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One Haughty Valentine's Day


Consistent, Are We?


Grimmjow managed to wake up before Ulquiorra and expertly removed his arms from around him without awakening him. He slipped off of the bed and picked up his pants. He stuck his hand in the pocket and produced the coupon booklet. Flipping through the pages, he sneakily lay back down on the bed and tore out the page he desired. He tossed the booklet back over the edge of the bed and rolled onto his side to face Ulquiorra, awaiting his awakening.


Ulquiorra woke up to Grimmjow's smiling face and almost frowned, memories of last night flooding back into his head. Suddenly, Grimmjow thrust a colorful half piece of paper in his face. He snatched the paper, read "…And Call Me in the Morning: Turn in this coupon for a round of hot wake-up sex.", and glared at him.

Grimmjow laughed, "I love how you're showing some expressions to me lately."

"Lucky you," Ulquiorra huffed and rolled over onto his stomach. "Just…make it quick, okay?" He turned his head and gave his most adorably pout as if that would persuade him.

It did.

"Cute…alright, but you better not try to hide those cute little mewls of yours," Grimmjow pulled a snarky grin and chuckled darkly.

Ulquiorra just stared at him with his usual indifference and dropped his head face-first into the pillow beneath him.

Grimmjow lifted Ulquiorra's arse, spread his pale cheeks and stuck a finger in his hole to experiment. Cold semen trailed out after his finger. "Meh," he sucked on two of his fingers, pulled them out with a pop!then slipped them both back into Ulquiorra's anus. There wasn't much to stretch since he was still pretty torn from the previous night. He pulled back out his fingers and watched a small drizzle of red come out also. "Damn…" He shrugged and repositioned himself before Ulquiorra. He grabbed Ulquiorra's hips to hold him steady and easily slipped in. "Fuck, you're still tight as hell, Ulqui…" He pulled Ulquiorra upwards and backwards so that he was sitting in his lap.

"What kind of position is this?" Ulquiorra inhaled sharply from the painful feeling of the invader up his behind.

"I want you to ride me, albeit a little help," Grimmjow whispered into his ear, making him shiver slightly from the ticklish feel of his hot breath on his ear.

Ulquiorra snaked his arms around Grimmjow's neck behind him and made him lean back some to alleviate how the constant flow will go. "This is very strange for me, so you better not laugh." He turned his head and glared up at him to get his point across seriously. He sighed and began a slow and steady pace of up and down.

"Unh, faster," he grabbed Ulquiorra's hips and bucked into him.

"Hold your tongue I said, Sexta." Ulquiorra snapped at him and moved side-to-side inan attempt to find his soft spot.

"What are you…" Grimmjow trailed off when Ulquiorra gasped and shuddered.

"Found it…" he lifted his waist up again and down, this at a faster, yet shorter at leverage, pace.

"Finally getting the hang of it?" Grimmjow whispered into his ear once again and bit down on his lobe.

Ulquiorra rolled his eyes (yes, physically) and increased his speed. He leaned his head back against Grimmjow's chest and released a long moan.

"Shit, that's cold! I don't really appreciate your cold helm rubbing up against my chest, ya know." Grimmjow looked down into his emerald green eyes.

"Deal," he spoke monotonously and closed his eyes, letting a whimper escape when Grimmjow suddenly grabbed his right nipple and pinched in protest. He cracked open his eyes and just stared into Grimmjow's cerulean ones while keeping up his backwards thrusts. "D-do you know, h-how irritating it is, to do a-all of the work and have to d-deal with the waves of please at the s-same time? Awful."

"That's the point—I get to relax," he winked at him and bent down so he could bite into Ulquiorra's neck, sucking and nibbling in every place possible.

"A-ah! S-stop making it h-harder on me, Sexta!" He growled, but quickly moaned when he hit his prostate really hard. "Ngh, I can't hold it…anymore…?!"

