Chapter 10: Wow!

Stupid Father making me all angry! Hate him with all my life! I walked through the very wide and long corridor. I looked around and saw amazing paintings of my ancestor's. One of the paintings stood out to me. The painting was in gold frames. The woman in the painting had striking ocean blue eyes, her short, wavy brown hair were hanging loose on her shoulder. Her cheeks were flushed and her smiled shined showing happiness that I never felt.

From the distance I heard some female voices. I looked to my right and saw nothing but the long corridor. The voices got louder but I saw no one. I looked to my left but I didn't see anyone. What the hell! I need to go and sleep! I continued to walk to my left, looking around staring at the beautiful paintings, antiques and statues. I didn't even notice when a bunch of girls/women were walking my way.

I smiled politely at them when one of them spoke. She had grey and cold eyes, blond short and hair.

'You must be new here.'

'Yes, I am Alex. I just arrived and you are?' I asked


'Nice to meet you-'I was cut off by Clare. 'No, it's not nice to meet you. You're the trash that came into Noah's life! Just mark my words I am going to make your life a living hell.' She evilly smiled at me. At first I was shocked but then I burst out laughing. I mean it was so funny!

'Listen to me Clare,' now all my laughter gone. 'My life is already a living hell you will not make it worse or change anything. All you need to know is for you to stay out of my way unless you want me to make your life a living hell.' her mouth opened then closed for a couple of time's making her look like a fish.

She glared at me. You know if her looks could kill I would be already in pieces. I smirked and walked away from her before she could actually kill me. I heard her calling me names behind me while stopping on the place. She looked like a child. I couldn't hold my laughter anymore, I laughed so hard. She got angrier and I laughed more.

I stopped laughing after a while. I looked around more. I was at the end of the corridor and there were to turns to take left or right. My chamber was on the right but I felt like exploring the castle a little more so I decided to turn left. I was looking around when I bumped into something hard and breathing. I fell on the ground on my butt. I looked up and saw a tall man with blond shaggy hair and brown eyes. He was about six foot one by my estimate and he looked like he had well defined muscles.

'Are you done checking me out?' the mystery man asked. I blushed and avoided his gaze. After I composed myself I glared at him. 'At least what you can do is give me a hand and help me up you jerk.' I hissed. He smirked at me and gave me his hands. I ignored the jerk and got up myself. I brushed the dust from my bum while he watched me.

'Well aren't you an eye-candy.' He said while smirking at me. I made a disgusted face and rolled my eyes.

'If you are trying to flirt with me it's not working. I am not interested now if you'll excuse me.' I turned right back around and started to walk to my chamber because the jerk made me lose all my interest in the let's-explore-the-castle time. I stepped like two feet from him when he grabbed my upper arm and pushed me to the wall hard.

'Do you know who you are talking to?' He asked.

'Well do you know who you are talking to?' I asked him.

'No.' he looked at me confused

'Well then we are even. Now release my hand before I call my father.'

'And who's your father? Some poor guard?' He laughed. I smirked at him. 'My father is the king. Will you release me now?' His eyes widened and reluctantly he loosened his grip around my arm. Before he could get over the shock I quickly pushed him away from me. He stumbled and fell.

'I'll get you for this!' he shouted after me. I ran quickly to my chamber and without any worry I laughed once I was in my room.