"No, Shirogane."

"But I-"


"I just-"


"It's dripping though."

"Not my problem."

"If you'd just lick it-"


"Why not?"

"I don't like the way it tastes."

"You've done it before."

"No, YOU made me do it when I wasn't paying attention!"


"Take care of it yourself."

"It's more fun when you do it..."

"I'm not licking, sucking, nibbling, ANYTHING with it."

"Pretty please?"

"I don't want it anywhere near my mouth."

"...Can I put it somewhere else then?"

"...What do you mean?"

"Like right HERE!"

Akira could feel it dripping off his face already, leaving white little globs all over the floor. He didn't even want to open his eyes and see the rest of that mess that was all over him. He was ready to pop Shirogane when he felt a warm appendage on his face.



"Are you licking my face?"



"Someone has to clean up this mess."

"You could just use tissues."

"I rather lick you," Shirogane purred into his ear.

Akira pushed Shirogane off and walked over to the counter to grab some napkins, ignoring the odd looks the other customers were giving him who assumed Akira purposely shoved ice cream onto his face.

I'm never treating Shirogane to ice cream again.

A/N: You perverts. Fluff for all! (Somewhat dedicated to Shadownia "Fried Rice" Clow since it was her plot bunny that I didn't take all the way. Sorrys!)