Grimmjow grabbed Ulquiorra's hard member and placed his thumb over the hole. "No! We cum together this time, babe," he grinned ferally and bucked his hips upward.

"A-aahhhh~, Grimmjoooooow, let me cum y-you pretentious…unnnnnh…" Ulquiorra moaned and tilted his head to the left, almost stabbing Grimmjow with his horn as a result.

"Mmmmm you better watch where you move that horn of yours, Ulqui, that thing is sharp," Grimmjow warned him and continued his abuse on his neck.

"Let me cum and this could all be over with," Ulquiorra glared over at the icy-blue tufts of hair brushing against his face and neck.

"Heh, you're not getting away th—"He was cut off when a powerful blast of reiatsu overcame them. They both panted and sweated from the power. Grimmjow's hand slipped off of Ulquiorra's cock and they both ended up cumming right when the reiatsu disappeared, still in shock. "W-well that made for a lame afterglow, ne?" Grimmjow lifted his head and looked down at Ulquiorra, who was back to his impassive self in no time.

"I'm just glad it's over. We have to get ready for a meeting now, and I have no time to wash up now." He sighed and pulled off of Grimmjow, wincing from the uncomfortable liquid inside him. "Ew…hopefully this meeting ends quickly." He walked over to the other side of the bed, picked up his uniform and started to dress. "No point in wearing a clean one I suppose…"

Grimmjow hopped off of the bed and began to dress as well, picking up his abandoned booklet and re-pocketing it.


They exited the room and walked down the hallway in silence. Stark and Lilynette were also in the hallway, Stark on his way to the meeting and Lilynette "escorting" him.

"Grimmjow and Ulquiorra walking side by side…? That's unusual," Lilynette wrinkled her nose and grabbed Stark's hand to run ahead of them.

"Little brat…" Grimmjow growled then shut up again when they reached the meeting room.

"You better not say anything in there," Ulquiorra quickly said before opening the door.

The room was more hectic than usual: Aaroniero fighting with himself (that wasn't unusual), Barragan grumbling about not being number one (again, not unusual), Yammy complaining about the amount of chicken available in the storage not being enough to fill even a mouse (also not unusual); the only thing different about the room was Halibel actually listening to Zommari's meditation advice and Szayelapporos' overall appearance. He was screaming and hissing at Nnoitra to stop laughing at him and how it was his entire fault to begin with. Szayelapporos had had way longer hair than usual pinned up in a ponytail—was it growing?—and light pink cat ears and a tail. He was also wearing a slutty maid costume which only enhanced the dirty outlook.

"…this is what happened when you left me like that, and I just want to let you know that I am still not happy about it, cunt…!" Szayelapporos huffed and sat down in his chair, crossing his arms and legs. He sank down in his seat when he realized that all eyes were on him, however.

"Everybody sit down so I can share my starter news," Aizen smiled "warmly" at them. "Now that I have your attention…"

Grimmjow rested his head on his left fist and took to watching Ulquiorra intently watch Aizen. How can he stand to listen to that shit? His thoughts wandered to the morning's events and he got horny all over again.

"…Grimmjow, I believe it is your turn to prepare it this time." Aizen brought his attention to the day-dreaming Grimmjow.

"Huh?" He snapped out of his reverie and blinked at Aizen.

"The tea."

"The tea?"

"Prepare it."

Oh, the tea. He sighed and stood up from his seat. He grumbled irritably, shoved his hands in his pockets, and strode off to the hidden kitchen. His fingers caressed the booklet in his pocket and he grinned. Once inside the kitchen, he pulled out the booklet and tore out a good oral one then prepared the shitty tea, pouring it into eleven cylindrical cups. He placed the coupon underneath one of the cups on the tray then picked up the tray and headed out.


