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Gaia was surprised to find the hub empty when she arrived. She had fully expected the place to be filled with the team, each of them watching her on the monitor like the last time she had been with the Doctor. But that was not to be. "River." Gaia called out to the AI system in the hub.
"Yes ma'am." River, the AI, responded.
"Where are the others?" Gaia asked, walking over to one of the monitors.
"Miss Sato detected several rift spikes at exactly 10:07 am. Captain Harkness and the Torchwood team departed at 10:15 am to analyse them." River stated. Gaia nodded as she examined the map of the spike zones that had appeared on the monitor.
"Thank you River, can you patch me through to their comms please." Gaia instructed and there was a moment of pause from the AI.
"Unable to do so ma'am. It seems a disturbance in the form of a Vegas 5 bomb has disrupted the signal." River responded monotone. Gaia's eyes widened at the information and she rushed to get Jack's car keys.
"And you didn't think to mention this earlier?" Gaia stated desperately as she ran out of Jack's office, his keys in hand.
"It did not seem of importance." River replied. Gaia rolled her eyes.
"The list of modifications I need to do on you are endless, but never mind. Program the rift spikes' location into Jack's GPS." Gaia instructed as she ran out the door into the Torchwood car park.

Jack wasn't short of a bob or two and his choice in car showed that. Gaia had always said he was compensating. Jack's rarely used, mint condition car was none other than a Lamborghini Gallardo. With a top speed of 202 mph and 0 to 60 in 3 seconds, Gaia found herself at the bomb sight in the nick of time.

Quickly taking the keys out of the ignition, Gaia ran straight for the partially collapsed building. She entered the building through a large hole in one of the walls and she was met with the sight of a slightly mangled Jack. Steadying her breathing at the fairly gruesome sight before her, she began to dig Jack out from the pile of rubble he was under. Thankfully there wasn't much on Jack, and by getting her hands under in his arms she managed to drag, the currently dead, Jack from beneath the pile. Gaia whimpered as she set Jack's dislocated shoulder in place and no less that 2 seconds after relocating the limb, Jack awoke with a shout.

"Ahhh…" Jack yelled in a mixture of pain and fear.
"Jack, calm down, you're alright." A female voice said trying to soothe him, but Jack's vision was still slightly blurred from the sudden action of opening his eyes. It took him a little off a minute for his eyes to refocus and the image of a worried Gaia flooded his eyesight. He instantly latched onto her like a child to a mother. "Wow, Jack are you okay?" Gaia asked as Jack wrapped his arms around her. He didn't reply. He just revelled in the fact that his horrid flashbacks were over and that Gaia was back, well and alive.

"Jack as much as I appreciate this hug, we do need to find the others." Gaia stated and this seemed to snap Jack out of it. He instantly released his grip from Gaia and sat back.
"Right, yes." He said, more to himself than Gaia. Gaia smiled softly at the man she classed as her older brother and then slowly stood up straight from her crouched position beside him. She then offered Jack a hand of which he accepted.

Jack winced as Gaia pulled him to his feet. His body was still in the midst of repairing itself and everything was still a bit tender. "I'll call Gwen to come down; we're going to need all the help we can get." He stated and Gaia nodded.
"I'll go and see if I can find anyone else, I'll shout if I find them." Gaia stated and walked further into the crumbling building, leaving Jack to walk outside and make his call. The scream of Tosh caused Gaia to run…

Tosh's flashback

Tosh sat curled up in a ball at the back of her cell. Her face was now covered in grime, her feet black with dirt and her hair greasy and straw-like, pulled back in a loose ponytail on the back of her head. After stealing from the Ministry of Defence, Tosh expected to be in here for a long time, but she hadn't expected her imprisonment to be quite this barbaric. She received a porridge like substance for her every meal and was trapped in this tiny concrete cell 24/7. Hence Toshiko was incredibly surprised, that after God know how many days of imprisonment, she received her first visitors.

"Prisoner Sato. Inspection." A guard from outside her cell door ordered, the only visible part of the guard being the eyes.
"What for?" Toshiko asked, her voice quiet and rough from the little water she had drunk. The guard didn't answer.
"Prepare for inspection." The guard ordered again and Tosh slowly got to her feet, a large percentage of her weight on being held up by the wall she was leaning against. For the first time in months her cell door swung open and the silhouette of 2 people filled her cell.

