Capitolo 3: In the hands of the dragon

The nurse called the doctor in the futile attempt to force the patient to stop.
But Black had no intention to rest when there was need of his speech.
He was picked up quickly by the coward hit behind his back had almost put him KO, he felt back in shape, able at least to walk and give orders to his agents, ignoring the pleas of nurse who wanted to force him to return to his room.

His Vice passed him the last news: the demons after slaying half city were scattered to the four winds losing their tracks. Had not experienced disasters in other parts of the world, for the moment, those bastards were gone and this was not a good sign.
Had to hunt them down and get them out as soon as possible.

He massaged his neck is aching slightly, remaining focused on docs.
He read also that the girl, Will Vandom, was disaperred again, some witnesses claimed that she had been taken away by one of the monsters, describing in detail the appearance.
"Drago… stay alive, because I want flay you with my hands."

Will continued to tremble…to sob….to feel bad...
She couldn't forget the horror of murder.
She couldn't blame herselves for having been the pricipal reason.
She could not forgive herselves for the fact she not being able to save those men.

She came back to throw up, leaned forward and back for the umpteenth time, keeping the stomach by painful cramps. She was equipped with the most incredible power in the universe and she had failed to protect some people ...

She was a failure … a traitor to those who had entrusted in her for a task as important …
Other tears were flowing from her reddened eyes, gliding along the cheeks burned; her whole body burn, ignored by the demon that continued to drive, listening a 'sIron Maiden cd of. Since they were go he don't speech a word, more relaxed unlike her, whistling the tune of the song.
If Will had the power, she screamed in his face all the venom that she was trying at that moment for him.

"Relaxed baby, you don't want ruin that beautiful face with all the dirty looks that you cast on me."told him, without looking at her.
Will not answer, she continued to remain bent on herself with the nausea that still bothered her.

She leaned gently on the seat, breathing with difficulty, with the incoming air from the window which gave her a slight relief.
"Where you're taking me?" she managed to ask after a while.
"I need a holiday."

The answer played as a joke, but the demon was seriously.
T"he fucking jail from which runaways was a disappointment, and my old man don't made the life pleasant. I need to get something, savoring freedom and have fun."

"for fun ... you mean kill people?"

"We demon love this kind of fun."

"You are a monster…."

"I know.

She resigned immediately to the verbal attack, aware that she wasted just breath.
The journey continued in silence.
Whatever the destination the demon did not intend to reveal it, confining hisself to drive the road surrounded by vast forest. Soon the stress fatigue took over on top of her, her eyes slowly closed and cradled by the soft movement of the vehicle and the deafening music Symphony, fell asleep, curled up on herself without anyone that gives her comfort.

Each Member of section 13 was to work more than 10 hours since it was activated state of emergency.
The agents were scattered around town, marching without stopping in any neighborhood with their weapons ready to shoot at first sight of danger, assisting relief efforts that were operating the victim of the massacre; others were at the base that monitored constantly through sophisticated computer the entire world, contacting secret services of other continents to have real-time updates of what was happening from their countries, accessing the database of foreign Governments.
They had failed to prevent the news spreads, the last thing they would have liked to have had the panic burst. The President of the United States live on television by the UN attempted to instill confidence, but his voice trembling not broadcast none of this, especially the continuous drying of his forehead and the interruption of speech.

Black closed the television, throwing the remote rattled behind him.
He had not yet solved nothing, he was pissed off for this.
All were working hard to track down those sons of bitches, he not questioned the efficiency of his colleagues, but not having the slightest hint from those "Things", his blood burn…
He did not want the hell of a few years ago repeated… none of those who had experienced firsthand wanted this…
He loaded the gun while the computer containing an old movie recorded with the security cameras, concentrate on a single detainee, one of those on which you didn't must lower your never let the guard down to not end up maimed or half eaten.
Drago had made him pass a living night mare since the day he was arrested: he remembered the intense two hours just to tame him and the other four to make the list of the agents were seriously injured.
The luckiest had lost only two fingers of the left hand.
The dossier on Vandom was still on the desk. He haven't the courage to watch the photos of the girl who he had failed to save, he imagined that from time to time they called him to alert for the finding her torn body.
As long as the phone was silent he could consider it a good sign.
Although still though … worried him.

The Horn of a transport truck awoke suddenly Will.
Clung to the seat with wild-eyed, staring at the large vehicle pass them by dragging behind the massive load.
She realized that she was in a service station, the car stops in the parking lot not far from refreshment for motorists, consisting of a small restaurant and a gift shop, in addition to the usual petrol pumps. The sky was a bright orange light, there was a constant coming and going of cars for a few minutes they were refueling pumps, others who entered or left the building after being refreshed for a while.
She was alone in the car, the demon was not with her.

Wondered why they had stopped there, she make various hypotheses in her mind: some filled with hope... other tragic... horrifyingly fantasies from the chorus which is repeated endlessly in her mind. She examined the area trying to figure out if there was anything that could match her ideas, the door was open, she could take a ride around and make sure everything was okay, but the clear threat that the demon had whispered in her ear make returned the anguish.
She did not want someone died, but she was also concerned that the monster could keep faith with the promise that she didn't would even something wrong.