Ulquiorra watched Grimmjow hand each Espada their cup of tea when Zommari passed him a note from underneath the table across form him. Yes, he passed him a note. What were they, high schoolers? He took it and read it, anyhow. It read: "Ulquiorra, what in the world is on your neck? I know a hickey when I see one." He turned his head slightly and stared across the table at Zommari, who only nodded at him, and then he turned his attention to Grimmjow as he received his cup of tea. Ulquiorra looked up at Grimmjow and blinked when he set his cup in front of him with a piece of paper under it. It was one of those coupons. He quickly lifted up the cup and snatched the paper, hiding it underneath the table. He hoped that Zommari didn't see that little exchange, for that would only increase his suspicions. Unfortunately, he did. Ulquiorra peered down into his lap and the thing, his curiosity getting the better of him even though he knew it wouldn't be good. It read: "Open Up and Say "Ahh": This coupon is good for some oral satisfaction." He looked up at Grimmjow, who in turn just winked at him. This moron wastes no time whatsoever…


Szayelapporos stared into his tea cup; he really didn't want to attend the meeting in his current state and wished he had had the guts to skip it. He sighed and picked up the white mold to take a sip, but suddenly felt a gut-wrenching pain in his abdomen. He gasped in pain and dropped the cup. The sound of shattered glass brought everyone's attention back on him. He covered his mouth with his left hand and shook violently. "I think I'm going to puke…"

"Is something the matter, Szayelapporos?" Aizen's smile had faltered.

Szayelapporos weakly turned his head to face Aizen then rolled his eyes to the back of his head and [finally] passed out, his head slamming on top of the table.


Silence fell upon the table until Nnoitra decided to break it. "I guess the purple stuff finally took effect."

Everyone turned their attention on Nnoitra, some confused and some disgusted (aka, Halibel and Stark).

"Well, Nnoitra, since you seem to know what the problem is, I put Szayelapporos in your care for now; take him back to his room." Aizen hid his glowering with a warm smile.

Somehow I think he knows what went down last night, Nnoitra grumbled and got out of his seat, scooping up Szayelapporos when he got to his seat and throwing him over his shoulder to hang there.


What the hell was that about, Grimmjow cocked a fine, blue brow at Nnoitra who shook his head in response as he passed the large table.

"And with that, you all are dismissed," Aizen lifted up his hands in appraisal and smiled "warmly". "Oh, and don't forget to collect and clean the cups, Sexta."

"With pleasure, Aizen-sama," Grimmjow snarled in sarcasm and picked up his half-full cup as he exited his seat to gather the other ten.


Ulquiorra slowly lifted from his seat, quickly pocketing the coupon, and watched him gather the cups. Zommari looked down on him and shook his head. "You're the least arrancar I would've expected to be indulging in such perversions, Chico. What a shame, such a shame…"

Ulquiorra lifted up his head and spoke in his usual demeanor, "it was not my choice, but Aizen-sama's for me to hand him that horrible present."

"Who, Grimmjow? I feel for you, Ulquiorra, but think of it this way—at least he is attractive, I mean, what if he had given it to Barragan?" Zommari half-smiled in pity and patted Ulquiorra on the shoulder before he left. "Think about it, Chico." Ulquiorra blinked, I hope he doesn't go around spreading it, though I doubt a peace-loving arrancar such as him would.


Grimmjow walked back out with a deep scowl on his face and grew a little wary when he saw Zommari talking with Ulquiorra. The hell! That's highly unusual. He walked around the front of the table and met Ulquiorra. "Glad ya waited; let's go." He tilted his head in the door's direction then headed towards it. He and Ulquiorra walked down the hallways for a good five minutes until he realized how long they were. "Shit, we ain't gonna get out of this predicament any time soon, just tend to it now."

"In the middle of the hallway," he remained indifferent somehow even though he was asking a question.

"Why not? I don't think anyone will come by here, anyways." Grimmjow shrugged and leaned against the wall.

"Why do you think so?"

