Hello writers and readers of the world, my name is Arcanel, Arc for short, and I'm here to deliver this fic. Now this is my first fic so please don't be TOO hard on me. I will say however to DROWN ME in ideas, constructive critiques, and grammar corrections (This means, let out your inner GRAMMAR NAZI MODE!). Also, the cover image tells you SOME of the ponies that will participate and where they will land. But they are not all of them. Anyways, without further ado here goes "Pony Terrestrial"!

Also here's the deal. Normal writing is the common talk. Italics are thoughts, and (the things in bold at the brackets) are stuff I put to break the mood, to let a shout out, or to just clarify something I deem needs it.

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Arc one: Part one: The start of normal life's disruptions

Chapter 1: Introductions

"Ahhhhhh, nothing like waking at 9:00AM." I said.

It was quite the normal Sunday morning and with the free time that I got, it meant only one thing: multiple entertainment choice after breakfast.

"Now, what the hell do I do?"

When I filled myself up, it only meant doing 3 things in days like this: Watch the new episode from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, continue playing Gran Turismo 5, or replay with a guide Tales of the Abyss. Having both Playstations 2 and 3 was VERY useful, heh heh.

"Well … better start playing GT5; I still have a LOT to do there." I decided, knowing the game was something close to "FAR long" to quickly finish. But then, there was a sudden spark

"Wait…what was that?"

I WAS going to play but when I was going through the hallway to my parents room where my PS3 is, I know, weird, but they have HD, but sudden sparks get get ALL of your attention, wherever you are...but then again-


And then, right in front of me, ponies appeared in my hallway. Pasteled, technicolor ponies to be precise...TELL ME THIS IS WHAT I THINK IT IS!

"In the name of everything that's holy, pure, right, lawful, fair and sane…what the heck just happened!?" I managed to scream.

After hearing some groans, the first one up was one of the rulers of Equestria, Princess Celestia.

"Augh...where are we?" she said.

'OH DEAR LORD OF ALL THAT'S TRUE IN MY EYES, IT IS WHAT I THINK IT IS! Okay...must...not...go...and...hug...Celestia...FUCK!' Ever had one of those "initiate OMG mode", but you knew you couldn't because it would be very weird for those around you? Well, this was one of those moments, and that…sucked.

After being in a state of jaw dropped shock, I managed to say something.

"Y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-y-you a-a-a-a-a-a-a-are…" Well, SOMETHING, no?

"Who are you? Or rather…what are you?" Celestia said.

Swallowing my nervousness I tried to say something a bit more coherent. This time, it worked.

"I-I-I'm a human, my name is Arcanel, and you are in planet Earth."

"What?" She said.

"I beg your pardon, Princess, but I believe you and the other ponies have travelled through worlds." I told her. Immediately I cursed myself for acknowledging her. Next time, I think through what I say...although I never do that...dammit. This was going to be awkward…

"Wait, how do you know I'm a princess, and…what do you mean?" Celestia said, looking very confused.

"(Sigh), please let's wait for everyone else to wake up and I'll explain." I begged her.

She seemed uncertain, probably still getting the fact that an alien is in front of her, but eventually, she said.

"Very well."

Phew, at least that can wait. I think it has to do with the fact that I was non-aggressive throughout the whole ordeal. Niceeee. Now, for the rest to wake up…

Eventually, everybody, or should I say everypony, woke up. There was Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie, Rarity, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Spike, and Princess Luna.

'Coherent thougths...disappearing...must...resist...hugging...fanboy...IMPULSE' Again, I would be lying if I said I didn't want to go and hug each one of them, especially Fluttershy and Rarity, but that is another thing. I think I could hear what everybody said, even though Twilight didn't say anything. She seemed to be studying my living room and not having noticed me.


"That was hyper, super, duper awesome! Do it again!"

"Twilight dear, you MUST warn us next time that is going to happen."

"Would you GET OFF MY WINGS?!"

"Twilight, where in tarnation are we?

"Ouch…I am NEVER going somewhere NEW and INTERESTING with you again Twilight."

"Where did we end up?"

Upon seeing me however, they all stopped.

"…Hi…" I said in meek voice.

And so ensued the corresponding…

"Who are you?...WHAT are you?"

"Please everyone just wait a little second and I'll explain, but I also have a question, why are you here?" I asked, curious as of to why are they here, because I think I have an idea in how they got here. Or not. This is enough for my head already...

