Just a bit extra I wanted to add but now this story is done. Hope you enjoyed it!

Extra chapter - Ghost battle

/Kai's pov\

It's been a few months since the girl, who Reiko told me was Rin, had gone home. No new people have arrived but it's been a bit quiet recently. I started to wonder where nurse Hina was since we stayed at Kuromiya hospital. Reiko and I have been inseparable and kept checking the web site.

We were about to head to the cafeteria where everyone was from my room on the second floor when I heard crying in the nurses office. I let go of Reiko's hand and walked towards the counter then behind it to the door. I tried opening the door to find out it's locked, I don't like going through anything since it feels weird. I knocked on the door since I could hear crying still only for it to open to reveal a bunch of laughing faces belonging to Hina Hidaka, Shin Suzutani, Kei Shoji and Ken Negishi. I grabbed the handle of the door and tried closing it again only for it to be yanked open to reveal more faces such as Mika Hosokawa, Kumi Ota, Mai Kokura, Yoshi Kuromiya and a lady in red.

I jumped backwards when arms reached out to grab me only for me to trip through the counter. I turned around and ran to Reiko as they slowly approached then grabbed her arm and dragged her downstairs. We ran into the cafeteria and slammed the doors behind us. Suddenly the doors started pushing in but me and Makoto pushed it back in place and kept it blocked. Nurse Kyoko held Reiko while Michio was asking her what had happened. I heard something start slashing at the door making me back away and Sadao took over. I got out my phone and dialed Reiko's number since we hid her phone in the basement just in case of this and transported there. One by one the others appeared and the last person was Makoto who said he hid the phone.

"What are we going to do?"

I turned to Kyoko just as confused as she was. I checked up the shaft to see if anyone was up there but there wasn't.

"There's two things we can do. One, to go to a place none of them have been to or two, fight them."

We all knew there wasn't anywhere to go where none of the others have been. So there was only one option, fight. I picked up Reiko's phone while the others were talking and transported to my phone.

The ghosts were gone so I grabbed my phone and creeped up to the third floor and called Reiko's phone while making sure none of the other ghosts were around.

"Hello? Kai?"

It was Makoto who had answered. I told him that everyone could come up and hung up. Eventually everyone transported up and I put the phone in my pocket. We looked around the floor to see none of them around, but where were they? We checked all around the hospital but they were no where.

"This is strange, they must be in another location."

On the second floor I went over to the elevator and opened it, the abyss? Since Rin had left all of the places had been restored. I looked around it confused but jumped back when a face appeared infront of mine, it was the girl in red!

Suddenly every single door on this floor opened showing the abyss and the stairs were blocked. I backed away from the elevator as the girl in red crawled through and towards me. I looked around to see every single ghost following Hina was surrounding us and we were outnumbered. We separated and fought our own people. I was fighting the girl in red and Ken Negishi, Reiko was fighting the most who were Hina Hidaka, Yoshi Kuromiya and even her own mother, Makoto was going against Kei Shoji and the Bowler Hat girl but he seemed like he was just being molested, Michio went against the two girls Mai Kokura and Kumi Ota, Sadao fought against Jun Kondo and Shin Suzutani but seemed alright at it and Nurse Kyoko went against Midori Kato and Mika Hosokawa.

The battle seemed to rage on between two teams of ghosts but no side was winning. I pushed Ken away only to see Reiko near a door fighting off Yoshi while Hina was preparing to charge at her. I charged at Reiko before Hina and pushed her out of the way only to be pushed through the door instead of Reiko and into the abyss. I reached my hand out to Reiko's only to miss by an inch and fell away. I watched as the door get further and further away from me. I felt myself start to fade away but took out my phone and sent one last message to each of my team's phones before completely fading away into non-existence.

/Reiko's pov\

I watched as Kai got further away until I couldn't see him anymore, he was gone. I turned around and glared at Hina who was acting innocently. I summoned all of my army of arms to grab each one of the people on her team by the neck and squeezed. One by one they faded away just like Kai did and the last person left was her. Each and every arm went to each part of her squeezing so she was screaming in agony until it went silent, she was gone.

The arms went away and Kyoko walked over to me and wrapped her arms around me. All at once everyone's phones went off making them pull them out but I couldn't since mine was in the basement. Each one of them suddenly had a sad face, I realised why when Makoto showed me his phone, it was a text.


It was Kai, his last word to all of us. I felt as if I would cry but I couldn't, I pulled away from Kyoko and gently held the phone in my hands. I fell to my knees as Sadao and Makoto shut all of the doors except the one he was pushed into. Everyone gathered the things Kai liked and placed it around the door as if a memorial then left to the cafeteria leaving me alone infront of the door. What was an existence without your best friend? Or were we more? I stood up and walked towards the door and looked down into the abyss, just one more step. I stepped forward and fell in but while falling I felt warmth around me, as if he was here with me. I closed my eyes and relaxed in the warmth, I'm glad the last moments in my existence was like this.

/Makoto's pov\

I felt a warm feeling envelop me making me feel happy and safe. I looked around and it seemed like I wasn't the only one but I saw them fading from bottom up into white. I looked down to see the same was happening to me but I wasn't scared. I couldn't wait to see where my next adventure would take me, hopefully anywhere better than the abyss.

Extra chapter - Ghost battle complete