"Because this is freak show's area." And sure enough, just a little beyond them was a door with a gothic number eight on it. "He most likely won't come out after today's incident. What the fuck was with his wear, anyways? Meh, whatever—let's just get to it already I'm fucking horny." He tugged at his sash and let it fall to the floor. Pushing down his hakama and underwear, he pulled out his hard member. Ulquiorra dropped to his knees before him and stared at Grimmjow's erection. He looked up at him and blinked, "what do you expect me to do?"

"Suck on it, lick it, whatever the fuck don't you know what a blow job is?" Grimmjow shrugged and propped his elbow against the wall and rested his head on his fist.

Ulquiorra looked back down at the erection and poked it.

Grimmjow hissed, "don't tease me!" Ulquiorra almost smiled at the response and picked up the erection.

"And I'll have you know that my ass is still very sore from last night and now this morning." He tilted up his head and licked underneath the shaft, also wincing a bit from the odd taste of it.

Grimmjow had let his head fall back against the wall and looked at the ceiling, dimming his eyes. "Tease…"

Ulquiorra ignored him and slowly took in his head, pulled off with a 'pop!', and went back to licking his throbbing length playfully.

Grimmjow moaned and bucked onto him, causing Ulquiorra's horn to jab him in the leg. Grimmjow yelped and pressed back against the wall again. "Fuck, Ulqui!" Ulquiorra ignored him still, keeping in his emerging smirk. He took in half of Grimmjow now, teasing him yet. He pulled down to the head again and slowly ran his tongue against it. Although he would never admit it, he actually enjoyed the way Grimmjow reacted to his 'teasing'—it was quite amusing. He started to take in all of Grimmjow now, though, because he anticipated that he was going to "buck like a moose" again and that would've resulted in his cock being forced down his throat at a quick and painful pace.

Grimmjow rubbed up and down the wall in ecstasy, clutching on to some of Ulquiorra's ebony strands of hair. He moaned and bucked into him (again), forcing Ulquiorra to deep-throat him unexpectedly.

That trash, Ulquiorra grunted, resulting in vibrations running along Grimmjow's erection. Ulquiorra grabbed Grimmjow's legs to help steady himself and felt him shudder. Ulquiorra pulled almost all the way off then forced Grimmjow's member back in again, making Grimmjow almost lose his balance from the insane pleasure. He eventually stopped teasing and resorted to a continuous flow of bobbing up and down on Grimmjow. He lifted his agnostic emerald orbs to observe Grimmjow's current state and saw he had his hand against his forehead and his eyes squeezed shut, and expression of either concentration or depression to him.

Just as he was about to stop from boredom, Grimmjow smacked his head against the wall and groaned [erotically], releasing into Ulquiorra's throat. Now Ulquiorra happened to be deep-throating him at the time so he ended up swallowing Grimmjow's seed unwillingly. He pulled off with another "pop!" and coughed, crawling backwards a bit to get away from him. "Ugh, y-you vile…" He coughed again and closed his eyes, trying to forget about the salty, bitter taste of it. He weakly pushed himself to stand up again and his body visibly shook; he felt three reiatsus heading their way from around the corner. He stepped forward and fell right into Grimmjow's bare chest, but quickly regained his control and tugged at Grimmjow's left arm harshly. "Quickly, let's escape before they reach us and see this awkward scene."

"W-wait!" Grimmjow hurriedly pulled up his boxers and snatched up his hakama and sash from the ground as Ulquiorra forced-led him into a rushed sonído. "Ulqui…!"


Halibel stood in the deserted hallway next to the Primera who had Lilynette on his other side. She had managed to catch the obscene blue hair disappear around the corner as if being rushed to escape the area. Was it because they were approaching, or something else? She closed her teal eyes and attempted to pin-point the reiatsus to identify who all was in the group, but only received two weak responses. That meant they were cloaking them. She reopened her eyes and looked to the number one Espada and soon-to-be-mate, Stark Coyote. "Wonder what that was about." He just grunted and continued forward, more focused on ridding of Lilynette so he could make out with Halibel in peace.


