Chapter One

(Unknown P.O.V)

Date - 6th January 2009

Nick O'Bannon was sitting at the table along with his girlfriend Lori and friend Janet. The girls were laughing, they thought they had survived and escaped Death on more than one occasion. Sweat ran down Nick's face as he gaze around the room. Clues were placed all the way round the room.

A leaflet of the local swimming pool, where Hunt was horrifically killed.

A film review on Love Lays Dying, which was the movie Janet and Lori were going to killed in, whilst watching it.

The TV set was changed to a racing car channel. Familiar to how this thing all started.

Nick knew the signs, he knew what had happened after he saw these signs. The girls laughed again as they talked about actually going to see Love Lays Dying without interruptions. How could they be so foolish and nieve.

I looked back at my paper. I was holding it near my face so it wouldn't be seen. I continued to read the headlining article that I have read many times before.

... The plane that crashed had over 150 people on. It managed to get off the runway and into the air just as it experience technical difficulty's. Shortly after two minutes in air time, the plane combusted, killing all on board and anyone hit by falling debris.

The images filled my head. I smiled at the work been done.

... The airport technicians have claimed that the combustion wasn't unusual since it was 'an old plane'. they had placed in papers for it to be taken off the flight chart but the plane's company heads declared it suitable for five more years.

A cover up story to last a lifetime.

... the strange percularitys about the Flight 180 crash was that a young school student, attending a trip to Paris, was kicked off the plane along with several others due to his continuous panics about the plane going to explode. Police and FBI were baffled by the idea of this student being able to predict the future.

My face scrunched up in anger. Particually at the part of people escaping the explosion. I turned the page for my mind to be placed at rest.

A whole double page spread about how the survivors of the group started to die, one by one. I smiled.

I checked the time, 13:56pm. I rose up from my chair and left the newspaper on the table. I managed to get to the door before Nick caught my eye. He was looking at me, his dark eyes full of worry. My eyes were diverted to the bandage on his right arm, more of my handy work. I turned away my gaze and walked out of the door and onto the small plaza. I sat on a bench as I waited.

(No one's P.O.V)

The construction worker did as what the boy earlier had said. To tighten the post so it wouldn't fall. A gust of wind blew straight into the workers face making him drop his wrench. The next thing he knew, the scaffolding was falling. He quickly rushed out of the way as the pipes the middle of the road. An oncoming truck swerved away from the fallen scaffolding and headed for the nearby buildings. It hit the middle plaza and bolted for the small Cafe on the block. It crashed through the window and into a table of three people. The unfortunate thing was them three people were Nick, Lori and Janet. Janet was crushed by the wheels of the truck, Lori was smashed into a pillar and her head was flipped backwards whilst Nick was sent backwards and his head cracked open on the nearby wall.

A boy nearby the plaza gazed at the awful disaster but only smiled as he walked away.