Morgan and Rossi were getting nothing from Gideon. They even had Oliver and Tannenbaum take a shot at him but Gideon would say nothing. He didn't want a lawyer and he just sat there. He said one thing and it was "Reid". Morgan figured that Gideon wanted to speak to Reid and it probably was going to the only way to get Gideon to talk but Morgan couldn't get himself to call Aaron about it. Rossi knew exactly what Jason wanted and they refused to give in.

"Hey Oliver?" Rossi said as the detectives came out of the interrogation room.

"Yeah?" the young man said as he pushed his glasses up from the tip of his nose.

"I need you to watch him tonight. I worked with him for a while and he will try to escape. Trust me on that." the older profiler said as Morgan closed up his backpack and Tannenbaum walked up to the conversing men.

"I'm having my team take 4 hour shifts, and Tannenbaum is bringing some of his men in as well."

"My men will be here in about an hour, they just have to square things out at home before coming up." The chief said as Rossi nodded and ran a hand over his hair.

"Perfect, some of our team will be in tomorrow morning to try at him again." Dave said as Morgan came over.

"Hotch just called, he wants us to pick up some books for Reid and some clothes for him and Jack." The Italian nodded and said goodbye to the other detectives and the profilers left for the apartment they haven't been to in a couple of years.

Morgan and Rossi approached Reid's apartment with curiosity. Morgan was in it once 6 years ago. It was after the Hankel case, and that wasn't the best visit. Derek pulled the key from under the mat and opened the door. The agents were met with a sight that wasn't a surprise. Books were in stacks on the tables, more text books littered the floor by the futon, and next to the TV there was a collection of Doctor Who, and Star Trek DVDs. Rossi smirked at the apartment and went about looking for the books they had on the list.

Derek was wandering around the apartment because he didn't really want to look for the complicated looking books so he left that to Rossi. Morgan slipped into Reid's bedroom and glanced around. He saw two pictures that caught his eye. One was of the entire team. It was taken at the most recent Christmas Party. It was in front of Dave's fire place and everyone was smiling. Garcia was hugging him and JJ, Emily was leaning against Rossi, and what Derek didn't notice till now was that Hotch's arm was around Spencer's waist. Morgan couldn't believe that he never noticed. He knew that Reid was going out with someone but he never guessed it to be the unit chief. The second picture was just as happy as the Christmas picture, but instead of the team, it was of Aaron, Jack and Spencer. Jack was in the middle of the agents and everyone was laughing at something that was said that day. Morgan grabbed both pictures and went back to find Rossi.

"Look what I found Rossi." the younger man said as he approached the pile of books next to Rossi. The Italian looked up from the list and saw the pictures. He nodded and looked at the books.

"Reid just wants those two, and we have to go pick up clothes from Aaron's apartment now." Morgan nodded and they left the apartment.

The pair got the clothes they needed from Aaron's house and they went back to the hositpal. They went past the nurse's station and knocked on the door. The entire team was now assmebled in Reid's hositpal bed.

"Books?" The injured man said as the door slide shut. Rossi lifted them up and Spencer smiled. "Thanks guys! I've been quite bored when you guys aren't here." Jack was sleeping next to Reid's uninjured arm and that arm was wrapped protectively around the young boy. The boy's father was next to Reid on the other side of the bed, closer to Prentiss. Someone's phone started to ring and then JJ was on the phone in the hallway. She stayed out for a amount of time before coming back in. She had a very worried look on her face. Garcia spoke up first.

"Who was it?" Penelope asked, as JJ shut the door.

"The bitch." JJ said with venom in her voice. Nobody on the team like Strauss since she always was trying to tear the team apart.

"What does she want?" Rossi asked.

"She's coming to visit Reid." The genius looked up from the book he had on his lap and shook his head.

"No. I don't her to visit. She probably has some other motive then trying to be nice."

"I don't have a choice. She can do what she wants."

"I don't want to talk to her alone." the doctor mumbled.

"I'll stay with you babe." Aaron mumbled back and Reid nodded quickly.

"JJ, when is she going to be here?"

"She said she was ten minutes away so..." Hotch nodded and looked at everyone. He hated being the boss sometimes but now was one of those times he had to be.

"I know you all want to be with Reid right now but I think it would be a smart idea if you all went home and got some proper rest. Strauss is going to be a real bitch when she gets here. It's an order not a question or request. We'll see you in the morning." Aaron said sternly and the team look upset but they knew Strauss would be a bitch so they nodded, said their goodbyes and left.

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