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Chapter 16

Allen awoke the next morning to cobalt eyes. Remembering the events of last night. the white haired boy blush before hiding his face in his lovers toned chest.

"Aren, there's nothing to be ashamed of. Besides, I hear Jerry has a feast prepared for you downstairs." Kanda said, trying to coax his lover from out of the covers. Allen tensed at the though of Jerry's wonderful food sitting in the dining hall waiting for him to come and eat it.

"K, but don't you dare leave. This is our next day honeymoon so you can't leave my side!" Allen exclaimed with a small pout. Kanda just about died at how cute his Moyashi was being; he could get used to this. With a nod of his head, Kanda removed the covers and helped his lover sit up. Allens back was sore from their 'activities'.

When the couple arrived downstairs, they were greeted with the entire staff hugging Allen and started to refer to his as Queen Allen much to the latters chagrin. The feast that was presented seemed to make Allen feel better and he was soon lost to the sea of delicious food. Kanda stood back and watched in slight amusment, laughing at his lovers childish antics.

The horns were sounded and the doors opened to reveal King Teidoll and his other sons. One everyone was seated, Tiedoll raised his goblet for a toast.

"A toast for my new son-in-law and the happiness that he brings to my son Yuu-kun." Tiedoll exclaimed. Kanda was going to chew his 'father' out for using his first name but was stopped by his lover, who slowly shook his head. The samurai snorted but relaxed into his chair once again.

"Now, onto a new subject. How are you two going to produce an heir?"

Somewhere is a darkly shadowed room, a large man sat with an evil glint in his eyes.

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