Consequences of Thoughtless Wishing

Dark Lady Devinity

A/n: This is based off of Pika la Cynique's Girls Next Door series with some details thrown in from AsheRhyder's Roommates series. In particular, this is from the arc (pages 87 to 99) where Erik kidnaps Sarah in the hopes that he can get Christine to break up with Raoul permanently. Christine wishes Raoul away to the goblins (accidently because he was freaking out over finding out Erik was still in Christine's life) and then she and Jareth go off and "rescue" Sarah. Jareth then returns Raoul after the whole thing has been dealt with.

However, what would happen if Jareth couldn't just return Raoul? "What's said is said" and all that. One would think wishes were a binding contract. So this is my take on what would happen if the consequences of the movie were always the consequences of that particular wish.

First bit of dialogue is taken directly from the comic.


Christine stood in her apartment, frustrated at the situation she had found herself in. Erik was holding Sarah ransom on the rooftop and Christine herself had just wished Raoul away to the goblins. Could her day get any worse?

"And just what, pray, am I supposed to do with a spastic Frenchman in my Labyrinth?"

Yes, it could. Christine knew that Jareth was standing behind her in full Goblin King Regalia.

"Oh, sorry, Jareth. He found out about Erik being here, and he flipped out. Could you just keep him out of the way and out of trouble until I can sort this all out?" Christine asked. She figured she had better rescue Sarah before even contemplating Raoul.

"Oh, keep him I shall, my pretty. Your precious fiancé will become one of us, forever…"

Christine raised an eyebrow at the Goblin King. She wondered if he really thought he could intimidate her. Then he continued, saying "unless you trade your roommate against him."

Really? Unbelievable. Christine sighed. "Okay, you guys? Seriously have to stop that. I think you missed an episode, Jareth. It seems Sarah is this week's favourite currency of exchange…"

She handed the bemused monarch the ransom note. Jareth's face darkened and he started to glower. Indeed, he actually seemed quite dangerous and Christine wondered if she should be frightened or annoyed.

"I will kill him in thirteen hours' time." Jareth said between gritted teeth. "As for you, Miss Daae, you have certainly created quite the mess for me."

"Why thirteen hours? And why are you blaming me?" Christine asked.

"There are rules that I must obey as a creature of magic and of story." Jareth said darkly. "If someone wishes that the goblins come take another away then I have no choice but to remain in the Labyrinth and watch over the wished away party until it is time to turn them into a goblin. I came here to see if you were willing to run the Labyrinth. I am not allowed enough time to save Sarah."

"Excuse me?" Christine asked. "Can't you just forget about Raoul for now and give him back later? Anyway, I don't need your help in order to finally get some sense into Erik and save Sarah. I doubt he would really hurt her anyway."

"Erik is perfectly capable of hurting Sarah if he's in one of his moods. As for ignoring and returning your fiancé at a later date, it is not possible. You wished your fiancé away to the Goblin Castle beyond the Goblin City. As such, you must either run the Labyrinth in an attempt to save him or give him up to me completely. That is how the story goes and that is how it must be done." Jareth explained.

"WHAT? Then what was that crack about trading Sarah for Raoul?" Christine asked.

"Wishful thinking. Had you said yes I would have conjured some fulfilling daydream before informing you that such a trade was not actually possible. I can tempt you to give up on Raoul and make your greatest dream come true but that is all I can do."

That was certainly not what Christine was expecting. Still, it wasn't hard to figure out what action she should take. Sarah could handle herself just fine and it wasn't like Sarah hadn't been through worse. Also, unlike all those Erik had murdered, Sarah was his friend. That had to have some importance for him. But Raoul wouldn't know what to do with himself in the Labyrinth and she didn't want to marry a goblin. Raoul needed her more.

"What do I have to do to get Raoul back?" Christine asked. She should have paid more attention when Sarah showed her the movie but she had been completely distracted by Jareth's criminally tight pants. She wasn't even sure if she had seen the entire movie. Sarah usually only brought it out when she wanted to make a point about something.

