Consequences of Thoughtless Wishing

Dark Lady Devinity

A/n: I just wanted to point out that there won't be any Jareth/Sarah or Erik/Christine pairings in this although the one-sided canon feelings that exist in the comic will still be found here. I actually don't approve of the Erik/Christine pairing because dating your kidnapper seems more Stockholm Syndrome than anything resembling actual love and/or affection to me. And I feel for poor Raoul.

Just thought I'd point it out in case anyone was really hoping for some romance of that kind.


Five hours later found Christine and Erik hopelessly lost in dense forest. Erik's hand was wrapped in a bandage torn from the hem of Christine's dress. The opera ghost had punched a door knocker in the face when the knocker refused to put its ring back in its mouth after Christine talked to it. Christine paused, flashing back to that moment an hour ago. They had come across two doors with a door knocker each that were shaped like faces. One door knocker had its ring in its ears while the other had it in its mouth. And the knockers could talk: Christine would never get over the fact that things she never expected to talk back did so frequently in the Labyrinth. Christine thought that statement "never take anything for granted" was a severe understatement. Erik had taken the ring from the one that keep it in its mouth so they could talk to it. Christine wondered why they simply didn't use the other door when the first door protested against taking its ring back. The other door knocker had its ring in its ears so it couldn't answer any questions as it couldn't hear them but it would still have functioned as a door knocker. And Erik wouldn't have bruised his knuckles.

Christine sighed. "We really don't know what we're doing, do we?"

"I don't know why we haven't seen Jareth yet." Erik said frowning. "I'm certain Sarah had run into him by now in the movie. But she fell down an oubliette. I'm sure that those door knockers were in the movie but wasn't there a part before that?"

"When this is all over I'm going to memorize James and Javert's movies just in case we ever end up in their worlds in the future." Christine complained.

"Where's the Labyrinth anyway? I never understood why there weren't maze walls everywhere." Erik responded. "But you're right about memorizing movies. I regret not memorizing this one."

Christine hummed in acknowledgement as she scanned the area. There really wasn't anything resembling a maze in the forest. All that she could see was trees, moss and glitter.

"You really love him don't you?" Erik asked.

"Who?" Christine asked.

"The viscount." Erik elaborated. "This whole place is just too much to try to handle for someone you don't care about."

"Of course I love him. I'm going to marry him. Besides, no one deserves to be turned into a goblin." Christine replied, not meeting his eyes. She was about to add that she'd run the Labyrinth for Erik as well when she heard a strange sound. Christine quickly turned and saw that Erik had vanished.

"This disappearance act better be Jareth's fault or I'm going to be angry Erik!" Christine yelled.

When there was no response to her threat Christine felt worry settle into her stomach. She could almost predict what a sulking opera ghost would do now but she didn't know how Jareth thought when he was a monarch and not a quirky neighbour.

"If you are just sulking then I'm going to continue on to the castle." Christine yelled. "You can follow me. If you're not hiding away like a child then… well, I don't know what to think but I'm sure Jareth won't hurt you."

Regardless of who was behind Erik's sudden disappearance act Christine knew not to expect an answer. Her only option was to continue forward and pray she was going in the right direction. Eventually she came out into a clearing. Christine frowned when she saw the fire burning in the center of the clearing and a pile of animal pelts lying near it. She was about to quickly cut across the clearing when the pelts started shifting. Christine screamed when the shapes resolved themselves into a furry humanoid shape. Her screams altered the creature to her presence and more creatures dropped down from the trees. One of the creatures detached its own head. The head then proceeded to fly towards her.

"Looks like we got another girly! I wonder if her head is stuck on too!" the flying head said.

The other creatures started to chatter at each other and at Christine. Then they started in on a musical number. Christine screamed again- unlike Sarah, she couldn't just accept magical creatures as a fact of life- and slapped the flying head near her face so hard that it flew half away across the field. Then she took off running.

"Well I never! We have got to start teaching these freaky looking girls some manners!" yelled a voice from behind Christine. The soprano refused to look behind her in case the creatures were chasing her.

Christine quickly came to a rock wall that was blocking her path. The woman screamed and pounded her fists against the wall in fear and frustration.

