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Why Me?

Hands rung together in worry, the short dark haired male didn't know what he was going to do. He didn't know where he should even start. How on earth did he manage to do this? Okay so he was the boy-who-lived, he did the very few people in history and the, that's impossible on a regular basis' but this? This was not something he wanted to happen. Why did he have to be the Golden Boy, why couldn't he be normal like everyone else out there?

"What, how? Oh!" Stomping his foot in frustration Harry went back to his pacing in his living room. Should he just turn up and declare that he, Harry Potter was pregnant with Charlie Weasley's child? The very brother of his ex-girlfriend, the girl he had used the excuse of, 'I'm not ready to settle down yet,' with. Yes, he felt horrible, there was no way he could announce he was pregnant with his child. Ginny and he did not work out well, she never treated him like a person, but that didn't mean he could be rude and hurtful to her. He was better than that.

The affair with Charlie should never have happened; it was a stupid mistake to make. Although it was a very nice mistake to make, it didn't stop Harry from feeling guilty, much to his house-mates amusement. Harry at the time hadn't been sure where he stood, was he gay, straight, bisexual, and in fact was he really that interested at all? He never had the chance to figure this out when he was a teenager, with Voldemort after him and the other mess he had hanging over him. So Harry did the only logical thing he could think of, sleep with both sexes and see what happened.

He found out he was gay, one hundred percent gay.

The answer was a very useful answer to have, it helped Harry tick of one of the many questions he had on his list. However it really did not help him answer the one question that was plaguing his mind, how the fuck was he going to tell Charlie he was pregnant, with his kid, after he broke up with his sister saying he didn't want any yet. Shit.

Regret over the one night stand was there, but not because it happened, oh no, it was because neither of them had contacted each other since that night and Harry was pretty sure Charlie hated him. Did Charlie regret that it happened? Did he want to forget?

"Why can't my life be simple?"

"Because you are Harry Potter, the Chosen One, The Boy Who Lived and the one who vanquished Voldemort, normal doesn't exist for you and I don't think it ever will." Hermione smiled at her best friend, she was only here because of a weird floo call from Luna. It was strange to watch Harry pace around his living room, his hands constantly tugging at his hair. This must be a serious issue; he didn't talk back when she called his nicknames out. "Okay, you're making me worried, what's causing this?"

"Er…" Shrugging sheepishly Harry stopped his pacing, " well, you see, I, I, erm, I don't know how to say this."

"Oh for goodness sake, will you just sit down already, you're going to make me dizzy." Tapping the seat next to her Hermione called for Dobby, she didn't agree with an elf working without being paid but Dobby refused to be paid. "Dobby, would you be a dear and make Harry some tea to settle his nerves?"

Dobby piped a yes out and disappeared.

"So, let's start from the beginning."

Chuckling nervously Harry started his tale; it all started at the break up and ended up with a meeting between himself and Charlie. He didn't go into all the details, as much as he loved Hermione that was something she did not need to know. "We thought it would be a good idea to sleep together, I mean it started with us going out and having a drink as friends, we hadn't seen each other in ages, I mean he was in Romania seeing the dragons!"

"Harry you are going off track."

"Right yes, erm well, okay so we slept together and I am somehow magically pregnant with his child and I am really sure it is his and we haven't spoken since. I think he regrets it."

"Oh." Was the only reply Harry got.

"Harry he is a Weasley. That family is proud and protective and you may not be blood but you will be looked after so even if he is not accepting the rest of the family will be, Harry look at me." Making sure he was paying attention Hermione smiled fondly. "Look, he has grown up with Molly as his mother and I am pretty sure deep down he wants kids and to know he can have one with you, he may not love you at the moment but think about it he is gay himself and male pregnancies, natural pregnancies are rare and very delicate. I am pretty sure he will be happy to know he will be a father and even if it takes the entire family to get him to accept the child then I am sure he will."

"You think?"

"Yes now for goodness sake you will be going to the Sunday dinner, ah no arguments and you will tell him."

Sighing Harry put his tea down, "what about Ginny?" He was sure she was going to cause a few problems but with the face Hermione was pulling at him was sure Ginny wouldn't be a problem.

"Don't worry, she has been annoying the family with the 'Harry left me' speeches so you will be fine, so Sunday dinner, if you don't turn up I'll hunt you down do you understand?" Hermione made sure that that she got a yes from Harry. "Wonderful I will see you Sunday!"

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