Kyo and Yuki were in the sitting room staring blankly at the walls. Their stomachs were growling, and they both wished desperately for Tohru to wake up and make breakfast, but they didn't want to disturb her. She was still in bed, and neither of them knew why, for Tohru always woke up early- before anyone else even. It was strange for her not to be up at that time of morning.

Yuki stood up swiftly and began to walk out of the room.

"Hey, where are you going?" Kyo growled.

"To check on Honda-san," Yuki replied casually. "She hasn't gotten up yet, so I'm going to make sure she's okay."

Kyo didn't say anything else and decided to go look for Shigure. He hadn't seen him all morning.

Where is that perv? Kyo thought. If anyone was to wake up first after Tohru, it would be Shigure.

He found him out front by the pathway, staring up at the sky. What...? Kyo questioned himself. He decided it was none of his business, especially if it was Shigure's business.

Yuki climbed up the stairs to where Tohru's room was and knocked lightly. He didn't hear a response. He opened the door to find Tohru on the bed, still sleeping. Concerned, Yuki walked over to her and saw that her face was beat-red. He put his hand against her forehead and gasped. It was burning.

Tohru sat up all of a sudden, her eyes wide open, and she frightened Yuki for a second there. He put his hand on her shoulder and asked,"What's wrong Honda-san?"

"B-Bathroom..." She muttered softly, and then suddenly jumped out of bed and ran to the nearest restroom.

Yuki shook his head, as he realized Tohru was terribly sick.

Shigure walked through the door and into the sitting room. He was humming a little tune and somewhat prancing into the kitchen. Kyo eyed him suspiciously and followed after him.

"Uh...what were you doing out there?" Kyo asked Shigure, crossing his arms.

"Looking up at the beautiful sky. Such a nice day, I feel so happy!"

Oh, gosh... Kyo thought. He had no interest in beautiful days or blue skies for that matter. Except when he was alone on the roof, maybe.

Yuki silently walked down the stairs, and stopped when he reached the kitchen.

"Honda-san is very sick," he commented, staring at his two cousins.

"OH NO! Tohru is sick?... Who's gonna make breakfast!" Shigure exclaimed, waving his hands in the air.

"Shut up! This is no matter of food issues!" Kyo replied fiercely. You could almost see cat ears and tail with his attitude.

"Ah ha, I was just kidding," Shigure smiled. "This is quite serious though, I hope she's okay!" He added. Yuki nodded in agreement.

All three guys suddenly lifted their heads up as they heard Pat Pat Pat softly coming down the stairs. Tohru appeared in the hallway outside the kitchen, and smiled wearily up at the three.

"Hi, guys...I'm sorry...I didn't make...breakfast..." Tohru fell against a nearby wall and slid down to touch the floor, her eyes fluttered shut.

"Honda-san!"Yuki panicked, and went to her aid.

"We need to take her to the hospital," said Kyo, kneeling down beside her.

Shigure came by them, too, and felt her forehead. "Yes, she's got a fever alright. Come on, let's get her to the doctor," he said and they all carried her away to take her to the nearest hospital.