Puss in boots thinks his life couldn't get better after he finds a beautiful cat and has chosen her to be his mate forever. He was right, his life get worse. Summer, falls ill from an unknown disease and is dyeing quickly. Desperate, Puss looks all around the small town of San Recardio for a cure and a job for money. Not finding anything, he decides that he will steal money and find a cure for Summer. He robs the San Recardio bank and leaves town to find a cure, leaving Summer with his friend, Sam. Puss spends two months away and returns with no cure. He slept every three days for an hour and ate every four days of small portions, but when he returned his beloved had passed away. Sam tried to calm Puss down but it was like trying to stop the wind from moving the sand. Puss was now outlawed for robbing and was all alone. Sam was at San Recardio and Puss had left to anywhere he could to fight criminals and get back all the money the owed San Recardio bank. Will Puss in boots ever be happy again?


I do not own Puss in boots, Kitty softpaws, or San Recardio.

Chapter 1

Trouble has a friend

*Puss in boots pov*

I sat in the corner of the bar, minding my own business. Letting my hat cast a shadow across my eyes and nose. I could hear other men coming up to me with papers in their hands. They slammed a paper on the table I was sitting at. "Are you Puss in boots?" One of them asked. I smiled, "I am, state your business with me." I answered. I looked up to see the paper was a wanted sign…for me; I placed my paw on my sword. "Someone call a soldier!" one man yelled seeing my paw on my sword.

I jumped to the table with lightning speed and i shot my sword at the man "I wouldn't do that if I were you…."I hissed. The man backed up in surprise; then the room was silent. I didn't move a whisker, then the most horrifying sound that could be heard at the moment settled across the room, laughter! How dare they laugh at me! "Oh, what you gonna do? Scratch me with your kitty cat claws?" The room burst out into a heavier laughter. "Yes!" I answered slicing the man in the face, leaving a small bleeding cut on his left cheek. The man covered the cut and growled "You will pay for that!" The man lashed out at me with a knife missing me by an inch. "Sorry I can't pay you, I'm broke!" I yelled sarcastically, cutting the man several time on the legs and stomach. "Had enough human?" I asked with my fangs showing in a smile.

"PUSS IN BOOTS!" I turned my head to the unfamiliar voice. The lead soldier was in the door way with a sword in his hand. "I'm sorry everyone, but I must leave!" I yelled high tailing out of the nearest window, braking it. I ran down the dark alley that led to my hide out, I looked behind me to see nothing but darkness and I could hear voices off in the distance.

"Sucker!" I meowed playfully. I looked around to make sure no one was looking and darted behind a large wooden box. Against the wall was a hole that looked like it led to nowhere, at least that's what most would think before entering. I padded in the hole and turned to walk down a slender walk way. I was now in a large room that had a dim candle for light, a small hay nest and a small table that had several wanted signs of other criminals. I smiled taking my hat, boots, belt with sword, and my cape off and setting them on the table.

I walked over to the nest and pulled out a dirty picture from underneath it. The picture was of an orange and white she cat with blue eyes, I smiled and softly kissed the dirty photo. "I miss you so much Summer….." I then put the picture back and rested my head for the night.