Sleepover Club: fan fiction

A boyfriend for Lyndz

Lyndz was with the sleepover club to take some smoothies. They were still taking sleepovers over there houses even though they had started high school. As they agreed on: they were never too told to have sleepovers. Much has changed this pass five years. Rosie is together with Michael. The sleepover clubs leader Frankie is together with Matthew and as that was not enough Fliss was totally over Ryan Scott and was together with Marco. The M&Ms had really grown up. No more fights for the clubs anymore. Lyndz felt bad for herself and Kenny that they did not any boyfriends yet. Lyndz was not happy with to spend another valentine's day at the single club , with Kenny, Sarah and Alana. She wanted a boyfriend. Someone to laugh with, kiss and someone to protect her. But it seems like she and Kenny is going to be alone forever.

- This is hopeless. said Lyndz. Not another valentine's day with the single club.

- Yeah. It sucks.

- But cheer up you to. said Rosie. You know that it is better to drink a chocolate smoothie. It is really a sign for love. Oh, here is Michael!

She rise up, ran to her boyfriend, and gave him a hug.

- So any plan for Valentine 's Day baby?

- I was thinking the cinemas. It is a great film about a reporter.

- O my gosh , I wanted to see that one for whole this week!

- Perfect.

Michael gave her a kiss. They took each other's hands and walked away.

- Great. said Kenny.

- Hey Fliss.

- Oh Marco.

Marco ran to Fliss and gave her a hug.

- Come one. I need to find a suite.

-A suite? said Lyndz surprised.

-Yeah. said Fliss. We are going to the prom.

-Oh great. Have fun.

-We will. Come one Marco. Let ,s go to the mall.

Frankie rose up at the same time to kiss Matthew. Lyndz closed her eyes. She has seen enough. Will she ever get a boyfriend or will she forever be alone?