Once Upon A Time,

In the great Kingdom of Rhenia, There lived a man.

His name was William.

The people of Rhenia all saw William in a different way. The women and girls saw him as a handsome face, the mothers saw his willingness to give his knowledge and help, the fathers saw the good example he was for their sons, the men and little boys saw his strength and bravery and they copied his every move.

He was a doctor and a friend to all of Rhenia, he did house calls, he helped anyone who needed it, he was an accomplished swordsman, and he has even fought in a few of the wars against the Eldemarians, Eldemari was the neighboring kingdom to the East who wanted the wealth of Rhenia.

He was humble, and yet at the same time he walked with authority and gracefulness.

The women doted on him and I'm sure he could have had all of them if he wanted, yet he never showed any attraction for them, only respect and kindness.

He's the kind of man that children love, and that loves children.

He's the kind of man that every girl in the world dreams of at some point in her life.

One day he was doing his rounds on his horse when he saw a girl with curly blond hair sitting under a tree. As he got closer he realized that she had tears streaming down her face, and her right leg was bent at an odd angle.

He jumped down from his horse, running over to the girl he called to her, "Where does it hurt?" he went down to one knee next to her, and started examining her leg.

When she didn't say anything he looked up to her face.

That was the best mistake of his life.

She was the most beautiful person he had ever seen; she had blue eyes, and a soft face. "You're the first person to stop and help me." She said in a clear and beautiful voice.

"No one else saw you? You were in plain sight of the road." he asked her.

"No plenty of people definitely saw me, but they also saw my clothes. I'm an Eldemarian, as you can plainly see." She said as she looked away from him.

He was shocked, not because she was one of them but because the people of Rhenia didn't stop to help this poor girl. They were always so nice to him. "I'm so sorry! What happened to your leg?" He was ashamed of his people.

"You're not going to leave now that you know who I am?" she asked, bewildered.

"No, that is not my way of doing things. These people are not my people when they treat another human being the way they have treated you. Now what happened to that leg?" He asked again.

"I broke it." She said, stating the obvious.

"I know that much, but how did you break it?"

*sigh* "A drunken man was chasing me yesterday morning, my foot got stuck in a root and my body landed facing the opposite way of my foot, thus breaking my leg." She winced as she remembered it.

His mouth fell open. "You sat here all night? It was freezing out here!"

"Yeah, I didn't really have a choice. But thank God you came along." She said happily.

He liked her smile, it made him smile. He stooped down and picked her up, taking care to be gentle on her leg.

"What are you doing?"

"How else are you going to get on my horse?" He said with a laugh.

When they finally got situated in the saddle she said to him, "My name is Jessica… you can call me Jess."

"My name is William, you can call me Will. It's a pleasure to meet you, Jess." He said as he smiled back at her.

He took her to his aunt's house, hoping that his aunt had room for a guest. She did and she was happy to have someone to take care of.

The weeks passed and William visited his aunts at least once every week, on the excuse that he was helping Jessica get her leg better. Which was a lie, he was only visiting Jess because he had fallen in love with her when he had looked into her eyes that first time.

Jessica was falling in love too and it was beautiful.

More weeks passed and William then asked Jessica to marry him, and of course she said yes, they got married,

And They Lived Happily-

"Wait! That's not all!" I cried.

"Brie, sweetheart you know the rest. In fact you are in the rest of the story." My mother said gently.

"But this is the best part! You can't just end it!" I said.

"Okay." Mother said with a sigh. "They had a beautiful little girl, and a handsome little boy. They all lived in a cute little cottage and the world was perfect."

"I'm going to grow up to be a doctor like father!" I said excitedly

"Yes, just like father." She said with a loving smile.

"I'm home! Jessica, Brietta, Wesley?" I heard my father's voice come from the front door.

"Daddy!" I squealed.

Later when we had eaten and were in the sitting room father was reading a book, mother was sewing a dress I had ripped, and I was practicing my crocheting.

When father looked up from his book.

"Brie, Mommy and I have a surprise for you!" He said as he looked to mother with a smile.

"I have another baby in my belly! You're going to be a big sister, again!" Mother said smiling prettily.

My eyes widened and I clapped my hands together. I threw my arms around first my mother's neck then my father's. Then I ran to find Wesley my two year old brother so I could tell him about mother.

"She is so happy these days; I hope nothing ever ruins that." My mother was thinking as I ran out.

fourteen years later…

"I don't know what to do." I whispered through my tears. I'm sitting by my Fathers deathbed and I feel helpless. I shouldn't have let him work so hard, he would be fine right now if he had just gotten more rest.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I lifted my head to look at Wesley.

"The kids want to say goodnight to father. You should wash your face before they come in, or they'll never get to sleep because of worry for him." He said gently.

"Thank you, Wess." I said as I went to the wash basin.

I turned from the mirror, "Go ahead and bring them in, I'm ready." I said as I steadied myself so that I wouldn't cry while my brothers and sister were in the room. I have to be stronger than this, for them.

In came Nathaniel, then Jacob, and finally Alyssa. I watched them each place a kiss on their father's cheek; it was a heart stabbing sight.

Nathaniel is fifteen he looks like mother, with the curly blond hair but he has fathers brown eyes. He knows we are loosing father and it is hurting him terribly, maybe even worse than the rest of us.

Jacob is ten years old; he has brown straight hair and brown eyes, just like father. He seems to be hurting right now but I just think he doesn't know how to express it.

Alyssa is five, she looks exactly like mother in every way, Mother died giving birth to her. The amazing thing is, mother got to hold her baby in her arms for ten minutes before she died.

I don't think Alyssa understands what's going on right now, and I'm glad that she does not because I wouldn't be able to stand it if she did.

They all gave me a hug and a kiss before they left for bed. But when it was Alyssa's turn as she was pulling away, she looked up into my eyes with her huge blue ones, and asked me a simple question. It may have been simple and innocent but it broke my heart in two. "Is daddy okay?"

What am I supposed to say to that? I looked up to Wess, hoping he knew but he didn't, he was staring down at our little sister, with tears in his eyes. I hadn't seen him cry through this whole thing he had been so strong, but those tears reminded me how real all of this was. I turned away from Wess. I was not going to cry, I had to answer this question. "Sweetheart, father is just… very, very tired right now."

Lyssa beamed at that. "I'm tired too!" She said as she bounced into Wesley's arms.

Wesley carried Alyssa and Jacob and Nathaniel followed.

I sat down beside father's bed again. "This is so terrifying. Father, please get better, we need you here."

I said, still holding the tears back. I fell asleep there, and I didn't wake, even when Wess carried me to my bed.

Five days later Father passed away. It was a sad time for my family, but I knew I had to be strong. I hadn't cried ever since that night Lyssa asked about father. I had decided that I would not cry, I was doing it because I was the new support of the family now. And supports aren't supposed to be weak.