"Why should we tell you?" Rainbow said in her characteristic fighting spirit, though she seemed a bit confused herself…I wonder why…

"Well, I don't know, because supposedly you shouldn't exist, and two, you are in my house." I said matter-of-factly. I know I could have been less direct, especially with who was here, but hey, this is my house and as much as I adore Rainbow Dash, I needed to defend myself. Plus, I was really curious.

"Oh…wait, what?" she said, a bit startled by my comment.

"Oh…dear." I said, facepalming for being so careless. (And stupid of course XD)

"I think we can trust him, but I'll only tell some details, is that okay with all of you?" Twilight said, trying to be reasonable. She had apparently studied the whole situation and had decided to intervene. Good. She trusts me enough to explain something, a trust I may have gained again by lack of aggressiveness towards them.

Each one of us nodded. However, I think everyone was also curious by what Twilight was going to say, though Fluttershy was trying to hide herself behind one of her friends. 'Awwwww the poor thing, this is too much for her. I want to hug he- NO! Bad Arcanel, bad! Pull yourself together man! If you show your brony side they will be scared AND confused. They will NOT react too well to that so, keep it together. BUT…IT IS…HARD…MUST…NOT…PASS OUT…FROM…CUTENESS…OVERLOAD!'

"We were going somewhere, but apparently we ended up somewhere else." Twilight explained in a somewhat vague way.

Well that wasn't much, though I can't blame her for that. However, since it was her who explained, and looking at her friends' shock, and the princesses' and Spike's confusion, I think the idea I had was right.

"Excuse me if this sounds weird, but let me guess, teleportation went wrong." I said trying to hide my smug smile.

Immediately everyone turned to look at me with a "What?" look.

"How did you know!?" she shouted, completely flabbergasted. Everybody else looked the same way


"Let me explain." I started, knowing what would happen next. "You apparently ended up in our world, called planet Earth, which has a lot of different life like your world; however in our world …you're supposed to be non-existing." I finished. Brace yourself Arc. Brace yourself.

If looks of "Are you kidding me!?" could pay, I would be rich.

"Excuse me mister Arcanel, but what you are saying is impossible." Celestia calmly said.

"Yeah! We are right here, you doofus!" Rainbow shouted.

"I know," 'And you have no idea how happy I am for that to be false, HELL YES!' "But… (sigh) before I say anything, do you need anything by any chance?" I asked politely. After all, I will not let something like this throw away my manners. 'Otherwise, there goes a part of the non-aggressiveness thingy'

"Yah! We need tah go ho-" was what Applejack was saying, until Rarity put a hoof to her mouth.

"Why Applejack, sweety, don't be rude. I know he may be an alien, but it at least knows its manners and has been very polite throughout this…ordeal" She said in her classy, educated voice that I love. I may have also impressed her…Awesome.

"We appear to be okay thank you very mu- what, are you wearing?" She asked, intrigued by my clothes.

And now I also have something that may intrigue her…again, awesome. It's all in the manners and looks, baby, all in the- wait a minute…

"How can something so well mannered wear something so…sporty?" She finished in a half disgusted voice.

And I spoke too soon…damn. I just had to take my white Gap t-shirt, and my Adidas turquoise sports short. 'Why oh WHY do I like this so much?...Oh yeah, because today we have 30ºC and they are very comfortable…why oh WHY Rarity likes everything classy and elegant and hates the simple sporty clothes?' I knew that was a reason why I wouldn't date her should it be possible, but also a thing I admired. Oh well, almost there.

"Excuse me, but that would be someone, thank you Rarity, and to answer you Applejack, ask that to Twilight, not me." I said in a half disgusted, half smug voice. After all I am a he, and I'm not an it and a thing. Although they don't know that, but it still hurts. Plus, I didn't want Applejack on my back. She could be more persuading than the rest in getting answers, along with Rainbow. I'd like to keep myself with no BRUISES in my body, thank you.

Rarity then apologized, and Applejack threw me a "Whatever" look, like Rainbow Dash. Then, they were also startled by the fact that I recognized them by name, but I spoke before they could say anything.

"Now as I was saying, in my world we think you are fantasy, but suppose you heard of us or watched us but never have seen us, what says you wouldn't think we are non-existent?" I explained.

At this, Twilight went to say something, but closed her mouth and said nothing.

"For now, all I can say is…welcome to Buenos Aires, Argentina, everypony! And I hope you enjoy your stay here in planet Earth!"