Nastia high fives me.

I walk to the black mat and put my hands up and try and concentrate…. Finally I do a back handspring back handspring back layout I land on one foot while the other is behind my right.

I decide to work on my Jump pass; I begin to think it in my head over and over again before I perform it.

I take two steps and do a switch leap wolf leap that's my first pass My second is a pike jump sheep jump.

Soon I decide to walk around … that's when I noticed….Shawn Johnson! One of my favorite gymnasts of ALL TIME!

I didn't want to seem like a crazy person so I just chill and act like I didn't see her.

But Shawn passes me and I start to feel a chill of shame running though my back, I turn around immediately.

"Hi" I say while also not trying to be an annoying syco.

She turns around and says "Hi" umm may I just ask, who are you?

Oh I am Emma , I train at WOGA , um I couldn't bare not to ask but will you please give me your autograph? I say trying not to be desperate.

Shawn smiles real big and says "Um sure I love all my fans, follow me"

Shawn then takes me to her gym bag who's right next to Nastia's and pulls out a clear piece of paper

I ask "Are you competing today?

Yeah but only on Floor and bars because I am not read to perform those events at my best.

"I can't wait to watch"! I say while taking the paper from Shawn and give her a sweet little hug.

Shawn begins to turn and walk away but turns back around and says

"Um what's your name again"?

I smile and say "I'm Emma Weber

"Ok thanks Il try to remember" Shawn says and she walks away

She turns around and walks away.

I giggle and jump really high and hurry off to my teammates.

Once I get there I notice My best friend Payson Stretching for beam.

I decide to walk over to her and show her but before I get there Nastia stops in front of me

I blink and say "Hi Nastia"

"Yeah coach wanted me to tell you to get ready for beam warm ups in 6 minutes "

'Oh ok who's first up"?

Nastia pulls out a piece of paper with all the orders on it and reads it aloud.

Kelly parker- Denver elite

Payson Keller –WOGA

Katelyn Ohashi-WOGA

Kaylee Cruz –Rocky mountains

Emma Weber-WOGA

Lauren tanner-Rocky mountains

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