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It was an ordinary morning at NCIS. Gibbs had gone to get coffee, McGee was down in Abby's lab and Ziva was teasing Tony.

Ziva and Tony were in the bullpen. Tony was at on his chair while Ziva was stood behind him.

"Who you stop invading my personal space?" Tony asked, laughing at Ziva's antics. He didn't mind her being so close to him but just loved the banter!

"Nope." Ziva said, trying to get a look at the piece of paper in his hands.

She went to grab it but it was a half-hearted attempt and Tony easily pulled it out of her reach.

"Hey, no fair!" Ziva said pouting, "I just want to see what is on the paper."

"Well you never going to see," Tony told her with a grin.

Then an idea come to Ziva, "If I do some how get to see it will you explain it?" Ziva asked, knowing Tony couldn't resist a bet.

Tony decided she would never go to see the piece of paper, if her earlier attempt was anything to go by, so he agreed, "Okay," He said and then they shook hands.

As soon as Tony's hand let go of Ziva's her hand shot out and she grabbed the paper. Her actions were so fast that Tony had no time to react and in seconds Ziva was holding the paper in triumph.

"No fair! How come you didn't get it the first time?" Tony asked, acting hurt.

"I was pretending that I couldn't get it, so I could find out what it is!" Ziva told him.

"Sneaky, nosy, ugh!" Tony said, slightly annoyed but Ziva could never annoy him too much.

"So what do we have hear?" Ziva asked herself, looking at the paper and then she read aloud, "'Tony's Bucket List'... wait what is a bucket list?"

Ziva's face was full of confusion, making Tony laugh, "Why should I tell you?"

"Because it was a bet so you have to tell me all I ask," Ziva told him, happy she had made the bet.

Tony's laugh disappeared. He gave in and explained to Ziva, "A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you die."

Ziva looked at the list, scanning it, not really taking in everything. Only the first few things. "Okay, you have to explain to me how you plan to do all this stuff. Or for some of the things, you should actually do them. Then you can cross them off!"

Tony looked a bit worried "But some of them things are embarrassing or just impossible," Tony moaned and then in his head added on, 'Or just too personal!'.

"Anthony DiNozzo, a bet is a bet, right?" Ziva asked and Tony nodded, "Therefore you have to!"

"Okay," Tony finally gave in, knowing in an argument against Ziva she would win every time.

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