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I watched in dismay as the silver coffins containing Allen, my husband, and General Cross, who was basically my father-in-law, were lowered into the dark Earth.

My daughters—Allen's daughters—were both clinging to my legs. They cried—they understood all too well that their daddy and Uncle Cross weren't coming back, ever.

Lavi stood by my side, his arm around my shoulders. Komui stood by the heads of the graves, his face solemn and drawn. Other exorcists and finders crowded around—I saw Krory and Miranda, Kanda, Old Bookman, and Tim among their ranks.

The golden golem flitted over, and rested on my head.

General Cross… he was a great man. Allen always seemed impartial to his 'shishou' until after the Earl was defeated. After that… the two got along like father and son.

Father and son. It seemed too perfect, too good to be true.

And it was.

The remaining Akuma, the ones that we never gathered up, were strong together—and we underestimated them. They'd launched attacks, and in this last one, we lost Allen and Cross.

Allen… he'd been my love since I laid eyes on him. I suppose it was a bit of a Romeo and Juliet kind of situation.

The finders had found Tim sitting in a pool of sticky blood, shared between master and apprentice—when the two had been brought back, Tim almost flew into the coffin with Cross. It was amazing, the bond that the golem had with his two masters.

The girls had stopped crying, but stood stock-stiff, their faces hidden in the folds of my dress. I rested a hand gently on the left-hand one's head—her name was Daysia, after one of the apprentices of General Tiedoll who had lost his life. Yes, his. Daysia was a name that had belonged to a young man—now it belonged to a young girl who bore it with pride.

The right-hand twin—Anita- shifted a bit closer, and I simply fell to my knees, sobbing.

Anita spoke up, then. She whispered, "Look, mommy—it's daddy and Uncle Cross."

I didn't look right then, but when I looked up, I was greeted with the misty forms of both Cross and Allen. Cross had a strange, lopsided grin on his face, and his hand rested on Allen's shoulder.

There was a third figure, a strange, beautiful woman. I took one look at her features, and realized with a slight shock that it was Maria—in spirit form.

I gave the spirits a small smile. Cross blinked, and then said softly, "C'mon, kid. We've got a meeting with the big man."

With that, they vanished.

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