Brietta's POV

I woke with a start. I had just been having a nightmare. I couldn't remember what it was about, but what I did remember was horrifying. I wondered if it was because I was still in shock from the accident that afternoon.

I looked over at Anna, she had been moved to my room to avoid disturbing the other girls with her cough that sometimes kept her up. She slept soundly on a cot on the other side of the room.

I silently pushed my covers off, and tiptoed out the door and down the stairs. When I reached the kitchen, I struck a match to light the candle on the table. But when the light flooded the room, I almost screamed at the sight of a man sitting right in front of me at the table. My sleep clouded mind took a second to register that it was Jeremy, and when it did I had to laugh.

He smiled with me, "Sorry I scared you. I'll have to remember where that candle is next time."

"It's fine… Couldn't sleep?" I asked him.

He shook his head, "Nah, I had bad dreams every time I closed my eyes."

"Me too." I told him.

I studied him, he looked like he needed sleep just as bad as I did, maybe worse. "Stephen's taking that poison pretty well. If his condition was going to get more serious he would have a high fever by now. But his strong little body has reduced it to just an itch." I said, trying to calm his nerves. "I'm going over to the North side to get the doctor in the morning. He'll bring the medication for him, and Stephen will be well enough."

He yawned, "It's not just him that I'm worried about." He said. He seemed distracted as he spoke and I suspected that he would rather be in bed than talking to me.

"Can I help?" I offered.

"I think I should tell you a few things first.… I'm taking the children to an orphanage in Elenaar."

"They're orphans?" I asked sadly.

"Yes. They were all abandoned. Twice. The owners of the orphanage they were staying at recently ran off with all the donation money they had gotten. My commander left me in charge of them. I found the orphanage in Elenaar, and decided that I would take them there. We had been traveling for almost a month, that's when we found you." Jeremy explained softly.

"Wait, so you're a soldier?" I asked, shocked.

"Yes. I normally don't do these kinds of jobs, but I have a soft spot for orphans… You see, I was left at a shelter when I was ten. And I still, to this day, remember my parents telling me they would be back for me. They lied." He swallowed, and looked like he couldn't go on.

"I'm an orphan too. In a sense. But I was never alone as you are. I always had Wess, Nathaniel, Jacob, and Lyssy. I don't know how I would have bourn being without them." I said softly.

He smiled, but there was something that stopped the smile from reaching his eyes. "What's the matter?"

He stared thoughtfully off into space, "If I told you what's bothering me, then you could be unhappy, and you may feel obligated, or guilty. If I don't tell you then I will most definitely be very miserable for the rest of my life, but you would be living in content ignorance."

I understood none of what he said, but I nodded my head anyway.

"I think I may need to sleep on it. It's never smart to ramble when you are drunk on sleep deprivation." Then he stood and began making his slow journey to the bedroom upstairs. But when he was walking past me, he suddenly stooped, and wrapped his arms around me. Then he whispered, "Thank-you, for helping us. You are a really wonderful woman. If I ever have a wife, I want her to be exactly like you."

Then he was gone, leaving poor little old me standing there, speechless.

In the minutes after he left, I came to one conclusion. Jeremy was suddenly a very possible choice. Meaning, Jeremy just got so much more attractive, it wasn't just because of his looks anymore. He had somehow changed the direction my heart was sprinting. Damian was still a big dream of mine, but I had suddenly saw that even if Damian didn't love me, I could still live happily. And If Jeremy left, I still had the possibility of Damian.

It all felt wrong. No one is allowed to fall in love with two people… are they? "I don't deserve even half the attention I would get from one of the two, let alone all that I'm getting now." I whispered into the flickering flames on the candlestick. "Love at first sight isn't supposed to happen twice to one person."

My mind slowly began taking me through all the moments I had spent in the presence of both men.

Prince Damian's eyes were the first thing that had attracted me. They were much like Jeremy's, but they were blacker, more… hypnotizing.

Jeremy's eyes looked like millions of shards of glass were pieced together, and the colors of the shards ranged from a brown so light that it looked orange, to a dark, dark brown.

When speaking to Damian, I always wanted to just curl up in his lap and listen to his warm voice. After we finish a conversation I can't remember what we had talked about, I just know that I enjoyed it.

When talking with Jeremy, I felt like I could laugh… Dance… Sing... I could let my crazy side out when around him, yet at the same time I could be serious.

When by myself I would giggle like a little girl about Jeremy, whereas I would sigh happily about Damian.

Jeremy was a whole different planet of mysteriousness, I knew nothing about him, and that may have attracted me more, made me more excited. Damian, on the other hand was safe, I knew exactly who he was, everyone in the kingdom had followed his every move since before he was born.

Ever since my father passed away I had promised myself that I would never fall in love with anyone. I had to many responsibilities for that. And yet I still fell into this scheme that cupid had thought would be cute.



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