Nnoitra dropped Szayelapporos onto one of his pink "brain-storm" chairs, tired of lugging around the dead-weight. He rolled his eye and smacked his hands against his parachute hakama, pacing around the room in frustration. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck—what the fuck…am I gonna do…?!" He grasped onto his long, jet black hair strands and continuously cursed. He slowly inclined his head to turn around and peer at Szayelapporos. He was still passed out and sliding down the puffy chair, too. He frowned and walked over to him, forcing the body to sit in an upright position and stay that way. He sighed as he backed up to examine him. Thankfully, his hair had ceased its bizarre growth rate and just hung in his face, his head slumped forward. Nnoitra cast his eyes to the ground and held his forehead, at a turning point in his short Espada life. Just what am I doing, anyways? Though I'm not in a relationship with him, it kind of feels like one. But it's just sex! He's just like some kind of temporary fuck buddy is all, yeah, like Loly was for a while until she started whoring around with Menoly. That lesbian…He lifted his head and cracked his neck from side to side, releasing the tension that had built up in his muscles. He walked over to an empty wheelie chair and pulled it over to sit alongside Szayelapporos, waiting 'patiently' for him to awaken.

Time seemed to pass on alarmingly slow intervals, irritating Nnoitra to the point of slapping Szayelapporos back and forth across the face to wake the freak up.

"What, WHAT?!" Szayelapporos finally woke up and shoved Nnoitra off of him forcefully, utterly pissed at his behavior. He huffed and smoothed back his extremely long bubblegum pink hair and scratched at his pink cat ears, horrifyingly brought back to his current wretched reality. He whined and brought back down his hand when he almost actually cut his new ear, examining his hand. His nails had grown six inches since his slumber and he had to track back to what potion did that to him and why it took so long to take effect.

"Ah, so sleeping beauty finally awakes from her eternal slumber. I'm so happy for you, princess." Nnoitra smiled lecherously at him and Szayelapporos gagged.

"I'd rather not have to see your perverted face at this moment, Quinta, so if you could please leave that would be appreciative; I have a lot of 'things' to sort out right now that mainly you caused so I suggest you high-tail it before I 'accidentally' spill something on your skin, fucker." Szayelapporos, all out of acting pizzazz, spoke in a somewhat calm tone to the lanky idiot in front of him.

"Oooo, kitty got bite. Meow~ though I don't suggest talking to your superiors in such a fashion, you know what Ulquiorra would say to that." Nnoitra made a motion with his hand and arm as if he was batting at something like how a feline would.

"I am about to lose my wits here—now GET OUT!" Szayelapporos popped a vein and screeched like a harpy at him.

"Tut, tut alright then, but I'll be back reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaal soon, my preeeeaaacious~" Nnoitra giggled and stood up, prancing out of the lab like some kind of ballerina.

Szayelapporos stood up as well after the creeper was out of sight and walked over to shut his door. Locking it, he banged his head against it right afterwards in frustration. "Why did this have to happen to me, can't I just enjoy my experiments in peace…?" He muttered and let out a long sigh, a depressed aura about him. He lifted his head and wiped at his forehead for sweat had randomly gathered there now. Dear God, I really need to find out what the hell is going on with me already! He swiveled on his heels and walked over to his filing cabinet with a determined stride. Let's see, purple substances, purple substances…became his new personal mantra while he flipped through thousands of manila folders and unfiled papers. He finally found a purple folder in his color experiment drawer and pulled it out. It was for colorful experiments that he had forgotten about along the way and were unknown to him so he just labeled them as type 1, type 2, so on and so on. He walked over to his desk and splayed out the many papers hidden inside the folder. Damn, just how many purple experiments had he 'let go'? He counted the papers before reading any further into them to see just how many types he was dealing with here, and came up with a total of eight. He plopped down in his white wheelie chair behind the desk and buried his face in his hands. It could be any of them, and how was he supposed to know just which one?! He'd have to waste several days of observations just on his reactions alone to see if anything more unusual than his current state occurred. He peaked through his fingers down at the papers and frowned. He might as well start on them while Nnoitra was away; he'd rather not have the dolt mess with his work yet again. He rubbed at his eyes once more then set to work, reading each paper as thoroughly as possible.

