.

The tension shattered and then suddenly, they were kissing. Brian pushed Stephen onto the desk as he lovingly carresed his sides. Stephen was pliant against the desk, gripping the edges with his hands, breathing heavily. Brian pushed himself onto the desk, wrapping his legs around him, straddling him firmly beneath him.

Brian could feel Stephen's erection against him.

"Let's get that asteroid belt off, hmm?" Brian whispered into Stephen's ear as he winked slyly at Stephen. Stephen whipped off his belt; there was a snap of leather as it whipped Brian on the inside of his thigh. Brian then slowly pulled down Stephen's dark grey tight jeans. He slowly dragged his fingers down the length of Stephen's member. Stephen inhaled deeply and Brain gets ready to take him on the ride of his life.

He grabbed Stephen roughly by the hair, turned him around, and growled, "You're going to feel this for eons."

… And Brian exploded like a volcano that had been dormant for millions of years.