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Not Now – 26 Weeks



"No Harry we talked about this."

Harry closed his eyes in anger. How could Charlie do this now? "I was okay with you missing the scan, I was okay with you missing the baby shower but I am not okay with this trip!" He couldn't keep still, back and forth he paced the livingroom floor as Charlie packed a few books away. "We agreed you would only go if the trip had been a month ago, but not now!"

"I will be back before anything happens!" Charlie threw the last of the books he needed before heading to the bedroom, Harry following him closely. "You are blowing this out of proportion!"

"No! This isn't fair! We agreed!"

"This may be the last chance I ever have to work with dragons again and you are telling me that I can't do it, you're being really selfish Harry and you know it!"

"I am being selfish? The fact that you are going to away for nearly two months isn't an issue? What if something happens when you're over there? What if you get stuck there longer than you planned? What would you do then Charlie? Am I to just stay in the house all day and wait for you?" Throwing his hands in the air Harry slammed the door as he walked out of the bedroom, he couldn't stand the fact that Charlie was leaving, and now of all times!

"I'll be back on time." Charlie yelled after Harry, although he didn't know if he had been heard considering the door had been slammed rather harshly. Shaking his head Charlie finished packing his bags, sure not only had he missed finding out the gender at the scan, he had his ass handed to him for skipping the scan but he did regret it a little. What father wouldn't want to be there? As for the baby shower, well he wasn't the main focus for it anyway and it wasn't as if the guest would have noticed him either.

How could Harry not see how important this assignment was for him? It may be the only time he gets to go back and work with the creature he loves. Sure he could have turned it down but the dragon was the one he raised from an egg, it was the dragon that followed him around like a puppy.

"He'll forgive me…I know he will."


"Harry won't answer my floo."

"Well I wouldn't either if my partner just up and left this close to the end."

"Shut up Kris."

"Just stating the truth man, you left Harry alone even though you knew of the issues. I mean really! You told me that the public are nuts about him and he can't even go out without someone being with him, not only that he has a creepy ex trying to chase him down…" Kris looked at Charlie over the egg he was inspecting. "Basically you left him to handle all that shit on his own."

"He's three months away to giving birth! I'll not be here that long! Plus! Big plus! My family is pretty big I am sure someone can help him out whenever he needs it! It isn't like we always spent time together." Glaring back at blond male he gave a grunt and looked back at the book he had been attempting to read for the past hour. "Don't see why he is so angry over this."

A sigh met Charlie's ears as Kris put the egg down by the fire. "That may not be the bigger issue; you did tell me you guys only just started sharing a room right? You guys are finally getting closer and you leave for work. How do you think he feels about that?"

Swearing Charlie threw the book across the room and got up to leave; this was too much for him to handle right now. He had enough on his mind. Harry would have to get over it.


Two months.

Charlie was going to be away for two months.

Why now?

Screaming into a pillow Harry kicked his legs on the couch, how was he meant to deal with all the crap on his own? How was he meant to dodge Hermione if there was no one to answer the floo for him! "Stupid, idiotic asshole!" With another growl Harry threw the pillow across the room and pushed himself up, he wasn't going to just sit here and do nothing! If Charlie could leave and do whatever he wanted without so much as a thought to their situation then he was too! He always wanted to hide away for a little while and maybe this would be the perfect time too!

All he had to do was grab enough supplies, grab some clothes and go to one of the holiday homes near the beach. No one would be chasing him down to say thank you for saving them and no one would be trying to harm him or the baby.

But where could he go?


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