Purple Substances

Type One: Causes perverse turmoil upon the arrancar brain and may result in several one-night stands with fellow arrancars (or humans). Side effects include nausea and possible vomiting.

Type Two: Brings about a similar effect of that of the bubonic plague back in the olden human times in a country by the name of England. Side effects are fairly obvious considering huge boils form on the skin.

Szayelapporos shuddered at Type Two and crossed it out on his little list, almost positive that the effect wasn't the case. He also rid of Type One because he would've 'whored around' by now if that was the experiment. He flipped to Type Three and continued reading animatedly.

Type Three: A sudden foreign feeling is brought about and makes the consumer drowsy with hallucinations of past hardships that caused the consumer great grief. Side effects include possible memory elapses and brain damage.

Type Four: A constant chill overcomes the consumer and the consumer is overwhelmed by sudden anxiety, making it difficult to breath. Side effects include possible permanent damage to the chest.

Type Five: Forms the vital female body part system that provides the miracle life given that it is 'fed' the male's seed (sperm), equipped with ovaries and all. Side effects are quite obvious, except that there is a possible chance for every once a month female 'period' effect.

Type three and four were pretty damn horrifying, but Type five scared him the most. He had been having insane stomach problems earlier. There was just no way that type five was it though—he thought he rid of all of those due to Aizen complaining that it was 'quite unnecessary'. He just thought it would be interesting to accomplish is all, no harm done. Well, at least he thought no harm would come…to him. He sighed and continued down the list, anyways, hoping that he would find a more suitable one to claim as the solution.

Type Six: Explosive headaches are brought upon the consumer and he/she feels faint quite often, bringing about a cause for expulsion if too much stress is resulted. Side effects: death.

Type Seven: The consumer falls victim to the first person the consumer sees and acts like a slave to that character against the consumer's will. Side effects may vary depending on how the consumer handles it.

Type Eight: Consumer obtains rancid stomach acid and receives horrible stomach pains until all of the acid is depleted. Side effects range from permanent stomach problems to intestine problems.

Types six and seven didn't really relate at all to him, but Type Eight was very possible. In fact, it was so possible that he was positive that indeed, was the substance. "Phew—that bastard best consider himself lucky that it wasn't Type five. I could always replace my organs." Szayelapporos wiped at his forehead and awkwardly laughed when cold, long arms snaked around his neck.

"And just who is this bastard you're referring to, babe?" Nnoitra breathed into Szayelapporos' left ear, sending shivers down his spine. He elbowed the pervert in the stomach and quickly gathered up his papers, refusing to let him see his secret files.

