AmtheLion: So this is a story I wrote a long time ago. Back in 2008, when I was playing the game Dreamfall - The longest journey for the very first time.

Hope you like it.

The land between worlds.

There exists a way to travel true worlds, from our world of science and technology, to a parallel world of fantasy and magic. Few people know of these parallel worlds. And the few who do, keep it a secret. The Shifters have the unique ability to travel between the worlds just as easy as we can cross the street. The parallel worlds exist in perfect balance. In the Guardian's Realm, a place between the worlds, the balance between science and magic, order and chaos, is maintained.

But something is disturbing the balance between the worlds. Static disturbances interrupt our technology. And it has something to do with the little ghost looking girl, only few have seen, in that unknown winter landscape. I have seen her. My name is Zoë. And this all started when my friend Reza disappeared. The girl, she speaks to me, over and over she repeats for me. "Find her, save her." She comes on the TV and computer screens. "Find April. Save April Ryan" over and over she repeats those words, and she leads me into an adventure I do not know the end to.

I was born in our world, and now, I have seen the world of magic, Arcadia. My adventure and search, and the ghostly girl, has lead me to places I did not know existed. And it lead me to her world, the winter landscape.

There exist a third world, a world that is not ours or Arcadia, a world where only few chosen once can go. The world know as Winter. Ice, snow, darkness, evil, magic and danger, that is what exist in Winter.

I have been there. I have seen the ghostly little girl. I was there before I came to Arcadia. The little girl repeated the words again. "Find April. Save April Ryan." When I asked her how she wanted me to, because I do not know any April Ryan, she desperately screamed at me "YOU MUST FIND HER!" the ground under me disappeared and I was in Arcadia.

My search is not done. I have not found April Ryan, or my friend Reza. My adventure begins and my travel true the world continues. But one thing I know. The answers to all of this is hidden both in our world and the magical world, Arcadia. But the solution I believe, is hidden in the land between the two world, the third land of chosen once, the world of Winter.

AmTheLion: That was it, hope you liked it :3