AN: This was inspired by a sonnet called 221 B, by Vincent Starrett, about Sherlock Holmes. And really, this only seems clever if you've read that, but if you're fine with me not seeming clever...that's fine. ;) Anyway, I decided to write a Cabin Pressure version, and while I didn't stick exactly to iambic pentametre, it's still the closest I've ever come to writing a 'proper' sonnet, and I like how it turned out. Google Starrett's poem if you're a Sherlock fan - it explains some things about the counter on John's blog.

12 B

The flight-deck of one charter aeroplane,
Is where you'll find the Captain, Martin Crieff.
And, sitting by and flying him insane,
Is Douglas; frequent mix-ups cause him grief.

The galley is where Arthur can be found:
An ever-present smile upon his face.
His mother, Carolyn, might be around,
She tries to calm the chaos in this place.

For, though we love them dearly, this small crew
Is nearly always in some crazy fix.
But never fear, we know they will get through
With thanks to Douglas and his cunning tricks.

Here, though the plane may fail, these four survive:
On analogue at ninety-two-point-five.


The last rhyming couplet is the direct tribute to the original. I know we're about to switchover from analogue, but the fact that the number ended in five was too serendipitous an opportunity to pass up... The title is the digital channel for Radio 4 and, happily, looks a bit like 221 B.
Sorry, I'll, er, stop talking now. My inner Martin does like to ramble.
Hope you enjoyed!