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Pairing: Ririchiyo/Soushi

Rating: T

Word Count: 388

Ririchiyo stared at her cell-phone blankly. Soushi had been distant and she could not help but wonder what to make of it. A part of her blamed herself, another blamed the abrupt appearance of her narcissistic fiancé.

Well, you certainly didn't think he was when you were younger, a little voice at the back of her head nagged.

Ririchiyo let out a small, faint growl and sat back in her chair. She closed her dark violet eyes and forced herself to breathe. One hand rested over her heart. Arrhythmia?

It was always like this.

Ever since Soushi weaseled his little fox-self into her life, he did nothing but answer to her beck and call, occasionally scolding her for not being more careful. And now -

This is getting me nowhere, she thought before sitting up, closing her math book and stood up. She needed to talk to someone. Well, she needed to leave her room and take a walk. She was used to being alone.


The word itself was cold and empty.

Ririchiyo slowly, steadily pulled the door open, only stare directly at someone's chest. She inclined her head up towards ayakashi in front of her, taken aback- by his sudden appearance in front of her room. His half-gloved hand was raised to knock on the door. Without missing a beat, the blond gave a small smile. His amber and aquamarine gaze gentled and the awkwardness from the day before was gone.

"Lady Ririchiyo, it's dinner time."

And as usual, he continued to keep tabs on her. Ririchiyo's heart fluttered slightly and she swallowed before she tilted her face up with her nose slightly in in the air. She flicked her hair over her shoulder and let out a small, silent, puff of air from her nose.

"I will be down momentarily then." She replied, in her usual arrogant tone. Inwardly, she started berating herself. Damn it, that mouth of hers would only lead her to trouble in the end.

Shoushi, however, continued giving her that gentle smile. Iwht one hand across his chest, he gave a slight bow and murmured,

"As you wish."

Ririchiyo stepped back into her room, slammed the door shut and leaned against the door with the back of her head tilted up.

Irregular heartbeat.


Something had to be wrong with her.