Honor, Compassion, Trust - A Samurai's Story

Hello, just a couple things about me before the story begins.

~I am a total gear head fan.

~I was really inspired by all the fan fictions I've read here that I really wanted to write one myself.

~This is my first fanfic so it may not be very good. Please R&R so I know how I did.

The story begins near the third-year anniversary of the capital's defeat.

Chapter 1 - The Beginning

"Kirara! Sis!"

Kirara looked up. She had been praying over the graves of the samurai. "Komachi, what is it?"

"Momotaro is here! He just arrived, and Yukino is here too!" Komachi exclaimed. "Come on!"

Kirara followed Komachi back to the village.

"Shichiroji-san!" Kirara said once they reached the village square.

"Long time no see, huh?" Shichiroji said. "We just thought we would come pay our respects to our fallen friends. Also, there is something I wish to speak with you about."

Kirara looked surprised. O-ok" she replied. "Why don't we go to my garden? We may talk in peace there."

They slowly walk over to Kirara's garden. This time it was his turn to be surprised. Flowers of all colors and shapes grew in a tiny courtyard, and in the center was a small temple. "It's beautiful. Did you do all this? Shichiroji asked.

"Yes. It's… sort of my own personal shrine for the samurai." Kirara replied. "Now, what was it you wanted to speak with me about?"

Shichiroji gave her a small smile. "I have tried to keep tabs on everyone following our battle here. I will occasionally come here under cover of night to make sure everything is good. I know Kanbei is right now living peacefully in a small village west of here, having given up the samurai life." Shichiroji gave her another smile.

Kirara gave no inclination about her feelings. She had known for a long time she wasn't in love with Kanbei anymore. Shichiroji went on. "However, I heard nothing about Katsushiro since he left here."

Kirara winced as painful memories of Katsushiro flooded in. How three years ago she broke his heart… and how her heart was still paying the price. Oh how foolish I was! Never realizing what was right in front of my eyes.

Shichiroji gave her a moment. "Does that mean…" Kirara started.

"That doesn't mean anything. Recently I have heard rumors of two samurai, though not as a group, helping villages with ronin nobuseri and human bandits for little or no reward.

"So, you think-"

"There was a possibility. I was curious, so I went to a few of the villages helped by the samurai. One of them no one ever got a good look at. But the other…" Shichiroji paused. "The other was described as a young man with dark green eyes and green hair."

Kirara let out a small gasp. "Why did you tell me all this?" Kirara asked.

"I thought you should know." He answered simply. "I will leave you to your thoughts."

Kirara watched Shichiroji walk back towards the rest of the village. There was one thought going through her head.

Where is he now?

Ya… so that's chapter 1. Hopefully my writing will improve as I progress through the story… Please R&R!