Tosh had now been walked out of her cell and into a room that had a large table at its centre. Toshiko's 2 visitors sat at the opposite end of the table to her, their gazes unlike anyone else's she had seen since her arrival at the prison. "Catering's as lousy as they say, huh?" The Man joked. Toshiko wasn't in the mood to laugh.
"Where's my mother?" She asked desperately. It was for her mother she had done all of this in the first place.
"She's safe." The woman answered softly.
"She won't remember being kidnapped. We wiped it from her memory. We hope you don't mind." The Man added, continuing from where the woman left off.
"You did what?" Toshiko asked, a mixture of confusion and anger.
"Really, just a little pill. She'll never have known." The Man answered, sitting back in his seat, the woman next to him rolled her eyes at his action.
"Who are you?" Tosh asked again, her voice more measured and controlled than before. This was by far the longest conversation she had in her imprisonment.
"Nobody." The Woman stated. "We don't exist." She continued.
"Are you lawyers?" Tosh asked desperately. The man shook his head.
"Do we look like lawyers?" The man asked his sarcasm evident.
"They're going to make an example of you. Stealing official secrets, in today's climate… they're going to keep you here without charge. Forever." The woman stated gravely. Tosh looked up at them both in shock and outrage.
"They can't do that!" Tosh shouted in protest.
"They're never going to release you. I'm sorry." The woman continued her apology genuine.

The man beside her then got the sonic modulator out. Tosh winced a little at the sight of the device that had caused all this trouble.
"You made this, right?" The man asked twirling the device in his fingers.
"I just followed the plans." Tosh answered honestly, looking down to her lap. The woman shook her head in disbelief and the man voiced their shared thought.
"Yeah, kinda. But first you had to grasp the concept of what a sonic modulator does. Most people would struggle with that." The man began.
"And another thing… the plans don't work." The woman added and Tosh looked up at them both in shock.
"What?" Tosh exclaimed confused.
"The technical plans you followed were wrong. They had mistakes in them. That's why the plans were shelved." The Man stated and the woman smiled.
"But you, Toshiko Sato, you automatically fixed things as you went along." The Woman said her voice full of pride and awe.
"What she's trying to say is… oh baby, you're good." The man exclaimed causing a chuckle out of the woman. "I mean you're good now. Imagine what you'd be like with a little training. Oh! Shame you're going to be locked up for so long." The man mocked his voice not close to serious.
"You've got to get me out of here!" Tosh pleaded. The man and woman gave each other a knowing smile.
"If… you come work for us." The woman stated. Tosh's eyebrows rose in shock.
"Really?" She said excitedly, she'd happily work for them if it meant getting out of here.
"Give me five years, I'll get them to wipe your record clean. They owe me a few favours." The man stated. Tosh leant back in her chair in shock.
"What do you do?" She asked her voice calmer.
"Protect people. Least, that's what we're aiming for. It's kind of a work in progress." The woman stated.
"What about my mother?" Tosh asked.
"Limited contact only. You can send her postcards. So what d'you say?" The man offered.
"Why would you trust me?" Tosh asked curiously. She was in here for theft, it was a good question.
"Instinct." The Woman answered honestly.
"It's going to be dangerous. Think you can handle it?" The man asked. Tosh nodded.

Modern Day

Tosh screamed in pain. "I'm sorry Tosh, it's almost there." Gaia stated through gritted teeth as she tried to lift the heavy concrete slab.
"Need some help." A voice said from behind Gaia and Tosh. Both women craned their necks to see Tommy standing a short distance away.
"Yes, help me lift this thing." Gaia instructed her voice strained. Tommy nodded and instantly rushed to her side. Working as a team, they managed to heave the heavy slab and Tosh slides out from beneath it.

"Thank you." Tosh says honestly, panting for breath a few meters away from the rubble she was just stuck under. "I think I've broken my arm, though." She stated. Gaia nodded.
"Can you walk?" Gaia asked Tosh and with help from Tommy, Tosh got to her feet.
"Just about." Tosh answered. Gaia then turned to Tommy.
"Take Tosh outside to the cars. In the boot of Jack's there should be a first aid kit." Gaia instructed and Tommy nodded. Scooping Tosh up bridal style, surprisingly with little protest from Tosh, Tommy carried the woman back outside leaving Gaia on her own.

Gaia then continued through the destroyed building looking for more of the team. She quickly came across Jack trying to dig out a partially buried Ianto. Ianto screamed in pain beneath them and both bosses of Torchwood sped up in their digging.

Ianto's flashback

Jack sped fast down the empty Cardiff road. He was currently having a rather loud conversation with Gaia about the matter of his recent stalker. "We are not hiring that guy Gaia." Jack stated into his comm.
"Yes, we are Jack. He has a good record, already trained in most Torchwood protocols and not to mention the fact that he's lost everything Jack," Gaia listed and Jack shook his head as he drove.
"What could he do exactly? We have a medic, a computer specialist and a field worker. What vacancy could he fill?" Jack asked angrily.
"You did say he made good coffee..." Gaia answered. Jack huffed.
"No and that's…" Jack didn't get to finish his sentence as the man in question appeared out of no where in the middle of the road, causing Jack to slam the breaks of the SUV hard.

