"Congratulations Mr Potter, Mr Weasley, it's a baby girl." The nurse handed Harry their daughter carefully. "You seem confused."

"We were told it would be a boy from the start." Charlie looked away from his daughter, she was so beautiful, and her eyes were the deepest brown.

"Her name's Lily Nymphadora Potter Weasley." Harry couldn't take his eyes off her. She was going to be spoilt rotten.


"She's so cute; I could just eat her up!" Hermione tickled Lily's feet, her face breaking out in a grin when she started to giggle. She was getting very broody and had already started to prod Ron into the idea of having one of their own. The only reason they hadn't yet was Ginny.

She was getting the help she needed a bond between Harry and herself seemed to be helping the issue. They still could not explain it but whatever was left behind was connected with Harry on some level, the more he visit and the more he spent helping with her recovery the faster she recovered.

They were just worried that when Harry stopped visiting as much she would return to her shell.

"What does that mean?" Ron looked at Harry in alarm.

"It's just a saying; she isn't going to actually eat her." Chuckling Harry continued to fold the clothes he had just finished drying.

"I want one."


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