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Hatori's eyes went wide as he stared at the fox who was Tohru.

"Hmmm... okay. I brought this book with me- I think it should help us here..."

Hatori pulled out a book that was all blue, with no title. He opened it, and adjusted his glasses and observed the pages before him. He nodded to himself and looked up at the rest of the group. (Kyo had contacted Shigure and Yuki as well.)

"It says here something about the Spirit Fox, and it is has been a legend in Japan for a long time. It also states that the fox is not a part of the zodiac, which we all know, but the Spirit Fox is redeemed in a young girl every two hundred years. To posess her, forever." His last statement had seemed to make the room a bit colder.

"'The Spirit Fox is able to barely feel others' feelings, and she changes into the fox state when she is weak or sick, or when she is touched by water of a hot spring. She is able to hug the opposite sex, even if it is a zodiac member, without having the member of the zodiac, or herself being transformed. She is able to change back when she wants to, if she thinks hard enough and is put into that state of mind. She is also able to change into the fox state if she puts her mind into the same state of wanting to change.'" He read from the book.

"So, that's that." Hatori slapped the book shut and gazed at Tohru.

"You can change back if you really want to, it says. You just really have to think it...but I guess you'll have to go to a restroom or something," Kyo said.

"Okay, I'm going to try."

Yuki picked her up and put her in the hospital bedroom's restroom and put her clothes, and Tohru in there, and shut the door. Tohru sat on the ground, sort of unable to move. She's never had four legs before, so her body was a bit confused.

Okay...I want to change back, I want to change back. I want to change back.

The same fog as before filled the air and Tohru was herself again...but with no clothes. She quickly changed back into them.

Wow, that was easy.

She stepped out into the open of the room and the Sohmas were surprised she could change that quickly.

"Tohru... that was quick." Yuki said.

"And easy!" Tohru added.

They all put on a smile for Tohru. She was so strong, and was so far, taking this in a great way.