King Tiedoll sat at the head of the conference table; King Walker sat at the other end with his smile plastered to his face.

"How are your farms doing Tiedoll? Not to mention your three sons." King Walker asked gently.

"Ah the farms are fine along with Marie and Daisy; however Yu isn't talking to me. "Tiedoll said with a sigh.

"Ha ha. So like him, how old is he by the way?" King Walker asked with his award winning smile.

"Yu's seven! It's so hard to believe, Walker" Tiedoll replied pulling out a small portrait of his son Yu Kanda.

"Please Tiedoll, Mana is just fine. I just adopted the most adorable boy about a month ago. His name is Allen." Mana said gesturing to a maid to fetch his son. Not two minutes later a small five year old boy with shoulder length white hair come in, his silver eyes fixating on Tiedoll.

"Allen, this hear is King Tiedoll. He is one of my many friends, please join us." Mana said with an outstretched hand. Allen nodded and rubbed his eyes before he sat on Mana's lap, falling asleep instantly.

"He's like an angel! You know what; Allen would be perfect for Yu!" Tiedoll exclaimed loudly.

"I think so too. Allen needs someone strong to care for him while Yu needs someone to protect so he can vent off some of his anger." Mana agreed.

Tiedoll nodded "From now on, Allen-chan here will spend the summers bonding with Yu. Their engagement depends on if this succeeds or not." he said as he signed a paper along with Mana.