He was a demon, he not care about other people's life.

Someone knocked on the window.
Will jerked, turning in the direction of the reference: a dark-skinned boy and thick black hair, Eastern traits that had even a something Western stared with a smile almost mocking, their lips surrounded by a scraggly goatee. Wearing a red leather jacket and a pair of black jeans torn at various points, also had hair strands of green, were studded with ears silver pirsing. The guy opened the door and sat down inside the vehicle, took the keys and put it in a trouser pocket.
"You want eat something, sleeping beauty?" he churches.
Will not answering, that unknown was strange.
For that her reaction he giggled again.
"What? You don't like me with that aspect?" his eyes for a moment shone red, the pupils were thin like those of cats, a mild roar tremble his throat.

"You?" ask Will shocked, recozined Drago in that face.

"Me." he said, return to talking with his distorted voice.

"How you can do that?"

"It's a little joke, all demon can make this."

"I don't know."

"Are many things that you human don't know about us." Drago came out with a chuckle from the vehicle and opened the hood put inside 4 cans of gasoline, returning shortly "trying" to get out her.
Are you hungry?

Will had no appetite, but that question sounded more like an order than a request.

The cafeteria inside the station offered a great variety of dishes in addition to the usual sandwiches, ice-creams and muffins, all stuff that looks inviting couldn't make her want to eat. Unfortunately, she was forced to eat a light meal, with disgust, the voracity with which the demon devoured large hamburger regardless of a minimum number of etiquette was unbearable, she understand perfectly the fury of people who passed beside him.
"Defect of human and that you found anything disgusting."

"Yeah... who knows why..."

The demon burping soundly, Will covered her face awfully embarrassed.

"Now listen to me little piece of meat, we have to make clear some things: as I mentioned first, you must obey me blindly if you do not want anyone to die. But there's more. As long as we will be forced to leave around, you'll need to do something to make you unrecognizable, the cop are looking for you and do not want they fond you; so colour your hair ... or dress like a male..."

She couldn't hold back a sigh of relief in knowing that they were looking for her, she fell good... she could finally relax a bit and get back to hope. Drago looked her bad but he didn't said nothing, while gobbling like a pig, the newscast was transmitted at that moment from a small television caught his attention, despite being far away he was able to hear clearly what the reporter said, arguments that, noted soon after, one of the customers too closely followed what they said.
Completed the meal and he said to the girl that they had to go, with an excuse they stopped in front of the bathrooms and ordered her to wait, noting that same customer had followed them. He was a damned undercover agent, perhaps he had detected Will or maybe just wanted to see if there was anything suspicious, in both cases the demon did not want to take risks.

He gave a quick bath of men controlled noting with pleasure that there was none, he came back and took an arm Will forcefully, pulling her mouth to prevent to scream or protest, dragging one of the lurid toilets with the door and wall covered with obscene drawings and phone numbers of those who sought easy erotic adventures.
Just what gave him the idea to trap the unwanted follower.
"You know, another flaw of you human I find very annoying is that you are too much curious." whispered in Will's ear, lick the lobo.
She kept breathing, impressed by this gesture.
Then, with lustful voice hesaid: "I wanna have fun."

When he put his cold,hand inside her pants, infringe the intimacy, Will screamed as a desperate.

With the mouths covered with force she risked to choke, as much she try to free herself and escape from the horrible violence, begging him mentally to let her go … to stop to hurt her. Suddenly someone opened the bathroom door: a man with a gun in his hand yelled at Drago to let her go, showing the police badge. Drago stared impassively, slowly let go Will, raising his arms up in surrender, obviously false, because as soon as the policeman came up to grab him by the collar of his jacket he roared in his face a fierce blaze that totally wrapped the man head. Seemed a torch, the fire was so hot that the gun he held in his hand broke up, yelled desperately trying to extinguish the flames that burn the skin, banging against the walls in order to put an end the agony.

Satisfied, Drago taken Will in his arm, she is horrified by what he had done, and they ran at the car and abandoned the service station, returning to his real appearance.
From the mirror he saw that the fire was raging, the black smoke was clearly in sky. Will was whimpering beside him.
"Stop crying and admit you liked it." he said licking his lips and stroking her leg.
She drove out disgusted, moving on the rear seats.
Drago laughed amused, continuing to humiliate her.

Black waited for the scientific end to examine the scene.
The charred body had already been taken away, still smoldering and unrecognizable.
Meanwhile heard the few valid trusted evidence, nothing useful, however, to understand what happened.
Approached that of the service area, the smells that hovered around there was unbearable, had to cover his mouth with a handkerchief to not get nauseated. Shortly after one of the agents brought the video security cameras, already converted and ready to be viewed on a laptop: noticed immediately the two red spots that constructed with the grey of the video, it wasn't a fault of cd or computer, that shiny red came from the eyes of a guy who had framed cameras.
Eyes that could belong only to a demon.