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Chapter Two - A Samurai

A lone samurai stood in the center of a circle men, sword unsheathed.

These 'men' are no more than boys, driven from their homes and forced to resort to thievery.

"Stop! I do not wish to harm you!" the samurai exclaimed.

"Well, that's too bad, isn't it?" the 'leader' of the young men said. "Get him!"

As the men rush at the samurai, he laughed, thinking the samurai to be soon beaten. But he was wrong. Swiftly, the samurai relieved all the men of their weapons, and knocked out at least half of them while temporarily stunning any others. The samurai walked over to their leader.

"Why not just kill us?" The man spat.

"I do not take live when I do not need to." The samurai replied. "Here." He tossed down a bag of coins. "There is a town nearby, buy yourself and your friends some food."

As the samurai turned to walk away, the man said "Wait, please, honor me with your name!"

Without so much as a backward glance, the samurai replied "My name is Okomoto Katsushiro.

Later that day, Katsushiro arrived in a small village, seeking some place to stay for that night.

"A Samurai!"

"What is a Samurai doing here?"

"It's a young one, too!"

These whispers followed Katsushiro into the village square.

"I am looking for a place to stay for the night." He told the farmers. An old man came into Katsushiro's view. He figured it was the village elder.

"Great Samurai, we would be honored to be your host for the night. A room will be ready for you shortly." The old man said.

"I thank you for your hospitality." Katsushiro replied. He was soon led to a small hut, and he began to get ready for sleep.

Ugh, I hate all these formalities. He thought as he laid down. He soon drifted into a light sleep.

He was woken not many hours later by shrieks and rough voices.

As he emerged from the hut, he saw many of the villagers cowering in fear before a group of men, obviously some of the human bandits recently roaming the land.

"Give us your rice and no blood shall be spilt." A tall, dark-haired man said. He was clearly in charge.

"But we barely have enough anyway! The harvest was bad this year… we…we'll starve!" exclaimed one of the villagers.

"what do we care? Give us your rice NOW!" the bandit leader shouted. He started to unsheathe his sword.

"Hold! I will not let you harm these villagers, or take from them that which is not yours." Katsushiro said, stepping from the shadows.

"And how do you think you will stop us? You are one man, albeit a samurai, but you are sadly outnumbered!" The bandit leader laughed. "Kill him."

Three men rushed at Katsushiro from the front, two from either side, and one from behind. Katsushiro quickly dealt with the attackers in front of him with a few well-aimed slashes, while the men attacking him from the sides were obliterated easily by a combination of slashes and thrusts. The attacker behind him was the lucky one. He merely got a mule kick to the diaphragm, followed by an axe-kick to the head, effectively knocking him out. They were not very experienced, and so were easy opponents.

Only the leader was left. He narrowed his eyes, searching for a weakness. Apparently, he didn't find one, for he said "This isn't over, samurai. Next time I see you, you'll pay." And promptly ran off.

Not very frightening if you run away right after saying something like that.

Katsushiro knelt. He had taken to praying after taking a life. A bit unorthodox, perhaps, but it helped with the nightmares. Standing, he looked at the villagers. No one was hurt.

"Great Samurai, we are in your debt for saving us." The elder said, bowing.

"It was my pleasure. It was the least I could do, given your hospitality." Katsushiro replied, bowing in turn.

Katsushiro returned to his hut. Why does it seem misfortune and fighting follow me everywhere? Ever since Kanna… This got him thinking of the samurai he had worked with when he was recruited three years ago to defend the village of Kanna from Nobuseri Bandits. He thought of Sensei, and Shichiroji-sama, the ones who survived… And he thought of Gorobei-dono, Kyuzo-dono, Kikuchiyo-dono and Heihachi-dono, the ones who didn't. But most of all, he thought of Kirara, and it was thoughts of her that went through his head as he drifted back to sleep.

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