"Just who do you think it is ass? Now who said you could enter here without my permission?!" He shoved the papers into the purple folder and retreated over to the color drawer, slipping it back into its rightful spot according to ROY G BIV. Nnoitra pouted behind him and Szayelapporos rolled his eyes. "I still don't want you in here, Quinta, because I still have to fix myself up now, mind you." He glared over at the creeper and placed both hands on his hips, long hair rippling behind him like a pink waterfall. His cat ears also turned back, adding to the pissy effect. Nnoitra burst out laughing, holding his stomach as well and falling to the floor, completing the rolling-on-the-floor-laughing-my-ass-off look. Szayelapporos lifted his nose into the air and strutted over to his own personal bathroom, locking the door behind him. Though he doubt that would help considering Nnoitra managed to get in before and his lab doors were locked. He sighed and set up a calming, Cherry Blossom scented bath. He even threw in little cherry blossoms from the human world to add to the effect and set up cherry blossom scented candles along the edges of the tub. It was a vast rectangular tub, after all, that could keep the candles steady. When the tub was seventy-five percent full, Szayelapporos turned off the faucet and walked around to the other end. He slid his legs cautiously into the tub, the burning temperature sending shivers up his spine. Though that only reminded him of the past Nnoitra event that happened not too long ago and he hurriedly got into the water, wanting to quickly get used to it. He reclined along the tub's floor and back and rested his head against the slight curve at the non-faucet end of the bath tub. He had attached a sleep number pillow to it as well that he obtained from the human world for better relaxation. Excited to drift off to a better scenario than his current one with Nnoitra just outside the door, he crossed his legs and pictured a brand-new lab being handed down to him by Aizen-sama including five sets of never-before-used equipment to enhance his ability for what he loves—experimenting. He smiled and sunk in deeper into the tub, causing a few strands of long, pink hair to cascade down his face and into the water with him. "Mmmm I hope that pervert doesn't come in here…"


Nnoitra Gilga had expertly picked the pink scientist's lock and crept into his bathroom, silent as an arrancar of his level can be. He approached the seemingly sleeping form and pulled up the side bathroom chair to sit behind his head. He leaned forward until they were face-to-face and breathed down on him by accident, rousing him from his 'slumber'. Szayelapporos lashes fluttered open and Nnoitra only smiled down at him after Szayelapporos' many expression changed from that of shock to anger. "Hey there."

"GET OUUUUUTTT!" He threw up a punch at Nnoitra, who easily dodged it with grace. Nnoitra giggled and retrieved a piece of paper from his pocket.

"Relax, I just wanted you to read this." He held the coupon above Szayelapporos' face so he could read it and ran his free hand through his hair. "Since you claim to be in a lot of pain ever since last night's events, I thought I could give you a little break by making you simply read to me. Isn't that nice of me, Szay-Szay?"

Szayelapporos' jaw almost dropped and he snatched the coupon from Nnoitra, crumbling the poor thing in his hand. It had read: "THIS COUPON IS GOOD FOR SOME steamy erotica. I'LL READ WHILE YOU LISTEN." Szayelapporos growled and threw it to the side of the tub angrily, tears brimming around his eyes already. "You fucker…"

Author's E/N: I can't tell you how many times I ended up stabbing my poor fellow Grimmjow cosplayer with my Ulqui helm's horn at Colossalcon. Thrice in the eye I think; poor soul. And every time she would say in a serious tone, "you stabbed me again" and we would seldom get laughs from the cosplayers around us. Half of the time I would cut her off, though, because I could feel when I stabbed her—you just knew XD Once in the middle of the Bleach shoot, she got tired of waiting and started sucking on my horn like once in line before. The Bleach cosplayers behind us were all like, "is Grimmjow hungry?" and she's like, "I'm sucking on it, you morons." And the Neliel cosplayer in front of me turned around and was like, 'this isn't yaoi!" So I hugged my Grimmjow friend in protest and stared her and she just flailed. It was hysterical. ^^ I also almost got glomped by a Soi Fon when I separated from my Grimmy to re-apply the lip make up back in the room. I didn't enjoy that, but at least the Soi Fon knew when what the Ulquiorra look meant when I stared at her. It was priceless, but not as hilarious as when my Grimmy partner almost got glomped. All you heard behind us was this roar if "GRIMMJOOOOOOOW!" And this sudden stomping erupted all around us, shaking the earth it seemed. I simply stared at Grimmy and told him to 'run." He did run, and the little chubby midget for a girl stopped next to me and pouted. "Can I have a huuuuug?!" She had asked Grimmjow exuberantly, but suddenly hugged me without permission and man was I pissed. Too bad I couldn't show it. Lucky Grimmy got out of that one, and I was supposed to eb superior to him—what the hell! Stupid trash.

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