"My dear, you'll tear up your beautiful hands if you keep doing that." A smooth English voice said.

Christine twirled around fast enough to give herself whiplash. "What were those things!?"

Jareth blinked. "The fireys? They're harmless."

"Their heads come off!" Christine cried.

"Yes and a slight bit more neatly than a Frenchman's head." Jareth said casually.

Christine's eyes widened at the reference. "Where is Erik?"

"Oh, you'll see soon enough." Jareth said, distractedly looking over her head.

Christine frowned. "What does that mea- AAH!" Suddenly the ground collapsed beneath her and Christine was sent careening down a dark tunnel. Just as quickly she was thrust out into bright light and foul air. When the smell hit her nose Christine instantly forgot that she was falling to what could potentially be her death. Then she landed on something soft albeit very boney.

When the mumbled French met her ears Christine instantly knew who she was sitting on. The soprano quickly stood up and helped Erik to his feet. Then both natives of France covered their mouths and noses in distaste.

"That is the worst thing I have ever smelled in my entire life. Rotting corpses in sewer water don't even stink this much." Erik groused.

"Where are we?" Christine questioned.

"You can't tell by the smell? We're in the Bog of Eternal Stench." Erik said.

"I think I'm going to be sick." Christine warned.

"Go ahead. The smell of vomit would be like roses after this." Erik replied. "I remember this part of the movie because it was so silly. Never again will I think terrible smells are silly. Anyway, I think we need to go in that direction. Do not touch the bog. The smell apparently is eternal if it gets on you."

Christine nodded even as her eyes watered and she couldn't see what direction Erik was indicating. They quickly ran across the stony bank of the bog and came upon the remains of a bridge. Luckily there were stones in the bog that led to the other end of the broken bridge. Erik briefly explained where the rocks had come from in the movie before he quickly hopped across them. Christine thanked her sensible shoes before she also hopped across the rocks. Erik waited for Christine to land beside him on the bank and then he grabbed her hand and pulled her along as he started running. The duo quickly burst free of the bog and crashed hard into James and Hoggle. Erik and Christine's momentum knocked everyone over.

"Where are the others?" Christine asked as she disentangled herself from the pile of bodies.

"Didymus and Ludo have gone on to the Goblin City. We lost Sarah and Javert." James said as he climbed to his feet and hauled Hoggle to his.

Erik dusted himself off. "Why were you coming this way? It's a forsaken place behind us."

"Sarah was betting on Jareth sending you to the Bog of Eternal Stench, Erik." James said. "It's convenient that you two managed to stay together."

"I'm just glad I don't have to step foot in the bog now." Hoggle said in honest relief.

"So where do we go now?" Christine asked.

"We need to hurry and get to the Goblin City. Jareth has to send us all home regardless of your success in solving the Labyrinth, Christine." James answered. "So we don't have to worry about Sarah and Javert."

"I know how to get to the Goblin City. And the sooner we solve the Labyrinth, the sooner I'm rid of you." Hoggle said.

"Someone isn't having a good day." James whispered to Erik and Christine.

"Well, he can get in line." Christine replied.


Jareth had barely managed to send Christine to the Bog of Eternal Stench before Raoul came crashing through the forest towards him. Jareth raised one unusually shaped eyebrow at the firey head that was aggressively gnawing on Raoul's left ankle.

"Having fun?" the monarch asked.

Raoul frowned. "I've decided that I am drunk and having the most severe of hallucinations."

"And how do you explain the head trying to eat your foot?" Jareth asked.

"Rabid raccoon." Raoul responded.

"Alright then. Are you ready to head back to my castle which is safe and free of rabid raccoons?" Jareth asked.

"Yes. Very much so." Raoul said. "And, if at all possible, I would like a room with a bed where I could sleep off my intoxication and I would like to never see a black chicken again."

"I agree with you there." Jareth said. He'd also like it if he never saw another black chicken again either. He was fond of the idea of Raoul sleeping off the rest of the thirteen hours as well. It would get the Frenchman out of his hair. Although, from what Jareth's spies had gathered, Raoul was actually pretty good at assassinating chickens.


What happened to Sarah and Javert will be in the next chapter.