A/n: the MDBC had broken up. What happens when they all meet up again? I shouldn't be writing this when I have another story to finish, but I couldn't help it. Enjoy!
Disclaimer: I don't own MDBC

Emma POV

The book club had broken up in our senior year of high school. No one
had any time for it anymore. The mothers all said we would still stay
friends and see each other all the time, but without book club, we
were nothing. Just five girls with nothing in common.
At first, we called and texted each other nonstop. Then, after a
while, it just broke off. It was just me and Jess talking and Megan
and Becca talking. No one even knew what Cassidy was doing.
After college, no one stayed in touch. Sure, an email here or there,
or a call on one of our birthdays, but for the most part, nothing.
I knew everyone had been busy, and that the book club would have split
anyway, but sometimes I wonder if we had held on a few more years, we
would all still be friends. No, not friends. Not best friends either.
Sisters. That's what we had been.
Do Becca, Megan, Jess, and Cassidy miss it all? The corny rituals, the
fun of spending time with friends, everything that the book club meant?
I know I do.