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Jess and Darcy-

Jess and Darcy lived at Half Moon Farm. They gave birth to twins. A
boy and a girl, named Nicholas and Shannon. Darcy was a history
professor in his spare time and Jess taught math and science in hers.

Emma and Stewart-

Emma and Stewart lived in a cozy little house in concord. They were
both writers. They had a little girl named Jane and a boy named William.

Megan and Simon-

Megan and Simon lived in a fancy Boston neighborhood. They had one
girl, named Rebecca. She went by Bex so she wouldn't be confused with
Becca. Megan was a designer and Simon was a doctor.

Cassidy and Tristan-

Cassidy and Zach lived in concord. They had two kids. A boy named
Daniel and a girl named Elizabeth. Daniel preferred baseball while his
sister adored hockey. Cassidy coached hockey and Tristan was a doctor. He
and Simon worked at the same office.

Becca and Mr. Rochester-

Becca and Theodore had a son named Alex and a daughter named Skylar.
Becca was a lawyer and Theodore was a teacher at walden middle school.
They had houses in concord and Boston.

All of the girls remained in contact. They hung out once each week.
They started a book club with their daughters. They made sure that
their daughters never split apart like they did, they made sure they
never split apart again, and reunited their mothers. Their mothers
even came to the book club meetings. It was like a grandmother mother
daughter book club.
The girls greeted the news of the book club as enthusiastically their
mothers did when they were their age.
They became sisters, like their mothers did.


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