"You have thirteen hours to run the labyrinth, if you so choose, in order to rescue him. If you fail or choose to leave him there he shall become one of us forever. You must make your way into the Goblin Castle itself. But I won't help you. I'm not allowed to. I am even required to hinder your efforts." Jareth said. "I suggest you give up on the boy and save Sarah instead. I doubt you'll succeed in saving him. Only Sarah has ever defeated the Labyrinth."

"I can't lose Raoul. I love him and I didn't mean to wish him away. It just slipped out." Christine said.

"What's said is said." Jareth said, an air of cruelty in his tone. He was becoming less and less her quirky neighbour and more and more the cold, calculating monarch he really was. "Perhaps you, like Sarah, need to learn what consequences occur when you make wishes."

And as the Goblin King said "wishes" the world Christine knew vanished into dead, twisted trees and bleak dawn light. A labyrinth stood bleakly before her and she could make out the city in the horizon.

"Turn back, Christine. Turn back before it's too late." Jareth said to her.

"I can't." Christine said. Didn't he understand that?

"Such a pity." And suddenly, the Goblin King was gone.

Christine blinked and then sighed. She should have worn sensible shoes.


There were people that Jareth trusted and cared for. James Norrington wasn't exactly sure what he had done to be one of those people but he appreciated it. It was, after all, Jareth that took him in when he was drinking heavily and Javert threw him out. James wasn't sure he wanted to know what Jareth would have done if Erik had said that James wasn't allowed to live with them. The Goblin King most certainly had been displeased with Javert for a while during that whole fiasco. Still, James had not thought that Jareth thought highly enough of him to trust him with the task of saving Sarah.

James had been reading in his apartment (for once not visiting Erik and Jareth) when a goblin appeared in his living room. That was extremely unusual as James couldn't remember there ever being any goblins in his living room. The entire apartment was too dull for that. Then the goblin started waving around a note that it claimed was from the "boss-boss." That was even more unusual than the goblin being in James' living room as any time Jareth wanted James for something the sovereign would simply glitter-port himself into James' apartment. The admiral took the note and quickly read it. Jareth had quickly explained what Christine had wished for and what she had to do about it. He also briefly mentioned Erik kidnapping Sarah and that he needed James to go and rescue Sarah if she needed it. The original ransom note was included.

Maybe Jareth just thought it was James' destiny to rescue other people's girlfriends? Whatever the reason, Jareth needed him to do this and maybe Sarah and Christine did as well. Erik too, for that matter. James doubted the opera ghost was thinking clearly at the moment. And, of course, it might also have been because girls are scary and that was especially true for Sarah. If she wasn't tied up then Erik might be the one that needed saving.

"Javert, I'm going out." James called out to his roommate, who was in the kitchen.

"Oh? Where to?" Javert asked.

"You're not going to believe what Erik has gotten into his head this time."


Erik had been anticipating a worried, upset soprano coming to meet him on the rooftop. He wouldn't have been surprised to receive a disappointed look and a lecture either. However, he had not been expecting James to come face him while Javert, Legolas, Crowley, Aziraphale and Mrs. Lovett filed onto the roof with him to watch the spectacle.

"What are you going here?" Erik asked. "Where's Christine?"

"She couldn't make it. She's in the Labyrinth." James explained.

"What? Did Jareth kidnap her as revenge for my kidnapping Sarah?" Erik cried. 'How dare Jareth do something like that!' Erik thought, forgetting that he had done much the same thing.

"No. She accidently wished the Viscount away to the goblins and now she has to solve the Labyrinth before he's turned into a goblin forever." James said. "Jareth asked me to handle the situation you created here."

The phantom didn't know if he should be happy that Christine wished away her fiancé or upset that she would rather rescue him than confront Erik. However, Sarah stole everyone's attention when she sent her forehead colliding into the pole she was tied to.

"This is turning into such a bad night." Sarah groaned.


Christine looked up at the un-scalable walls outside the Labyrinth as she tried to find the entrance to the Labyrinth.

"This is turning into such a bad night." She groaned.