Hello to all the readers of this series! (Yes, series to the people who've only read the first or second installments.

I am immensely surprised that people still read these stories (Not Again, Coming Back, F,F,N&T, Making Amends, and Dark Hearts). I started this series when I was 12 years old and didn't have any experience actually writing stories. When I look back at them, I love how much farther I've come with my writing since creating them. I made this A/N for the readers that keep telling me to create sequels...they're already made! I'm glad you all are interested in reading sequels, so there's a lot of reading for you all to do lol.

The list as the series goes is:

Not Again

Coming Back

Flowers, Fire, Notes, and Technology

Making Amends

Dark Hearts

Yes I know I put it at the top, but I wrote them again just cuz. Because of my lack of experience back then, I have considered rewriting some of the stories. If I should, just PM me or send a review to the story you want edited.

So! For everyone who still leaves reviews for me to make sequels, here you go!