Okay, so after seeing last night's episode, I'm a little ticked. Dave took so much of his time to woo Kurt, and it did not mention Blaine doing anything for his BOYFRIEND.

So this is how things should have gone...(in my opinion)

"Wait...You think?" The slim boy asked quizzically. This WAS his boyfriend, they DID love each other. But the boy in front on him pealed back the horrendous gorilla mask and reviled: David Karofsky. Kurt's breath hitched in his throat as he looked into the now kind face of his former bully.

"Karofsky?" Kurt was taken aback, and slightly pissed off that Blaine hadn't even SAID happy v-day to him. Scratch that, he was super pissed! This boy standing before him went out of his way to send Kurt cards, and chocolate, and flowers, and balloons. He even showed up in person. That must have taken so much guts from him.

After talking for some time about what Dave was feeling, Kurt realized that if he was being completely honest with himself, he couldn't say that he didn't feel anything back for David. But at that moment the party started up and Dave made to leave,

"No Dave. Stay please." Dave looked down to Kurt worriedly but nodded and sat down. "We'll get out of here after I say hi to some people." Dave looked confused, and then worried as Kurts face turned murderous as Blaine entered.

The curly haired boy opened his mouth to sing but Kurt snatched it from him,

"i see you're doing fine." Blaine nodded wordlessly and looked at Kurt as if he'd grown a second head. By now everyone was staring at them. Kurt looked back to Dave and mouthed 'can I tell them?' and got a nod of yes in reply. "Good Blaine. Because I thought you might be dead seeing as I haven't heard a single word from you on Valentines day." Blaine was still standing their, gaping like a fish as Kurt shook his head sadly,

"You made no effort at all for today. A simple card would have been enough. But don't worry. I wasn't miserable. Because a secret admirer has sent me a card every day this week. He's sent me flowers, and balloons, and candy. And you didn't even text me. So I think I'm going to go spend my valentines day with someone who actually cared. But before I go, what song were you going to sing?"

"L-love shack." Kurt nodded and scoffed,

"And here I thought you might actually serenade me. Nope. I'm gonna get out of here." Kurt handed the mic back to Blaine as he walked over to the table and smiled at Dave as he grabbed his coat. He didn't say who it was, so Dave could just stay there for a bit and leave after and no one would know, but the bigger boy stood up and took Kurts hand as they walked out of breadstix.