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Hello, this is my first cross-over fic so I really hope you like it. This is just a little prologue and I have the first chapter ready a waiting. Anyway on with the show.

Gaia ran. She ran though the long blue grass, it stroking her bare skin as she ran past. She ran so fast not daring to look back, as she knew it'll break her heart if she did. She just had to get home, get safe. They were coming, coming for her. They had gotten everyone else, she didn't know if anyone else had escaped. They were close. The grass thinned out as she reached the gravel track that led to her house. She was so close, yet so were they.

Gaia sat under the table, knees curled up to her chest and tears flowing down her cheeks. The door was deadlocked sealed, barricaded with most of her furniture, but it was only titanium eventually they'd get through. Her only daughter Luna was dead, back in the citadel, and the creatures responsible were trying to break down her door. She would have let them get to her if the lives of billions of people didn't depend on her survival. And this wasn't an over exaggeration.

The distress beacon was flashing on the table above her. Its light the only beacon of hope left on the planet. She only hoped someone would spot it, hopefully someone in particular, the lonely traveller that would often visit her planet, the planet of which she was linked, the planet of which depended on her survival.

Her planet, it had been through so much, she had felt it and she could see what was to come. The apes that roamed free upon her planet would evolve, grow physically and mentally. They'd become so much... more. Then eventually they'd leave the safety of her planet and roam the stars, stretching out all the way across the universe. These bunch of apes would become one of the most spread out species in the universe, with at least one living on almost every planet in a few billions years. But if she died here, none of that would happen, who knows what could become of her planet.

So now she put her planet in the hands of the lonely traveller, the man who had saved it countless times and would do countless more, the man who looked at her planet and hearts swelled, the man, albeit not born their, would look at her planet and call it home.

Then she heard it, the magnificent sound of a type 42 Tardis materializing. The breaks left on, his signature unknowing mistake. The blue box faded into view in front of her, that box both old & new, borrowed, but she had her doubts, and the bluest of blues. Its doors swung open and a young man, the lonely traveller, held out his hand. "Come with me." He commanded. Gaia grabbed his hand and was pulled inside.

The Tardis dematerialised when the door of Gaia's small house finally gave in. Smoke from the burning fires outside rolled in filling the room with a black cloud and the monstrosities that had waged war against Gaia's home planet entered the premises.

"Exterminate!" It sneered in its monotone emotionless voice, yet was met with an empty room. The only movement, the flashing orange light of the distress beacon. Proof that hope on the now wrecked planet still existed and that hope came in the form of the lonely traveller.

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