Pulling out his comm, he climbed out of the SUV. "Ok, this has to stop." Jack stated to Ianto.
"No listen to me," Ianto tried to say to Jack, but Jack cut him off.
"I don't have time for this. Look, I don't care what your problem is; I want you out of this city by sunrise. There is not place for you here. Go back to London, find yourself another life. Keep stalking me, I'll wipe your memory." Jack ordered.
"No, but the thing is…" Ianto tried to reply but once again Jack cut him off.
"Any conversation between us, no matter the subject, is over! Finished! Done! Forever! I'm getting back behind the wheel of that car and if you're still standing in the road, I'm going to drive through you." Jack stated angrily and began to re-enter the car.
"You're not gonna help me catch this pterodactyl then?" Ianto asked smug. Jack stopped in his tracks and turned to face the Welshman.

The duo found themselves outside a large warehouse where Jack started to screw together a rather large syringe. "Okay, that's the only special equipment you've got?" Ianto asked incredulously.
"Yeah, cos I keep dinosaur nets in the back of the SUV." Jack replied sarcastically.
"Torchwood London would've." Ianto retorted and Jack glared at him before they ran into the warehouse. They are both instantly pounced upon by the raging pterodactyl and scrambled back outside, leaving heavily against the closed door.
"How did you find it?" Jack asked panting for breath.
"Rift activity locator." Ianto answered also out of breath.
"Torchwood London." Jack stated with a sigh and Ianto nodded.
"See, quality kit." Ianto implored.
"Yeah, it's quite excitable." Jack replied.
"Must be your aftershave." Ianto responded.
"Never wear any."
"You smell like that naturally?" Ianto asked shocked, a good shock though.
"51st century pheromones. You people have no idea. Ready for another go?" Jack asked.
"I'm game if you are." Ianto replied. Jack held the syringe up.
"Three, two, one…" He counted down and they dive back into the building.

Within 10 minutes the pterodactyl was successfully sedated and Ianto found himself lying on top of Jack after he had tried to push the Captain out of the way. The duo laughed at the situation before turning to face each other, with their noses only millimetres away. "I should go." Ianto proclaimed and, after a moment of hesitation, clambered to his feet.
"Hey." Jack called to the retreating figure of Ianto. Ianto stopped walking for s second. "Report for work first thing tomorrow." Jack ordered and Ianto continued to walk away.

Modern Day

"3,2,1…" Jack counted down and in unison, both him and Gaia pulled Ianto out from under the pile of rubble.
"You ok?" Gaia asked, brushing some of the dust and rocks out of Ianto's hair.
"Broken finger, but that about it, luckily." Ianto said, holding up his bruised and slightly disfigured finger. Gaia nodded.
"Head outside to the vehicles, there's a gap in the wall in the next room. Tosh and Tommy should be there with a first aid kit." Gaia instructed and Ianto nodded as Jack helped him to his feet.
"Is there any sign of Owen?" Ianto asked, having already heard that Tosh was out and Gwen wasn't even with them at the time of the explosion.
"Gwen's with him. I came here to get you out." Jack answered as the duo helped Ianto outside. Gaia looked up at Jack.
"I'll go help her get him out; are you two okay getting back out?" Gaia asked and both men nodded. Gaia smiled softly at the couple, yes she knew of their antics, and ran back into the building.

Owen's Flashback

Owen was sitting in a hospital corridor, his fiancée Katie sitting at his side. Katie had memory issues, determined by other doctors as early onset Alzheimer's. Owen didn't believe it, refused to believe it and through his ties in the hospital had managed to get her another MRI scan; they were now waiting for the results.

"It's like being lost, in a place you know really well, but you can't get your bearings. Sometimes it comes back to you. And sometimes… I'm sorry Owen." Katie whimpered she hated the stated she found herself in.
"What have you got to be sorry for?" Owen asked honestly, his voice full of care and love for the woman sitting in front of him.
"I don't want to put you through this. Last night, I dreamt that you left me." Katie admitted and Owen squeezed her against him.
"Oh Come on. Nobody's leaving anyone." Owen said softly and kissed her on the lips.

