Name: Kai Shibuya

Age: 13

Gender: Male

Looks: .com/user_images/S/SW/SWE/SWEETPEA140494/1329353921_2951_

Info: Due to a series of fits he was sent to Kuromiya hospital where he met Reiko. She doesn't know that he is a patient but is glad to have someone to talk to.

Quote: I'm sorry but I didn't lie...

Chapter one - Going into the abyss

/Kai's pov\

I was visiting Reiko again today since there isn't much to do in this hospital. I had met her after I came out of my unconscious state due to my seizures. I saw her sat by herself all alone while other kids just seemed to keep away from her. I decided to talk to her and we got along quickly, she's really nice. I knocked on her door before entering only to see a woman that I haven't seen before given Reiko something.

"Oh? Who's this?"

I saw them both look at me and almost made me flee from the room. Reiko smiled and waved me over but I made sure to stay a bit away from the woman.

"Mum, this is Kai. He visits me everyday. Kai, this is my mother, look at what she gave me."

I looked at her hands to see a cell phone, that was nice of her.

"Do you have one Kai?"

I looked up at Reiko's mum to see her smiling at me making me feel slightly at ease. I brought out my phone and her mum helped us exchange numbers so we can communicate when we want. Her mum then had to leave for work leaving us alone.

We both then decided to go on the computers to see if anyone was on the chat site. We used separate computers so then we could both chat, she was known as "Kuroneko" and I was known as "Shironeko". There was a person called Rin online who was really nice to us and believed that we were actually using hospital computers. Even though Rin was a good friend I wouldn't trade the friendship between me and Reiko for the world.

~Few weeks later~

Reiko has been getting upset lately due to not seeing or hearing from her mother. People have also been bullying her on the chat room while me, Rin and her nurse, Kyoko, have been defending her.

Yesterday, she got so upset with her mum that she smashed her phone while I held her since she was crying. I hated to see her so upset but I knew she had me but I get the feeling it isn't enough. I start to worry if this will make her illness worse but all I can do is wait.

After she fell asleep, I put a note on the table next to her bed telling her that I would see her at dinner as well as her broken phone then left. I walked back to my room on the second floor but felt my chest tighten when getting close to my room. I fell forward onto my front as my body went out of control, it was another seizure and a powerful one as well. I could see nurses running to me but couldn't hear anything except this high pitch noise. I started to see blotches of black in my sight and tried to blink them out but more and more kept appearing. Eventually my whole sight went black as I went unconscious to the world.

/Reiko's pov\

I woke up to silence in my room only to look around to see I'm alone. I looked at my table to see a note there from Kai saying he would meet me at dinner so he probably went on the computer. I knew at points in time we need space apart so I stayed in my room.

I could hear nurses rushing past my door going on about a person collapsing on the second floor. It was probably one of the other kids staying here. I hugged my cat doll closer to me, the one Kai got me.

I waited for dinner when Kyoko came in and took me down to the cafeteria. I looked around not being able to see Kai so I sat with Michio. Throughout dinner I kept glancing at the door for Kai but he never showed up. Did he go home already?

After dinner I went online to see Rin on and chatted with her and a passerby. I told her what's been going on and she said she would come visit me in a week, I couldn't wait.

~A week later~

I sat in the waiting room at the entrance to the hospital. I haven't seen Rin yet and I haven't seen Kai in a week, I'm a bit worried. I had asked Kyoko if she had seen him but she said she hadn't.

I tried calling his mobile with the phone in the nurse's office when Kyoko let me but it would go straight to voicemail. Did he not want to see me anymore? I saw a girl get wheeled in and saw her glance at me before they took her away.

I waited another hour before going up to my room disappointed and rejected. I couldn't take it anymore so I opened up my window and stood on the ledge. Did no one like me anymore? I could hear the door opening up behind me and heard Kyoko scream as I fell forward and down towards the ground.

The last thought on my mind was 'Why did you lie, Kai?'

/Kai's pov\

Throughout the week I have been drifting in and out of consciousness able to hear everything going on around me. The most recent one was a girl being wheeled in because she was hit by a truck.

My mind wandered to Reiko, did she know where I was? Did she know what happened and did she worry? These thoughts ran though my head until I heard someone scream.

I heard someone outside my door, probably a nurse, mention something about Reiko. Did something happen? It wasn't until the next thing I heard did an overwhelming sadness rush over me, Reiko jumped out of her room window on the third floor and died. Even though I couldn't open my eyes I felt tears stream down my face just thinking about her innocent life lost to death. I felt like dying, I don't have anything to live for anymore. My parents never once visited me even in the state I'm in.

I heard the door open as someone walked in crying, it sounded like nurse Kyoko.

"I-I'm sorry Kai. I wanted to help her but she's g-gone now."

I could hear the pain in her voice as it ached through my heart, I didn't want to live anymore. My wish seemed to be answered as my chest tightened to the point where I couldn't breathe. I felt my body quake as I went into another fit knowing that I wouldn't be able to survive this one from how weak I already was. I could hear my loud heartbeats in my ears as I tried to gasp in breaths of fresh air.

I felt an air mask go over my nose and mouth trying to pump air in but it wouldn't work. I felt another pair of hands press on my chest once the shaking stopped but even then it wasn't helping.I could feel my consciousness and life start slipping away.

Please wait for me Reiko...

/In the abyss\

I opened my eyes to a familiar place, the hospital. It was my room, I got out of bed felling as if I left something behind only to see my body, my dead body. I could see nurse Kyoko broken down crying on the opposite side of the bed than me. A nurse, Hina, was comforting her while another nurse pulled the sheet over the body after taking out the wires and the air mask then wheeled the bed out of the room.

I sat in the corner of the room shaking, what happened to heaven? What happened to Reiko? One question stood out in my mind, what will happen to me?