Chapter Thirteen

(Liam's P.O.V)

The wall in front of us blew up. The wheelchair was being shot towards us; my earlier conversation with Natalie about instinct kicked my body into gear. I grabbed Natalie and Roseden by the shoulders and shoved them towards the walls of the corridor. Hopefully they wouldn't be touched. I looked at Natalie for a final time, her eyes full of tears. She then turned her head and looked to the side; the wheelchair was coming up fast.

"NOOOOOO!" She screamed. But something else was in the scream, another voice. I flicked my head to see Roseden by the wall. His body was in shock just as Natalie's was. I managed to glimpse at his eyes, they were watering up and a single tear fell from his left eye. I could only smile. Well at least I know I was loved. I closed my eyes.

My stomach felt pain as I was hit by the wheelchair. I was thrown backwards, the metal wheels still by my side. As I flew through the air I felt a sudden crack on my back, I guessed that was the glass doors. The harsh drops of rain pierced my skin as I went from the flaming insides of the house to the cold Death infected world outside. The sudden change made my head dizzy but even I could tell, I was falling to my death. I had accepted my fate when I found myself hanging in mid-air. I wasn't moving, the wheelchair was still falling until it smashed against the ground. I breathed in relief and shock as I looked up. Roseden was huffing whilst his hands tightened around my ankle.

He saved me.

(Natalie's P.O.V)

Roseden started to pull on Liam's ankle and I held my breath in fear. As Liam was dragged over the edge and onto the floor, I fell to the floor and hugged his drenched body. Roseden's hair and face was drenched as he placed it out to get a better look at Liam.

"Don't do that again" I screamed into Liam's ear. He winced before I started to pull him up. The entire corridor was on fire, we could get through if we ran for it.

"We can't run through that" Liam said, his whole body weak from the wheelchair. He looked warily at the flames whilst Roseden scoffed.

"Well you could always jump" He said. I couldn't help but smile at Roseden's sarcasm, even though it was the wrong place and time.

"If we stay to the middle and go fast, we won't be hurt" I said. Roseden smiled whilst Liam still looked worried. Roseden rolled his eyes and went first, running down the corridor and turning left. I didn't how bad it was round the corner. I looked back at Liam and smiled.

"Don't go" He said, grabbing my arm.

"Shannon is next and I intend not to let her get killed" I said, a bit of anger rising in my voice. Liam backed off from me and I ran down the hall. Flames surrounded my peripheral vision meaning that now I couldn't stop. I turned the corner and saw Roseden's face through the fire.

My vision went blurred for a second. No, I couldn't have a vision not now. I kept on running but the blurredness and flames defeating me at every try. Then I saw the flames turn into shapes: a freaky looking mask, a hairdryer, a pile of bricks, a screw bolt and a wheel. All these perfectly formed in the fire. Then it turned into one massive shape, a flower of some kind. The flames turned red and gave it a majestic colour. These visions kept on getting stupid.

I came out of my vision as I landed in someone's arms; Roseden peered down and dragged me away from the travelling flames. I looked up, his face covered in ash and dirt. He helped me stand up straight.

"I think Death is going to kill me by making me have a vision" I joked, knowing that not to be true. He smiled at me and then looked up. I turned my head to see Liam running towards me. He got out off the flames and headed towards us with a sad smile on his face. Knowing that all three of us were fine, we headed towards the main entrance area.

(No One's P.O.V)

The manor was halfway on fire. The places that weren't on fire were being captured by the angry flames. The entrance hall was the most affected since the engine room was right underneath it.

Shannon was trapped in the main bedroom, fire at taken up most of the corridor and she was scared, scared to move because she might get caught up in the flames. The room was boiling, the walls started to turn black as the fire started to spread. Shannon began to panic.

Harry was trying his best to make what was happening. His home was on fire, everyone inside could possibly be dead and he was outside in the rain. He had to get inside that house. He looked up from the floor, the front door had been blow clean off the wall. He had his entrance. Harry took his chance and ran over the flames. His face was engulfed in smoke and ash as he tried to find the others. He looked up the stairs that were scorched black and the coats of arms that had fallen onto the floor. The swords at the back of the crest were bent a bit. One was flicking up whilst the other was lying across the edge of a step. He wanted to move just in case someone tripped on it. As he headed towards the steps he heard a creaking sound and the ceiling gave way. It came crashing down covering most of the stairs and knocking Harry unconscious.

Natalie had outrun the other two. She managed to leap across the stairs and to the other side. She managed to glimpse at Harry looking at the coats of arms. She missed the sword just by an inch and looked back. She was looking at Roseden and Liam who were dodging crumbling walls and intense heat.

"Please hurry up" She whispered to herself. Hope filling her body as did adrenaline. As soon as the tow boys reached the stairs the ceiling creaked and gave way. The debris covered up the stairs and Natalie knew it was unsafe to cross it. She looked all over and saw the unconscious Harry.

"Take care off him" she shouted as she headed off for Shannon. The corridor she travelled down was just as burning. However some of the flames were larger and flicking wildly. "Shannon, Shannon!" she screamed again.

"Natalie" She yelled in response. Natalie followed the trail of Shannon's screams as another wall crumbled. She isolated the shouts to a room and opened the door. Shannon was hovering by the back wall as flames moved across the floor.

"Shannon c'mon let's go" Natalie screamed. Shannon was hesitant. "NOW!"

Natalie's authority in her voice made Shannon move. She leaped over the flaming floor and joined her best-friend. Hand in hand they ran down the corridor and made it past the flames. Before they reached the steps, Shannon turned Natalie around and brought her into a hug.

"Thank you" she whispered as Shannon broke the hug. She ran off to the stairs looking back at her friend. Her smile on her face acted like a flame itself. Natalie smiled back when she saw something shine. A little glimmer of light appeared at one off the steps. A sword was lying across it and instantly Natalie saw Shannon's face in the nearby fire.

"Shannon WAIT!" She screamed; it was too late. Shannon tripped on the sword and went tumbling down the stairs. Dust and ash was kicked up and Shannon's screams echoed through the hall.

Roseden and Liam looked up to find Shannon falling. Her screams ringing through their ears as she kept on falling. Then her screams ended as she landed face down into the dirt. A horrible sound was heard and instantly Roseden wanted to throw up. They started to climb up the rubble as Natalie came forward from the corridor. They saw the corpse in a matter of seconds.

Shannon lay on the rubble, the flicked up sword shooting straight through her forehead. Blood blended into her dark red hair and her white and black jacket caught on fire. Roseden and Natalie couldn't help but cry.