Third part in my disjointed collection of Ayla/Queen Zeal stories. Remember, in my stories, Queen Zeal is named Nadia: short for Athanasia.

They missed their old friends and family, yet they had each other.

2. Kiss

Nadia preferred simple, Ayla liked tongue-wars.

The former Queen of Zeal made the perfect pillow.

Ayla knew physical pain all too well, but emotional pain was new to her.

"Can't you cook anything else, Ayla?"

Ayla smiled when Nadia got caught in the rain…in a white summer dress.

"Oh, dear...some chocolate dripped down my dress!"


Ayla may have been sent to an alternate dimension with little connection back home…but at least she got spend that with a loved one.

Nadia got a cellphone for Ayla, for when she went off on a adventure exploring the infinite boundaries of the alternate dimension.

"St-to-o-p! I'm-m ticklish!"

Ayla's child needed a name, after all.

Sex for the two wasn't just fun, it was a moment when the two could really see their partner's beauty.

Lavos may have been defeated, but his essence could be felt everywhere.

"Ayla…for once, can't we just hug?" (The answer was no.)

The cavewoman knew the spots.

"Nadia…don't make me tickle your ears…"

Both cried; both comforted.

When a monster attacked the home, Ayla made it from five miles away in three minutes.

Nadia admired Ayla when she stood on a hill while a powerful wind blew-the sight fitted Nadia's idea of her hero.

Her kingdom held her back, but now she could do what she wanted. (The first thing she did was to throw a stone across the river.)

"Until you give birth, no more adventures!"

…did the voice of King Zeal just yelled out about the two?

Ayla needed support during the pregnancy; Nadia provided more than enough.

Ayla is to a peach as Nadia is to a orange.

"I love you…and Aurea."

"Me and Aurea love you too."

Nadia began to vomit blood every morning, just like Ayla…

Nadia was no stranger to pregnancy, but still, HOW?

Sleep became a problem for both Nadia and Aurea, until Ayla sent her wife and child to a blissful slumber with a lullaby that her mother used to sing to her.

Gazing became a thing for the three, as Nadia named the various stars to calm her down.

"I know this place is huge…but can we move?"


Ayla's chest tightened every time she saw Nadia in pain.

Aurea giggled; Nadia yelped.

And four is a family…

"Excuse me, do you have pretzel-raisin-caramel-root beer-flavored ice cream?"

Though Nadia got Ayla to a hospital in the original dimension, Ayla wanted a home birth for Nadia. (Overruled.)

Though Nadia (Queen Zeal) used to be a enemy, Crono and Marle/Nadia threw a feast for the couple.

"Just smile, Nadia. You're fine…"

Marle took care of Aurea during the birthing…good.

"Luceta…four is a family…"

The skies got dark during Nadia's pregnancy, but once she got back with Luceta in tow, there wasn't a cloud in the sky.

Both Luceta and Aurea giggled when Ayla carried them; Nadia screamed to stop doing large jumps.

"I must be dead…I'm living with three wonderful people."

The threat of Lavos drew closer…

They rose together…

…and went down together.

The beach they found just five miles turned out to be a daily thing.

Aurea had long blonde curvy hair like her mother (And father.), and Luceta had long curvy BLUE hair like both her mothers.

Of course they loved each other; every day proved that, and their children.