Several minutes later Owen and Katie found themselves in the doctor's office. "How is it possible?" Owen asked incredulously, looking at the MRI scan the doctor had handed him.
"We don't know. I've never seen anything like it. It's not the brain deteriorating. It's a clear physical tumour." The doctor explained.
"That wasn't there last week?" Owen asked.
"Not that we say. You were right to ask for another scan." The doctor consoled.
"So what do we do now?" Owen asked in a mixture of worry and relief.
"We have some good news. Katie, we need to take you into surgery, soon as possible, and remove the tumour." The doctor explained. Katie didn't seem to reply, she was staring off into space.
"Do you understand Katie?" Owen asked softly. Katie turned to face him, her eyes wide and scared.
"I can't remember your name." She whimpered and Owen gulped.

Walking out of the hospital, Owen and Katie were cut off by a young woman approaching them. "Sorry." She said. "Dr Anna Smith, I'm currently aiding Jim in your tumour study. Have you considered a different form of treatment? Chemotherapy is highly suggested course of treatment for a tumour of your type." `Dr Anna Smith` stated. Owen shook his head, he trusted Jim and if he suggested surgery, Katie was having surgery.
"We're fine with the options we've been given thank you." Owen replied and steered Katie away before `Dr Anna Smith` could speak again.

`Anna Smith` sighed. She had tried.

Owen stood outside the Operating theatre, his head leaning against the door. He had been waiting here for hours and he could only hope it was going well. "I'm sorry." A voice said behind him. Owen whirled around. Standing behind him was a tall man, with dark brown hair and he was wearing a long blue military coat.
"Who the hell are you?" Owen demanded.
"I tried to tell them. You should prepare for the worst." The man, Owen noted as American, said and stormed past Owen into the theatre.
"No, you can't go in there!" Owen shouted in protest, but the American continued into the theatre.

Owen gasps in shock at the sight that was before him. All of the surgeons in the theatre were lying on the floor, dead and Katie, his fiancée, his love, was seemingly dead on the table, a tentacle creature sticking out of her brain. "Oh my God! Katie!" Owen yelled and ran to his fiancée's side. He then eyed the creature.
"What is it?" He asked the American.
"I'm sorry. I tried to stop them. She's dead. That thing in her head is an alien life form. It incubates in the brain, disrupting the shape and functions. When it's attacked or threatened, it emits a toxic gas that's fatal to humans. It clears pretty quickly." The American explained calmly, but Owen was in hysterics.
"She can't be dead. She's can't be dead. I'm calling, calling the police." Owen stuttered unable to control his own body.
"Tell them that Torchwood is already here and dealing with it. That'll save them a call-out. I need to take her brain back with me." The American declared and started to make his way over to Katie. Owen lashed out.
"Don't touch her!" Owen shouted, but the American overpowered him and the smell of chloroform hit his nostrils sending him into the darkness.

2 days later, after practically being called insane by the hospital psychologist, Owen found himself at the graveyard. He looked down at the small temporary grave that had Katie's name on it and placed down a bunch of flowers. Snivelling, he rubbed his eyes and looked over the desolate graveyard. Standing a few paths away was an all too familiar man, a man, according to the psychologists, that was a figment of his imagination. Owen's anger flared and he charged at the man, flooring him with a single punch. The man didn't even attempt to stop him until he landed 5 odd hits.

"You could have saved her!" Owen shouted at him, finally running out of steam. He was now lying on the man's chest; hence Owen was surprised when he felt the gentle feel of a woman's hand on his shoulder.
"No we couldn't." A female voice said from behind him. Owen craned his neck around to see `Dr Anna Smith` standing there, another woman according to the psychologists never existed. Owen clambered off the American and sat on the gravel floor, `Anna Smith` knelt on the floor next to him. "We really couldn't." She repeated and Owen broke down on her shoulder.

"If you're not figments of my imagination, then I don't know what's happening any more. Maybe this is… what a mental breakdown feels like." Owen stated. He had calmed down considerably and was walking with the man and woman through the graveyard.
"You're fine." The woman reassured sympathetically.
"It's the rest of the world that's delusional." The American stated; he now had several cuts and a number of bruises on his face from Owen's beatings.
"Why her?" Owen questioned. Katie had been the first girl he had ever loved, properly truly loved. He had been happy to spend the rest of his life with her.
"There's no reason. Your life doesn't have to end with her." The woman consoled rubbing Owen's arm reassuringly.
"What are you going to do now? Go back to work? See echoes of her in every corridor? You need a purpose. We're building something. We need a medic." The man stated.
"And you want me?" Owen asked, unsure of his own skills for the matter.
"You made them take more scans. You kept trying to track us down. You don't give up easily." The woman listed proudly.
"We need someone like that to work with us in Cardiff." The man added.
"To fight aliens." Owen stated and both the man and woman nodded.
"Exactly." The man replied. Owen shook his head in a mixture of denial and disbelief.
"Look, I dunno what happened to Katie and I dunno who you really are, but there is no such thing as aliens." Owen said his voice surprising calm for someone in his situation. The woman chuckled and the man gave her a knowing look.
"You think." The man stated.

Now in Cardiff, Owen was gobsmacked as the cog door to the hub rolls open, revealing to him, for the first time, its expansive space. "I'm having a breakdown. Mental collapse." Owen muttered as he walked forward taking the large space in.
"Owen, why did you become a doctor?" The woman asked her jacket now discarded on the couch behind her.
"I though if I could save one life, mine would be worthwhile. But you save one… and there's another. All clawing at you, demanding to be saved and even if you do succeed, you can never save enough." Owen answered honestly. The man put's his hand on Owen's shoulder.
"Maybe here you can." He said and Owen nodded.

Modern Day

"Gaia, oh am I glad to see you." Owen stated from beneath a small pile of rubble, although his eye is on a pane of glass hanging precariously on an edge above him.
"Nice to see you too." Gaia said with a smile, also keeping her eye on the pane of glass as she helped Gwen move the rubble. Gwen smiled at Gaia as they broke Owen free and their timing couldn't have been any closer, as mere seconds after they pulled Owen out of the rubble, the glass pane falls smashing to pieces in the spot where Owen just was.
"Well that was close." Gwen stated and both Owen and Gaia nodded in agreement.

Gaia and Gwen lifted Owen together, acting as two human crutches for him to support on. "Is everyone else alright?" Owen asked as they made their way through the destroyed building and out to the cars.
"Yes, they're all alright. Luckily, only a few minor injuries." Gaia reported to the medic and Owen nodded.
"When did you get back?" He asked.
"Not too long ago." Gaia replied and craned her neck to Gwen. "I'm sorry, y'know, for missing your wedding." Gaia admitted and Gwen looked at her confused.
"But you were there." She stated and Gaia's eyebrows rose.
"Another thing to add to my to-do list." Gaia muttered although both other Torchwood members still heard and gave her puzzled looks. "I don't always do thing strictly in the right order. You must know by now that time travel exists; well it seems I have a habit of doing events in the wrong order. It's terribly confusing." Gaia admitted and both Gwen and Owen shook their heads, a small smile on both their faces. They had already been told this, but seeing Gaia in an awkward position, especially as she was the rock and level headed one of the group was always amusing.

They eventually reached the outside, the sunlight blinding them a little as they walked out. "You ok?" Jack shouted to them as they approach the 2 cars, Gwen had driven her own down when Jack had called her, picking up Tommy en-route.
"You all right? Tosh, what happened?" Owen asked.
"Broken arm, bruised ribs and about an inch away from being crushed by a girder." Tosh admitted, Tommy had his arms lightly around her waist, not want to squeeze too hard and cause her pain.
"You were lucky." Owen stated.
"You all were." Gaia added and they all nodded.
"Jack, Gaia, who's done this?" Gwen asked looking to her bosses.
"And where's the SUV?" Ianto asked. Gaia opened her mouth about to explain that it was here when she arrived, but was stopped by a bleeping from Jack's wrist.
"Oh, no." Ianto stated.
"Jack, what does he want?" Gwen asked in a mixture of fear and anger. Gaia furrowed her brow, not having a clue who they were talking about.

When the hologram of a certain Captain John Hart appeared, it clicked.

"Oh, déjà vu!" He exclaims and Gaia clenched her jaw. "Or did I say that already? Hey, team. Course there might a few less of you by now. Don't know if you liked my little gift. Course you can't die and your precious Gaia wasn't even there. But never mind, because all that life, all that time and you can't spare any for me. Oh and say hi to the family Jack." John continued bring another hologram of a younger man very similar to Jack. Gaia can instantly see the resemblance.
"No...it can't be." Jack gasped in shock.
"Been a while since you've seen your brother, eh, Jack." John mocked and Gaia was tempted to throw something at him, although she knew it was futile with him being a hologram.
"Gray?" Jack questioned in disbelief.
"Ok, here's what's going to happen. Everything you love, everything you treasure and keep, will die. I'm going to tear your world apart, Captain Jack Harkness, piece by piece. Starting now. I may even add a few hundred civilian deaths just for you darling, I know how you love to feel the pain of you little human's death. Maybe now you'll both want to spend some time with me." John shouted and the transmissions cut, leaving a very shocked and slightly scared Jack and Gaia in its wake.